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Only Rooster Teeth so far. Funi hasn't issued a statement yet but more quietly replaced him on an upcoming dub.

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Ooooh, so there is potential that he gets booted from Funi too. Good to know, thanks! Oct 28, Sharing this from a poster persona hentai reddit Kanzenshuu I don't advise anyone to read much of the edward elric rule 34 of that thread.

So you might remember inVic was announced as being part of the cast for Free! There was a lot of backlash against it due to him being supposedly homophobic and a petition was made which Vic addressed in a edward elric rule 34 somewhere in November One of the people who signed the petition posted an apology video for Vic shortly after which got a lot of attention and Vic himself commented on Well that guy deleted that apology video from today and has a posted a new video addressing everything.

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This video says a lot about Vic behind the scenes Oct 26, 3, Oct 27, 11, Oct 25, 1, Edward elric rule 34 probably have to be quite careful depending on what contracts they have with him. Simply tearing up the contracts and giving him the boot could put them in a situation where Vic can sue them and quite probably win and end up getting more money than he otherwise would have. Funimation giving him a big payout, even anime sex full movie the end of a lawsuit, isn't good optics for them.

I suspect they'll follow an approach of quietly dropping him, paying whatever bare minimum they can to satisfy contracts still not a great look to be paying him, but probably a better look than paying him significantly higher amountsand then edward elric rule 34 nothing more to do with him.

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They can literally drop him. Aka the downside of being non union. Oct 25, 7, Didn't seem like it was posted but a few blanche hentai ago Kaiser of TFS fame chimed in: There's no new revelations but good to hear more talking about this.

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Oct 25, 4, It was hardly in doubt where Scott and many at TFS would've stood on this issue, but good to see them put ichigo nude support regardless. Oct 25, 23, Can anyone give the gist of what Richard Ian Cox said?

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