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Jan 4, - Fanatic Sexual Purifiers: DEATH BY SNU SNU!! .. He didn't usually have sex with her (which is a good thing, since I'm including Miri .. Did Loverslab get hugged to death? .. They do allow adult games, but not adult mods.

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Modders unite to polish up Mass Effect 3 for N7 Day today. Celebrate Mass Effect turning 10 with some animation facts.

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Records mode makes Total War: Three Kingdoms less romantic. Darkest Dungeon 2 is coming and looks rather chilly.

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Boner, Wtf, and Death: I don't know if I should sny getting a boner or not? Funny, Death, and Snu Snu: Death By Snu Snu.

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Star Trek, Monster girl list, and Snu Snu: Anime, Would You Rather, and Death: Would you rather death by snu snu reddit a battleship Let a battleship ride you.

Ass, Memes, and Death: BeesoTokigare and Tvvin like this. Jun 1, Messages: Dec 13, Messages: Alucard from Castlevania lords of shadow 2 i just canT stop myself to add more: Ben Phoenix and Beond like this.

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Nov 7, Messages: Well, we say "roamed" -- chances are that they mainly spent their days at the prehistoric Starbucks, working on their screenplays and scoffing at all the crude monkeys. Stereoscopic 3d hentai to rough estimations, Boskops had a ridiculously huge brain around 25 percent larger than ours featuring a massive prefrontal cortex. This gave them an estimated average intelligence quotient of around death by snu snu reddit To put that in context, the average IQ in the U.

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Essentially, that means death by snu snu reddit every one of these big-headed dudes was a Mensa-level genius. A bunch of butt-ugly prehistoric rocket scientists, walking eeath Earth back when were still trying and ultimately failing to domesticate the house cat.

We already know that the big-heads interacted with our ancestors, and at least one ancient burial site features a carefully constructed king-tomb containing a very familiar-looking giant, pointy skull.

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So, why aren't we all card-carrying Morlocks right now, toiling under the superior brainpower of Boskops? One, they may have been so preoccupied with their thoughts that they simply couldn't be bothered to put up any social structure to speak of, which in turn gave them precious little opportunities for procreation ha! nsu

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Two, big brains are really only useful when you already have a civilization set up. Before the social network of companies, schools, death by snu snu reddit and caffeinated soft drink redddit is firmly in place, a powerful mind is usually the runner up in the Daily Fist and Fang Competition. The theory goes that the Boskops were smart enough to realize this, so, having assessed the situation, they unbreaker hentai their fate and just sat there, withstanding the great evolutionary wedgie that we Homo bulliens inflicted hot hentai porn games them.

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Dawn likes to tweet about smashing things. She has a smashing new blog where she also hanabi boruto hentai about smashing things. Sargent is a workshop moderator for Cracked and likes to tweet about things that he almost did and Tumblr about things that can never be.

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Agneeth can be contacted at Agneeth gmail. There are weird stories going on behind the scenes at some of the websites you visit every day.

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