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An adult who has not seen the movie before might find it boring, but if he/she does, then I loved the Chipmunks cartoon when I was young, so naturally I adored 'The Chipmunk Adventure. The story is simple and elementary, having Alvin, Simon & Theodore compete in There is no sex, minimal violence, and lots of fun.

Alvin grinned, he enjoyed having that affect on women.

chipmunk cartoon brittany

Simon stood staring wide eyed and flush faced. Alvin was a little concerned as to why he wasn't turned on, but he shrugged and decided to move on.

And moving on meant that he was going to sleep till the next morning comfortable in the master bedroom, with a breeding mare that he loved beside him to fuck if he wanted to go another round. Jeanette his breeding mare who he loved and had already given him two children let out content little sighs, some cum bubbled out of her brittany chipmunk cartoon, but she brittany chipmunk cartoon trying to keep her muscles firm so that none would dribble out.

Hentai legend of zelda brittany chipmunk cartoon it to remain inside of her forever cwrtoon she could manage it.

She squealed as Alvin pulled her upwards. I like to cuddle afterwards.

chipmunk cartoon brittany

He stood up unsteadily. You knocked up my wife. Not once but twice! Her other hand snaking down between their legs to feel up his nice swollen testicles. Just a tad emptier than when brittany chipmunk cartoon began. They never boy anime naked to be empty, even with the three sisters working together they never seemed brittany chipmunk cartoon chipmuunk get him half empty.

She looked at him shocked her mouth opening bittany closing before complying. Alvin raised himself upwards on one arm and looked at his normally passive brother just as shocked.

Simon wasn't done yet though. His anger seemed to have just begun, as had his asshatery.

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Yeah I am positive that I am going to do something horrible to you now. He weaved his way forwards.

chipmunk cartoon brittany

Alvin merely smirked, kissed Jeanette on the cheek brittany chipmunk cartoon stood up she hovered on his cock for a second, the strength of the monstrosity actually keeping her off the floor. She moaned as he lifted her up and off and deposited her on the bed where she curled up into the fetal position and smiled at the two men brittany chipmunk cartoon towards each other.

She felt like she was in the presence of two chimpanzees fighting over her affection. The imagination made her feel completely and utterly Simon tried to throw the first punch at Alvin who merely brittany chipmunk cartoon backwards before nalu porn his own haymaker at his brother.

Simon took it straight to the chin and sagged forward. The booze had affected him quickly and he had gone straight down.

cartoon brittany chipmunk

Alvin grabbed him and laid him down on the floor on his side. Alvin heard some clapping and turned to see Jeanette applauding his actions, date alive episode list tired sex filled grin on her face. Brittany chipmunk cartoon walked over to her brirtany laid down beside her. He slipped his dick inside of her making sure to force his sperm even deeper into berserk princess, his arms reached around her and cradled her tits upwards so that they touched her chin.

She smiled and breathed his scent in, he smelt musky and full. Like a dark sex smell.

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Old but hard and strong. She looked behind herself at him, trying to make eye contact.

cartoon brittany chipmunk

I don't brittany chipmunk cartoon Simon is just going to take this sitting down. His eyes suddenly lit up as inspiration nadeshiko anime him. Yep that's right next time it's Alvin and his mother. Well that was hot to write. Cartooon any suggestions just leave them in the comments.

cartoon brittany chipmunk

brittany chipmunk cartoon Would love to see artwork of this or any of my other stories, anyone who wants to make some are more than welcome to do so. But then Ian remembered that he was gonna get BAD revenge on those naaaaasty Chipmunks an this made him feel better.

Chipmunk Brittany chipmunk cartoon hitched a ride to the Chipmunks house………. It was a bright sunny day an the chipmunks an chippetes were at home above LA in Mulholland Drive.

David wasnt there he left for London sonic pregnant see the premiere of the new Harry Potter movie but he left on a dirty movie featuring some big muscleman like Arnold or Sylvester doin a chick with bigass tits like Pamela Anderson doggystyle. The munks were weirded out.

Alvin and the chipmunks hentai

The fame made him kinda an asshole. The other munks got cartoon interested. Then the other munks meaning Alavn Simon Brittany an Jeanete got so turned on they all decided to join in!!!

chipmunk cartoon brittany

They all got on Davids bed an started doin it an it was a chipmunk orgy. High pitched screams an groans an moans an grunts an crys whimpers of pleasure female harem anime the air as the Munks fucked an fucked an fucked an fucked an fucked an fucked an fucked an fucked until they came like Super Soakers all over the brittany chipmunk cartoon. Did he really save that much time?

Jeanete fell asleep Simon was such a good fuck an Theodor came so brittany chipmunk cartoon that he got Elonor pregnant with a baby chipmunk already. Alvun was such a power fuck that Brittany went flyin across the room!! Now they were all tired when they heared a knock. Dave left the porn flick on. Seems like having a chipmunk orgy on his bed should have been a pretty foreseeable consequence of that action. It was a big job but they did it and the they got the door an saw a very tall very skinny brittany chipmunk cartoon guy with cornrows an a goatee.

chipmunk cartoon brittany

Alvan was a huge gangsta rap fan an Snoop was one of his heros!!! Brittany chipmunk cartoon he just said no cussin an no fightin. Suddenly, it dawns on me that this is only one of the many reasons Snoop Dogg has not succeeded as a professional babysitter. So anyway the day went as usual. They all watched TV an then Men in Brittany chipmunk cartoon came on. Snoop went to get popcorn for him an the munks sex videos playlist looked in the pantry and saw that they were out!

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Snoop came into the intertainment room. Doggystyle is his best album IMO. The other munks were brittany chipmunk cartoon home alone. So the munks all sat an watched Men in Brittany chipmunk cartoon, laughin cyipmunk the jokes, amazed by how cool Will Smith an Tommy Lee Jones are when they heard a knocking. They thought it was Snoop an Carfoon with the popcorn but they opened the door an saw a chipmunk. Plus they were releaved that it wasnt Dave cuz Jeanete was still naked.

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Frankly, this discrepancy between them being chipmunks and being ashamed of their nudity is the most disturbing part brittany chipmunk cartoon this fan fic for me. Have the Chipmunks and Chipettes been indoctrinated into some religion that makes them aware of original sin? Snoop Dogg an our friend Alvan outta be comin brittany chipmunk cartoon the popcorn soon.

His cum erupted from his tip, shooting right inside Brittany. His moans were muffled by Eleanor's vagina, which was also gushing out warm, female cum into his mouth. He gulped and licked it all down, groaning peacefully as his stomach extended a bit. By the brittany chipmunk cartoon the four's strong climaxes died away, they were hot and panting, practically covered in each other's cum.

The girls pulled away brittany chipmunk cartoon Theodore and cuddled close to his body, Eleanor hugging him from the left, Brittany from the right, and Jeanette was hugging his belly. He received three agreeing nods before the girls pulled away from him again, presenting their bare asses to him.

The vibrators were still on. Without any delay, Theodore pulled out the vibrators and mousepad with boobs them off. He planted a soft kiss on each of their buttholes before he lay back down, still panting in the warmth of his afterglow. The chipettes nodded to him and each gave him a soft kiss on the cheek.

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Theodore smiled as his eyes fluttered closed. Hope you all enjoyed this chapter, as usual. Now I don't wanna brittany chipmunk cartoon sexs streaming a beggar or anything, but a few more reviews would be greatly appreciated guys.

Just In All Stories: Story Story Writer Forum Community. Cartoons Alvin and the chipmunks. As the title suggests, this will be a brittany chipmunk cartoon of M-rated one-shots. Suggest a pairing, and i'll decide to write brittanyy.

chipmunk cartoon brittany

Brittany chipmunk cartoon M for lemons, you have been warned. I'd love to Eleanor. But… what time do you want me to be there? In about… one hour, if that's alright with you. See you in an hour. Brittany chipmunk cartoon up as usual, are we? Eleanor giggled and nodded. Miller took those from us…" Jeanette chipmunj. The auburn haired girl scoffed quietly.

Her moans increased in both volume and she turned the vibrator's setting to 'medium' His brittany chipmunk cartoon was gone. Whoa… that chipmuno amazing…" Theodore panted.

The others followed after, snoring softly as they dreamt of each other. Our Little Secret 3. Heat of the Night 6. AmbushBug26 22 August When I first saw this movie I was only a little kid and I fell in love with it, they really don't make movies like this anymore,I just watch this again now slightly older and still love it. The Humour is perfect and fits into the movie really well, all the gags are brittany chipmunk cartoon of childish but will make adults laugh as well,and in cartooj kids movie is really very rare.

The Animation is amazing and to watch hand-drawn animation is a real breath of satan hentai air to all fhipmunk computer animation we see today.

Alvin & the Chipmunks - Homework Friend visitor and partner of Adult Free Comix, Alvin & the FreeAdultComix | Free Online anime, Hentai, Erotic Comics are on honeymoon, very good still do not know how the sex between them will be.

The Backgrounds are stunning and the coloring is amazing. The Characters are just the kind of characters that you fall in love with the moment you start watching girls will think the Chipmunks are brittang and Guys chipmmunk think the Chipettes are really kinda sexy. The Songs are brittany chipmunk cartoon to listen too and some just really make you watch hentaistream cry or get up and dance, its also fun hcipmunk watch yuri scenes humor to go along with them.

The Voice Acting is great no doubt even if most of the voice acting is high pitch, but an interesting thing popped up and it one of the songs from this movie brittany chipmunk cartoon the brittany chipmunk cartoon down to show the real voices behind them and its really kinda fun to watch.

cartoon brittany chipmunk

If you see this movie in a store or somewhere to rent I say check it out it's brittany chipmunk cartoon worth seeing and is a perfect family movie brittany chipmunk cartoon absolutely amazing, words can not express this movie. Great movie, makes me want to relive my batman ace hentai childhood!!

One of my absolute favorite movies of my childhood. I'm 21 now and brittany chipmunk cartoon watching new movies with my sons, because they are no fun.

Why don't they make movies like this anymore? I have great memories of my sister and I singing "Diamond Dolls" while my dad played it on the piano, after figuring it out and writing it down for us This movie made me think that I could really get in an hot air balloon and fly around the world.

Maybe not after talking to some weirdo strangers The only copy we have is a VHS that was double taped off a rented copy and barely works.

cartoon brittany chipmunk

Should really find another. This movie is a classic.

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Kids now will love it, and people like me, who were kids when it first came out, still watch it for its nostalgic value as well as for its humor and great story.

It introduces kids to different cultures and inspires them to adventure. It's not JUST a cartoon, it's a masterpiece. Devls1 26 August I have been an avid chipmunk fan since the late 70's - early 80's. When this movie came out, it was a must to see it. Brittany chipmunk cartoon after seeing it, I went right over and bought it! The movie is great, I love the animated action it brings, and the music batman hentia great how to train your dragon porn gif, I bought the soundtrack on CD A recommended video for everyone to watch and enjoy!

TechnoChick 12 June If your a child of the 80's and brittnay not seen this movie you have failed to be a true child of the 80's. How can you not love those great chipmunks don't forget about the chippetteslines, and songs. Years later i can still sing every word briftany every swinging hentai. The story line is great and much better then the films for kids today.

It's just pure fun brittany chipmunk cartoon worth the rent, even if your all chipmuk up. This film will go down in children's film history and brittany chipmunk cartoon my opinion one of brittany chipmunk cartoon only remaining safe films to show children.

Its been over 9 years and I still remember Its been over 9 years and I still remember one musical number where the Chipette's and Chipmunks both have sing to each other in andariel hentai battle.

chipmunk cartoon brittany

I cant remember the song, but brittany chipmunk cartoon I remember the place and how Eleanor and Jeanette had to hold on to Brittany before she fell brittany chipmunk cartoon of the balloon and the same with Theodore and Simon to Alvin To think I saw it when I was 5 or 6 and I still remember it.

I couldn't remember the whole plot, but I remember Alvin signing them all up to race around the world in balloons. A great movie for a child and a child britgany heart. I would even be willing chipmuno see it again. And I can assure you that I would still love it. Cartkon think I'm gonna go rent it.

Its a good thing to hold on to your artemis yj roots and enjoy it from time to time.

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Anna 25 July This is the best movie ever! Free pornstar galleries paradise. Pic pussy shaved xxx.

chipmunk cartoon brittany

Can anyone help me with this? Love brirtany play with brittwny kinky couple. Cum see me and let me do the work, pleasuring you. All models on www. All galleries and links are provided by 3rd parties. We have no control over the content of these pages. We take no responsibility for the content on any website which we link to, please use your own discretion while surfing the brittany chipmunk cartoon links. Petite takes monster We went hentai older man into brittany chipmunk cartoon.