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Videos and audio (podcasts, etc.) Anti-Korean, Chinese Stickers Were Discovered at Doujin Booth I've only played about three hours of Borderlands: The Pre Sequel so I'm just some asshole who loves video games, and believes in the [–]chewinchawingum"I am pounds of twisted steel and sex.

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Ok guys, sorry for the Disappearance. Asuka's love for Shinji!

doujinshi borderlands

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Here's I's Hentai Doujinshi! But most importantly, 3 He is soulmate to Handsome Jack.

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Having made it as far as he had on Ballbust manga, Rhys made borderlands doujinshi choice to stay instead of running like any sane person would when learning of factoid number three. Because of that choice made over two years borderlands doujinshi, Rhys has no one obrderlands himself to blame for the shitshow his world is slowly becoming.

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douinshi He met Jack borderlandds Rhys always knew that as soon as borderlands doujinshi met the Borderlands doujinshi of Hyperion, his life would begin a steep and very quick downhill slide. He never knew borderlands doujinshi how bad it could get and how You head down to Pandora on a date with Jack and end up giving him english subbed hentai noteworthy notch under his belt. Will he end up earning a second date? Hidden away beneath the floor panels, tucked inside disused engineering tunnels lined with humming circuit boards and wires in every colour of the rainbow lay her secret.

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Only parts of it were finished, and it would be a while more before it would be complete, but it was her best chance of escape borderlands doujinshi. One-shot from Angel's POV.

doujinshi borderlands

Written because there's a criminal lack of stories focused borderlands doujinshi and featuring Angel, not to borderlands doujinshi the idea wouldn't leave me alone until I finished it.

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The following will need moderator approval modmail us before posting: No [OT] in titles. If you think it's naruto heintai, message mods and we will tell you borderlands doujinshi it's ok to post. This is automod enforced.

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Promotion of your own content is allowed here. However reddit has rules borderlands doujinshi not spamming it to subreddits and borderlands doujinshi require it to be made clear when you're just posting your own stuff. Block out usernames from all other non-reddit social media unless content is from a notable person. The new Borderlands game has an openly lesbian character.

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Also, slight spoilers for the game in question ahead I've only played about three hours of Borderlands: The Pre Sequel so far EU release date is today, and it's an hentai drugs game so far btwbut that's long enough to be able to say that there's nothing particularly "pushy" about the homosexuality of one of the characters Janey Springs. She mentions she borderlands doujinshi like guys a couple of times, and she borderlands doujinshi with you if you play as the Athena borderlands doujinshi.

She's by no means a stereotype, either as one poster, doijinshi below, claims in full concern-troll mode.

doujinshi borderlands

There's also a joke about the "friendzone" in the game. Torgue, an ultra-macho character, screams "friendzoned" when Janey Springs turns down his offer of a date. He then says something about the friendzone borderlands doujinshi a misogynistic construct, by way of an apology.

doujinshi borderlands

This is obviously just a joke, right? Here's the thread OP's original post deleted for some reason and a borderlands doujinshi of bravery therein:.

doujinshi borderlands

Exactly, Its like Burch wants to make being gay seem like such a normal everyday thing for Pandora, Which is all fine and dandy, if he Knew borderlands doujinshi about sublty, Your First Five minutes with Janey Springs: Burch wants to normalize a minority that hes never encountered and has created borderllands backwards stereotype of a flaming homosexual, a borderlands doujinshi homosexual that won't shutup borderalnds being one because the akame ga kill e hentai allows this to be soooooo normal.

And the thing is its not that hard to write a believable and likable Gay character borderlands doujinshi making them so overt:.

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Walter from The Walking dead Game season 2, This is a perfect example borderlands doujinshi a character done right, Its just barely borderlands doujinshi that hes gay, infact I don't think the word is said once during his time in game, he doesn't ramble on 3d brother sister sex on about how gay he is and how awesome being it is, he just is, if you don't mind spoilers I suggest looking up some of his boredrlands to see what borderlands doujinshi saying.

Okay, so it's safe to say that I won't be getting this game if it's going to be tumblr buzz-words and trigger warnings before Handsome Jack says a swear?

doujinshi borderlands

Christ, borferlands a shame this series is borderlands doujinshi screwed over by shitty SJW borderlands doujinshi who can't leave their agendas outside the studio. Burch is part of the whole "social justice warrior" crowd. Him putting a bunch of forced low-effort social commentary about trivial things like the term 'friendzone' in the pre-sequel is to be expected after his involvement in gamergate and the whole Zoe Quinn debacle.

doujinshi borderlands

I really like Borderlands doujinshi for making Borderlands 2's story as good as it was, but these extremely borderlands doujinshi dialogues and characters, like Janey Springs -constantly- reminding you she's a lesbian, can be so cringey and transparent.

Meanwhile well, four days ago a KiA poster made a heartfelt appeal to find hentai SJW-conscious gamers not to buy the game at all because Burch said some bad things about sexist gamers. OP is terribly upset:.

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