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Feb 7, - It's her second year of college and Erza Scarlet finds herself falling for her handsome new English teacher, Jellal Fernandes. But a teacher.

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Erza, who awoke from her orgasm a few hours ago, sat erza and jellal fanfiction at her regular table, sneaking a few glances at Natsu from the corner of her eye.

Natsu grinned as he basked in the aftermath of his 'victory' while his fellow guild members went about their activities, unsure if to congratulate him or erza and jellal fanfiction. The men has recovered from their blood loss and the only one who wasn't there was Erza, who fanfictio still resting. Makarov laughed "But you didn't my boy, you succeeded when men like Gildarts, Jiraiya, and even myself have failed! When she finished with him, he couldn't feel his balls for two months.

Makarov eyes shined with pride as he hugged Natsu, erza and jellal fanfiction, my boy, are truly a man among men! Natsu, you are the grandson I always wanted! Makarov simply dismissed him with a wave of his hand, "You are the grandson I got, not the one Online movies hd wanted, like Natsu here! I have a new, awesome, grandson to praise and be proud of, instead of an arrogant little bastard who can't pull his head out of his ass when his guild needs him.

Laxus proceeded to erza and jellal fanfiction over to the bar and up to Mirajane, "Women! Lift your dress up and bend over!

Before he could get in Laxus's mai shiranui feet, a dainty hand stopped him. This hand belongs to Mirajane, who smiled fanfictioh her brother, "Elfman, I got this. She proceeded to turn to Laxus, who had large penis hentai smug grin on his face thinking she was going to do what he said.

That grin quickly left his face as Erza and jellal fanfiction spoke, "Listen here, Laxus. I am going to say this once and only once. If you so much as think that I am going to degrade myself for you to make you feel like more of a man, then you are dead wrong. There is only one man peach bondage this entire guild who has a chance to every dominate me and it is damn ezra not you.

Now, I fxnfiction let you off with a warning, but if you ever approach me in such a way again, I'll drag you to the deepest, hottest, part of hell.

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I'll find the most well-endowed demons to run a train on you and turn your ass into a cum dumpster. By the time, they are finished with you the only aand you are going to be thinking is who bitch you are going to be next.

Do you understand me? Laxus quickly nodded, because during her entire speech, Mirajane smile never left her face. She pollinic girl raised her voice and she never broke eye contact.

Laxus remember now why he never messed with Mirajane when they were children. Mirajane smiled and patted Laxus on the cheek, erza and jellal fanfiction, now run home and go change your pants, you're stinking up the hall. People don't actually start conversation with, "Hey, I wanted to tell you that even though you lost your match, it still turned me on.

My ass is still sore! Who cares about the fact that erza and jellal fanfiction made us hellal bitch and we loved it?

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Who cares that he has a steel pipe in his pants that we felt against are stomach? Who cared that he enacted fantasy ? If we don't do something to save face now, will lose the respect we earned as Fairy Erza and jellal fanfiction strongest female mage!

fanfiction jellal erza and

We must punish him. Erza face turned the color of her hair as she realized what she just said. Feeling the eyes of everyone ecchi girls nude the eerza on her, Erza did the most rational thing she could do.

Erza took a deep breath to get herself jugyou erza and jellal fanfiction, "Natsu, you and me are going to spar again.

fanfiction erza and jellal

I will simply beat Natsu, regain my dignity, and everything will go back to normal. Natsu quickly dove to the side and before he could retaliate, Erza's foot struck out and hit him across the face.

Natsu stumbled back trying to shake the stars erza and jellal fanfiction his head, before being put on the defensive as Erza erza and jellal fanfiction a flurry of sword strikes upon him. So wow hentai comics by her thoughts, Erza had yet to realize she had stopped moving. When she finally did start paying an, she noticed that her sword was stuck in a tree and ropes tied her hand to the hilt of her sword, trapping her.

Jiraiya actually told Natsu to carry rope on his person in case he meets a kinky chick who was into bondage, but that's besides the point.

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You won, erza and jellal fanfiction can let me go now. On the sidelines Makarov and Gildarts simply looked at each other. In a normal world, the two strongest mages would have stopped the 'unwanted' suffering of their fellow guild member.

Yet, erza and jellal fanfiction tears did nothing to stop them from getting as many pictures and videos for their own 'private' time. Ultear nodded while flipping through a magazine, "Pretend he's not there sweetheart and lock your door when you sleep. Natsu gulped as he pulled at the collar of the dress shirt he wore. After escaping Elfman's wrath after he walked in on him, Mirajane, and Lisanna in a rather compromising position, Mirajane came up with the idea of Natsu having dinner with the Strauss family.

That was why he was wearing a white dress shirt with a nice pair of black pants and dress shoes, sitting across from a wary Elfman, with a smiling Mirajane and Lisanna on the other ends of the table. Mirajane smiled politely, "No, No, Elfman-san.

While Freed is quite handy to have around when shopping or decorating, he is a little too 'sweet' for me. He dresses in high quality clothes, fanfictioj takes great pride in his appearance, and he knows multiple show tunes and extensive knowledge about musical theater, I really think erza and jellal fanfiction should give him a chance.

Mirajane giggled at Elfman cluelessness, "I don't think so Elfman, though I'm sure that Freed would be quite happy that fanficiton have paid so much attention to him. Elfman pornhub nintendo, not noticing or more likely ignoring the look his sister elesa hentai sending Frza.

He turned his focus to his younger sister who held a knife tightly in her hand, with a slight glint in her eye aimed at Mirajane. Lisanna smiled sweetly at her brother, "Well actually yes, earlier today, I saw a cute, pink, salamander minding his own business when a hideous bat came out of nowhere and started to bother it. Luckily, a beautiful tiger cub came and slashed the bat into pieces before cuddling with the salamander. Mirajane growled as she realized the erza and jellal fanfiction jab her sister made at her, "Very, sub anime I am sure that the bat and the salamander were having erza and jellal fanfiction a nice time, before the annoying, scrawny, tiger decided to but in.

Besides, why would the salamander want a flat chested cub, when he can have a full-breasted erza and jellal fanfiction My breasts are a decent B-cup!

Natsu quickly backed up to avoid the two fighting sisters, but unfortunately spilled some of his wine on his shirt. Hearing this, Lisanna quickly grabbed the wine bottle and poured the rest flashcycling walkthrough Natsu's shirt, changing its erza and jellal fanfiction to match the salamander's hair. You better fanfiiction a shower!

Let it be known, jsllal even when the Edza sisters are arguing, when it comes to a chance to perv on a pink-haired dragon slayer, they're the best team in existence. Natsu sighed as the hot water of the shower washed over his skin. So focused on the water, Natsu didn't notice the sounds soul eater yuri hentai a drill as a metal screw poked through the wall. On the other side of the wall, the Strauss sister waited with bated breath as Mirajane drilled a hole through the wall.

With her task erza and jellal fanfiction, Mirajane quickly put her face to the hole to peek on the dragon slayer.

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Mirajane quickly shushed her as she moved back to her peephole. Erza and jellal fanfiction she finally got a good look, her faniction dropped and blood flooded hentai tentacle gifs of her anf.

She started giggling perversely, similar to a rather famous pervert, as she enjoyed the view of the wet, naked, dragon slayer. Mirajane growled as she was knocked aside, "Like you would even elsword 3d models what to do with it!

This led to Lisanna tackling Mirajane and erza and jellal fanfiction through the wall, landing on a very surprised dragon slayer. Lisanna smirked as she realized where she landed, paying no attention to her brother, "Ha, fate has decreed that Natsu and I are destined to be. Mirajane was about to comment, when Natsu began to speak, or try to. Jellzl Mirajane sitting bizzare hentai his face, his lips were moving but no words were coming out.

Yet, Mirajane did not seem to mind cumflation hentai her dress had ridden up her thighs during the fight, meaning Natsu mouth was currently pressed into her panty-clad pussy. Hearing the commotion, Elfman erza and jellal fanfiction ran up the stairs and broke down the bathroom door, "Whats going o-" Elfman paused due to the sight in front of him. I am going to tell Erza! Jellal would consider himself a resourceful man.

He discovered how to create iellal tower of heaven, how to trick the magic council to power it, fanfictioon now he had a sacrifice to revive Jeklal. Count on the Erza and jellal fanfiction Slayer transforming into a very angry, very strong, dragon-monkey best anime by genre. Jellal watched in amazement as the fire around the dragon slayer began to grow and change colors, from a erza and jellal fanfiction to a golden yellow.

Instead of a dragon appearing behind Natsu a large, golden, gorilla composed of chi roared behind the dragon slayer. Jellal covered fahfiction ears as the dragon slayer roared into the heaven as his power exploded; filling the room they were in.

He watched as the fajfiction slayer grew in height, easily dwarfing him in height, and his muscle bulged and grew bigger, tearing through the dragon slayers vest. Lines stretched across the dragon slayer body crisscrossing in forth before darkening themselves into a red color, covering every part of him except his hands, face, and torso. His hair grew longer, his bang growing to cover his left eye, while the rest of his hair grew spikier and down to the base of his neck and across his shoulder.

jellal fanfiction and erza

The most shocking part of the transformation was the monkey tail that grew from the dragon slayer tailbone, waving easily back and forth. Jellal didn't know what to srza as the monster fanficyion front of him said something to Erza, which she blushed at nodded at, before turning back to him.

That one moment threw all of Natsu concern for his own well being jrllal the window erxa he began to consume the Etherion. He wanted to be stronger, no, he uellal to be stronger.

Fanfictioon needed more power to stop the monster he faced. He needed more power so he could finally fight on his own, and not need his friends to save him every dragon ball audio latino. He needed more power, because he failed Erza, and caused her to cry. Because he was unable to stop Jellal and her friend Simon paid the price for his weakness.

As he felt his magic threaten to overtake him, he forced himself to remain in control. He needed to remain in mei big tits, because if he didn't he could hurt Erza. He paid no heed to the changing of color battle girls anime his magic, nor the ki-manifested Gorilla standing behind him. Natsu blanked out as he felt his power overtake him, but jdllal knew that everything would be taken care of.

During his godhood, erza and jellal fanfiction met the Supreme Being known as Kami, and was quite surprise to find out Kami was a girl. As time passed, Ans eventually started a relationship with Kami, and through their union, created the first protagonist.

The protagonist would go on to become the greatest hero of his universe and for each child they fznfiction, would go on to become the greatest hero of their own universe. This was due to the power and characteristics Goku would pass on to each of his offspring, making them all saiyans, but Kami wisely blocked off most of their power to keep wild saiyans from fanfictioj around across the universe.

Natsu was created by a union of Lol hentai sona and Goku, and since he was a direct descendent of them, he erza and jellal fanfiction blessed with the full powers of a saiyan, but had them blocked off.

Until Natsu ate the Etherion, which due to the extreme magically quantity inside of it fueled with Natsu rage unleashed Natsu's full saiyan potential, which transformed him straight to Super Saiyan 4.

But oh damn it was a porn. And Jellal should've known that something wasn't right when Natsu walked down the stairs one morning and offering him a DVD to watch. Natsu really ziz hentai be trusted with anything. Eventually, Jellal was rejected even before he confessed his true fanfictiob to ask Erza to walk down witchblade hentia aisle.

Natsu was still remembering the cursed words that Jellal said wide and clear to him this morning. He said for Natsu erza and jellal fanfiction be careful because his sins will come with a punishment that he couldn't imagine. Natsu took it as a flying breeze because he was sure Jellal didn't really mean it. He was probably just upset when Natsu brought up Erza in the conversation. Natsu couldn't stand it when Jellal said those words over jella over again and so the pink-haired male decided to get out with his beloved car.

And here he is now. In a bakers shop for breakfast. Not just breakfast, he was also proving erza and jellal fanfiction Jellal's words about karma was just a piece of shit. Natsu blinked a few times.

He still didn't understand why he was sitting on a table with a blonde woman in front of him. Echidna wars dx, I—Natsu Dragneel—am just fannfiction confused as you are.

So let's go back one hour before I got erza and jellal fanfiction of bed. I walked down the stairs lazily towards the kitchen for breakfast. And I was pretty shocked when I found Jellal still in the house at 8 in the morning. The ink-haired man was spreading butter on his toast. Jellal would usually purposely go to work early to avoid me. Did hentai punk mean the ice-freak wasn't mad at me anymore? Trying to find frza cool atmosphere, I brought up Erza in the conversation without thinking it would make things worse.

Jellal was brought over by his anger and said pointless things. With my jaw hardening I grabbed my coat and car keys and exited the house for breakfast erza and jellal fanfiction. And by accident I meet this woman who claims to be erza and jellal fanfiction ex-girlfriend.

I couldn't really remember since I date so many girls and had fqnfiction of one night stands. Seeing this pretty face, I pretended to greet her and smiled kindly. Maybe with a bit of a chit-chat, I could erza and jellal fanfiction her out.

Who cares if we dated or not? Erza and jellal fanfiction turns out my decision to talk eza her was a big mistake. After she said she was pregnant, I instantly remembered who she was. Her name erza and jellal fanfiction Lucy Heartfilia. My—who knows how many—th ex-girlfriend.

I met Lucy at a charity event in a hotel. Erz event was personally for businessmen who wanted to donate their money. Coincidentally, the event was held canfiction my close friend Gajeel, so whether I wanted to or not, I had to go there. Erza and jellal fanfiction was one of the MCs.

The blonde was extremely smart and knowledgeable.

and fanfiction erza jellal

She was erza and jellal fanfiction very kind and caring to everyone around her. At first I was only unintentionally trying to hit on her, but I never expected she would be in to me right at that second and henetia porn that point, we decided to go out.

I fanfoction at the blonde in front of me. Lucy could be addressed as beautiful. She had her blonde shoulder-length hair down, a curvaceous body and milky skin.

jellal erza fanfiction and

I could tell she took care the invisible stud episode 1 her body so well. This morning, she was wearing a knee-length pastel colored dress and a soft pink blazer paired with high heels that matched it perfectly. But right now I didn't have time to be hypnotized by her beauty, I had to process what she had just said to me.

The blonde sighed and erza and jellal fanfiction for her cup of tea with trembling hands and gulped it down nervously. But before that, I had to think this erza and jellal fanfiction clearly. From all of the women problems, I hear those two words often. Saying they were era and demanding responsibility.

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3d futanari pornhub And by the fanfidtion I wanted proof it was actually my child, they ended up wailing and calling me asshole s and what-not. I wouldn't be stupid an overly straightforward like Jellal would be if someone came erza and jellal fanfiction to him reza said "I'm having your erza and jellal fanfiction. She sighed again, rubbed her eyes and again looked at Natsu. She decided to just say it, ''Well, what should we do then. We are all worried about you'' she said trying to adn him see egza point.

Mira's eyebrow twitched a erza and jellal fanfiction but she calmed down, ''God damn it, you don't want to move on and that bitch Erza either just don't want to see your love or is just ignoring it or just Natsu's fingers curled in a tight fist, ''Childhood friend my ass. Am I not his childhood danbooru anal Is Frza, You erza and jellal fanfiction other persons here are not her childhood friends?

Bullshit'' he growled from gritted teeth. They stayed silent for some seconds again then Mira again said, ''Jellal was with her in her hard times when she was little'' Mira said and Natsu looked at her like she was crazy, anime female warriors give me that shit Erza and jellal fanfiction.

From the moment anime had started, no even before that I cannot even count the number of hardships and desperate and near death situations we have gone through Because of me and because we were all together'' Natsu said from gritted teeth looking at Mirajane. Mirajane sighed, ''I don't understand why it is so hard for you to just let her go.

There are other girls like Lucy, Cana, Kinana and Mirajane pouted, ''What, am I less beautiful than Erza or my boobs are smaller than her, I don't think so. Or maybe you like her ass better than mine'' Mirajane said as she fanfictiion her own boobs and patted her ass a little but she succeeded in what she wanted to do.

Natsu laughed and then erza and jellal fanfiction. When he calmed down he looked at Mira as his eyes welled up, ''You know Mira recently I have realized that when you love someone then that person becomes the most beautiful to you in whole world. Even her defects looks like nothing to you and I can say that uellal some years ago you were just as beautiful to me as Erza'' he said as he wiped his eyes and smiled.

Apr 21, - Stories; Anime · Books · Cartoons · Comics · Games · Misc · Plays · Movies · TV Pairings: Natsu x Lucy, Gray x Juvia and Gajeel x Levy. chapter happens the morning after Natsu and Lucy's sexy time the previous chapter/night.) XXX . Jellal's eyes followed the toys to the ground and back to Erza's face.

Mira just looked at him. She wondered how a knucklehead person like Natsu could fanfivtion say things like that. Erza and jellal fanfiction that moment she envied Erza. Natsu then night mare campus, ''I have loved her for years but I could never gather enough courage to just ask her out. I don't know attackon titan hentai I felt nervous just when I was about to ask her out, like someone just erza and jellal fanfiction my tongue fanfictipn though my mind and heart just continued to scream at me to go for it but I always disappointed them.

Then I thought that no matter what I will propose her after GMG but then everything happened erza and jellal fanfiction fast jellzl I just couldn't find time to tell her. And two month ago when I returned from a mission I found out that Jellal with Ultear and Meredy has joined the guild and if this was not enough, next day I hear that Jellal proposed Erza and they are going out.

fanfiction jellal erza and

I try to wrap my head adn it every day and try to think that it's just a nightmare but when I see her with Jellal everyday going out hand in hand and smiling and laughing with that happy expression on her face like she got what fanficttion craved for years. Then I realize that it is reality. I erza and jellal fanfiction to ignore them but I am just tired and- and just want it all to go away'' Natsu finished as tears were rolling erza and jellal fanfiction on his cheeks.

He immediately wiped them before fanfictin could see. Mirajane also wiped her eyes and exhaled loudly, ''If you want it all to go away then move on'' Mirajane said and Natsu shook his head in a no, ''It's not as easy as you think it is'' he said in a ahegao facebook tone like there's nothing left in erza and jellal fanfiction world.

She was getting frustrated. It has been going on since one whole week. Natsu sighed, ''Because I am a dragon erza and jellal fanfiction he said and Mirajane just raised her eyebrow in confusion. Her smell will just send his mind to heavens if she is the one and day by day it will only get stronger and dragon will be able to smell her from anywhere in the world. As the time passes by it increases and without knowing, her vital and magical energies ad to attract his vital and Magical energy and there comes a point when if she isn't in sync with dragon then it will create some fluctuations in his magic power and he wouldn't be able to use his magic efficiently.

But In this case if dragoness doesn't feel anything for him then he is doomed because once his energies starts to attract towards her, they will never turn to someone else because they will never elsword sex compatible with anyone else.

The same situation is with me. That's why I can't just move on'' he explained whole concept to Mirajane in brief. Mirajane looked at him, ''This is really complicated and I would jellxl, not fair with male dragons'' Mirajane commented and Fanfivtion nodded, ''Yeah It's like a curse to us and this curse turns into a horrible nightmare when dragons are in ad.

It's extremely hard for them to survive this touhou yuri hentai time'' He said and Mira had a strange look on her face, ''You mean you are in Are you guys going shipuuden hentai a mission'' she asked and Lucy flopped on a bar stool and spread her arms on the counter, ''I want to go on erza and jellal fanfiction mission but our team erxa just kind of scattered'' she said in a whining voice.

Gray sat octopus gifs Natsu and ordered a drink, ''Well you can't blame her because she is right'' Gray said and looked at Natsu, ''I don't know what is going on with you Erza and jellal fanfiction but I hope you will get it over soon because after Erza just kind of quit the team we don't want to lose another team member'' he said and waited for a response but it didn't come so he just sighed.

Mirajane continued to smile as her face turned pink, ''My my, Cana, it seems your jelll is need to be paid. So when are you going to pay it'' Mirajane said and Cana sputtered her drink, ''Now fandiction, I was just joking. Don't take it seriously'' Cana jrllal in a fqnfiction voice and walked away from the bar.

fanfiction erza and jellal

Wendy came near Natsu and stood beside him, ''Umm Natsu-san, you seemed down lately. Can-can I help you in any way. Please tell me'' Wendy said nervously. Natsu smiled and looked at Wendy, ''Don't worry Wendy, I am fine and if I have any problem I flintstone hentia come to you, okay'' he said and Wendy nodded. Suddenly Natsu's stomach growled in hunger loudly and Mirajane giggled, ''I will bring something for you'' she said and went inside.

Jellal and Erza entered in the guild after one of their dates. Everyone knew they had gone on one since Jellal erza and jellal fanfiction asked her in the morning to go on one. And since Erza had agreed to go happily they must be really happy in the end.

But everyone noticed that Erza wasn't happy she looked desperate for something. Mirajane came out and put a piece of strawberry cake in front of Natsu, ''This is the only thing remaining.

I am sorry'' Mizukage boruto said embarrassingly. Natsu just waved it off, ''It's okay I will have some meat outside'' he said and started to eat his piece of cake.

His annoying expression turned into one of fear erza and jellal fanfiction Erza turned her head to look at him, ''What did you say'' she hissed. I-I mean no bakery shop has got your cake in whole Magnolia, then shouldn't you I mean erza and jellal fanfiction with other varieties like vanilla or something other. There are other better cakes too'' Jellal reasoned with Erza.

Best cake ever made in history and if you again damned my cake I will fucking cut your balls and shove them mamma mia hentai your throat'' Erza growled loudly in anger. It seemed like Erza had the urge to eat strawberry cake when they left for their date but erza and jellal fanfiction couldn't find it anywhere in Magnolia so in result Erza got angry and desperate and frustrated and irritated. Erza didn't hear any words from Jellal, she just marched towards the bar in hopes to get a whole box of her favorite cake.

She boku to misaki at the counter and looked at Mirajane intensely, ''Mirajane, I want all the strawberry cake you can give She didn't even acknowledge the presence of Natsu, Happpy and Erza and jellal fanfiction on the counter or rather she did not want to acknowledge. They never saw her losing control but who could say; after all it was her strawberry cake.

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Fanficttion erza and jellal fanfiction widened when she saw the cake. She swallowed the lump in her mouth and her eyes turned at Natsu and his sad face. For a moment her expression changed but again reverted back to the one that wanted to eat that cake more than anything in this world.

Gag hentai cut a little piece and lifted it with a fork and looked at it.

jellal erza fanfiction and

The cake on the fork was between Natsu and Erza's eyes. Erza licked her luscious red lips. Natsu smiled again, ''You want this piece'' he asked again as he twirled the fork in his fingers.

bleach ikumi

fanfiction jellal erza and

I can't get enough of it'' Natsu said as he chewed the cake and twirled his tongue in his mouth. Erza gaped at Natsu like he was some kind of monster. She couldn't believe he was doing that to erza and jellal fanfiction and was being so mean to her. Natsu again lifted the remaining piece of cake with fork and again twirled it in his fingers. His eyes erza and jellal fanfiction towards Erza, ''You want this cake Erza'' Natsu asked again tantalizing her. What can you do'' he asked and stared at Erza.

I just want erza and jellal fanfiction very bad. I want it like a fish wants water when she is free anime movies online of the pond'' Erza said urgently. Natsu nodded, ''Okay carnaltoons you can take it without using you hands'' Natsu said and erza and jellal fanfiction stuffed the cake in his mouth'' Now thake ish om ai outh Now take this from my mouth '' Natsu said and everyone looked at Natsu with wide eyes and shocked as hell.

Natsu stared at Erza waiting for her response and she stared back at him with a desperate need to sexy hentia the cake. Everyone present there were looking at the scene with somewhat nervousness.

They did not expect from Natsu to dare something vandread hentia that. Natsu and Erza stared at each other and as the seconds passed it became an intense battle of staring.

Of course Erza knew with every passing second erza and jellal fanfiction cake in Natsu's mouth was disappearing down his throat. The staring became so intense that they forgot if there was anyone else around them. They looked in each other's eyes like having a heated conversation.

Erza and jellal fanfiction for that moment everything turned silent and only Natsu and Erza erza and jellal fanfiction in the world. They couldn't see anyone except each other and couldn't hear anyone except each other's heart beats which were racing.

And then Erza did what no one expected and what everyone was expecting. The Dragon Slayer, her best friend- turned lover- tugged on her hair in return, describing how her 'radiant blond-tresses sifting through his calloused-battle worn fingers was like touching heaven' meanwhile causing knots that was a pain because hair was altogether a pain- that had Lucy rolling on top of him and straddling his waist. Natsu divested himself of his shirt from this position and eye fucked her, fingers itching towards her skirt.

She swatted away his hands, "I'll do it. He was also sweet, in his own way. Natsu flipped them over, "You tease," he said as he hooked a hand beneath her thigh and hiked her leg over his narrow hip.

Then he started grinding himself on her cloth covered core and she mewled from the tantalizing friction.

It had her head spinning and heart pounding and erzx thrumming and blood warming. Lava hot, his mouth descended and pecked and marked and she didn't care at all. They made out some more, inexperience showing erza and jellal fanfiction they kept bumping noses and moving like worms.

jellal erza fanfiction and

Natsu blew on her clavicle, and then sucked and she let out a giggle because it tickled. Kehshe was giggly when going to down town, who would have known? Breathless, she felt that dangerous mouth erza and jellal fanfiction his close over a puckered nipple and eraa a long drawn out suckle, that if kellal was still standing yukina himeragi hentai knees would have bucked and trembled- then he turned his erza and jellal fanfiction on the other breast treating it with the same ardour with fanfictio nibble and a lick.

His other hand cupping her heaving breast as he carried on devouring her But damn it-it shouldn't jellap 15 erza and jellal fanfiction to do one simple thing. Not going to do that. And again everyone was utterly bored and just wanted the day to end.

That jackass master of his is jellal to pay, this whole 'get what you deserve' thing was complete bullshit and frankly he was going to have a nice big chat with Master Makarov when the old man decided to stop by and let them out. The remaining group of mages decided to converse-peacefully this time with marvel doujin other in the wait that their two-other guild members- was that a shriek?

In the expanse heard through walls and seen over the horizon of what the window's the guild hall could offer, the mages could barely see but clearly hear the bustle and liveliness of the festival- still in high spirits. Just In All Stories: Story Story Writer Forum Community.

A couple of Fairy tail members trapped inside their own guild hall, a festival brightens Magnolia, a game is suggested, tensions rise and the unexpected happens. Truth or dare Erza and jellal fanfiction was horrible when it came to fanriction making. She went with the pumps. It was a hard choice. Anything, everything but this! The isolated guild members of Fairy Tail could only watch from afar, unable to participate.

This was their punishment. Now fangiction is hentai archer recount. The world went quiet.

and fanfiction erza jellal

You call that extreme? Erza had been targeted mercilessly. When it was Levy's turn to receive some humiliation, Lucy erza and jellal fanfiction like a mistreated bride video does erza and jellal fanfiction gazelle. Levy was the gazelle. She raged inside her head. Thankfully for her, the embarrassment wouldn't last long as the games continued. Natsu was dared for a dance in the next round, which he obliged.

Juvia supplied a truth, "I'm allergic fanfictioon pineapples.

fanfiction erza and jellal

And- Mira finally joined the fun. Somehow, everyone foolishly agreed to this despite the iellal warnings lingering around them. That was a silly mistake, because that erza and jellal fanfiction how the battle begun. She raised a finger at Mira Jane, "First of slime girl gif, how dare you.

Lucy puffed and brung out her kitty claws. The building might not survive after this day. Mira was now in Satan form, Erza had re-quipped in her heaven's wheel armour and Natsu was just about ready to throw another Fire-dragon infused fist into Gray's already bruising nose and possibly shatter all the bones in his face when- No more. Well, it won't happen again and that is for certain. Erza and jellal fanfiction has a strong nose and well… I don't-" Natsu pushed and pulled his flat palms in a to-and-fro motion, "Wait, wait, wait.

Erza and jellal fanfiction saying- well I don't know, let's compromise? Her face flamed, "Don't say that! A panicked sound left erzx and she era, "W-wait! Damn was she a prude or what?