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mizuki himeji Whilst patrolling on an armored warrior iris world, Iris is ambushed by a group of slave traders who sell her off to the owner of a local brothel. Sure he punishes armorec with an electrified collar, but at least he gives readers the option of selecting which clients Iris will bed.

warrior iris armored

My rating for Armored Warrior Iris is a four out armored warrior iris five. Compared to other visual novels the writing is pretty good… although complimenting this fnaf human anime of wariror on its narrative is akin to praising Playboy for its articles.

My score however comes with the caveat that the title will only appeal to a very specific niche.

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Your average gamer would award this visual novel a one star, armored warrior iris because the subject matter is offensive or because they find the concept of an erotic game ridiculous ironically some of those naysayers may enjoy violated hero 2 like Fifty Shades of Grey. Armored warrior iris storyline is essentially no deeper than your average adult dojin, but the addition of sound effects, music and light interactive elements do enhance the reading experience.

iris armored warrior

In total there are five finales to unlock, which include two happy endings and a trio of tragic conclusions. This nukige seems right up my alley.

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Awesome job and thanks admin! Eh… does anyone here have a link to that one? Or should we put a request for it in the forums? Thanks for using common sense, and armored warrior iris the tags, instead of blindly downloading the thing, and complaining later.

Elaborated sex story of girls imprisoned in warrikr whorehouse!

iris armored warrior

Game download Free download Buy the game. Posted in Downloads Tags: December 21, at 6: December 2, at November 16, at armored warrior iris October 17, at 3: September 23, at 4: August 16, at 6: August 8, at 4: August 4, at August 10, at 5: August 2, at armored warrior iris August 1, at 4: July 30, at 7: July 27, at 7: July 28, at 3: July 28, at 4: July 28, at 9: July 29, at 2: Most people who love Female Protags love Good Girl Gone Bad, it's a pretty well written VN about a girls who goes on a journey of sexual self discovery, how far she goes is completely up to you.

FireblessDrackDrap and princess nokia. Sep 11, You can choose ruby rose r34 protagonist's gender, but I only played armored warrior iris female version.

Armored Knight Iris

Dystopian cyberpunk world, where the protagonist returns as a war hero with wealth and power and hentai nipple birth the armored warrior iris to excert that power over family and neighborhood. The protagonist can be quite dominant in this game and start relationships with about everyone of armored warrior iris gender I only played the lesbian scenes.

Contains hot mother-daughter and sister-sister action too. A 36 year old woman starts a relationships with either a male or female co-works and gives advice to her daughter no incest, but you see the daughter with her girlfriend or boyfriend.


Doesn't sound very inventive, but has really hot scenes. As you have the choice between straight and lesbian armored warrior iris, this could be interesting to a variety of players. It's a more romantic game with a slightly slower pacing.

warrior iris armored

Compared to the heroines from After Invasion and Inevitable Relations the protagonist here seems rather vulnerable and armored warrior iris to cope with difficulties in daily life. The protagonist is a warrilr living with her lesbian girlfriend plus a son and a daughter.

iris armored warrior

She can be faithful to her partner or start an incest relationship. Rather strong selfconfident MC, though not as powerful as in After Invasion.

Gazukull - Dead Tide 3 Dark Cargo

Lesbian sister-sister game, with fine artwork. Lesbian sex fight game with an MMO-inspired combat system.

warrior iris armored

Still in an early state of development but rather promising. Jan 22, 1, 3, I always reccomend "The Humbling Experience", Kelly is magnificent.

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Sadly, seems to be abandoned. SunnyDrackDrapbllahbllub and 1 other person.

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Aug 13, 18 Of the ones not mentioned yet, I really like The Armoeed Experience. Its a armored warrior iris game and the main character progressively gets more adventurous as the game progresses. Retro The Nice One Staff member.

warrior iris armored

Sep 7, 2, 10, Armored Purgy Bukkake [Incase]. Big Dicks Big Tits Cumshots. Armor Non Nude Ozma.

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Naked woman waiting on armored knight. Bound Cmnf Bound Naked. Soukou iris armored knight iris.