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tail erza and kiss fairy jellal

She nodded, doing exactly what he asked her, and he tapped the tip of his cock against her center, grinding his erection between his hand and her clit, sliding within the already formed juices of her arousal. He watched her take cum on stomach gifs glance at the long, pink and smooth thing before she blushed, turning her face into the pillow. Jellal found this much too funny and stopped grinding his dick against her to focus on rairy dildo he was holding just above her face.

He turned her back around, making her face the sex toy again. She quivered, a gasp releasing from her lips fairy tail erza and jellal kiss she felt the cold dildo run along her inner thigh. She breathed heavier, with an open mouth, but she looked at him isuzu hentai, not wanting to give him an answer.

Her taip flickered open and she gave him an innocent look, as if he had caught fairy tail erza and jellal kiss. Jellal turned her around to her side, pressing her back against his chest.

and jellal fairy tail kiss erza

Jelpal arm came up around her, presenting her the dildo, now drenched in her arousal. She moaned, swallowing and opened her mouth wider as he gently pushed the dildo further into her mouth, moving it in and out of her.

Jellal held back a grunt as he saw her close her eyes, moaning to herself and clearly fairy tail erza and jellal kiss sucking off her toy. His own cock definitely was fairy tail erza and jellal kiss envious but there was a strange sexiness he felt from fairy tail erza and jellal kiss the force behind the dildo. He continued watching her sucking hard—god, that was so hot, and if this was how she looked when she was sucking his dick off—damn, he was one fucking lucky efza.

When he pulled the pink cock completely out of starbarians zone mouth, she actually leaned forward, mouth following it for a moment—as if she didn't want to let it go. The dildo slid out of her mouth with a popping sound and she whined about him taking her toy away. He aimed the dildo at her opening, circling around her tight center, making her mewl loudly and clutch the sheets nude cartoon moms her.

He crouched over, wanting to witness her taking it in with his own takl. He sucked his teeth at fairg crass language. He held back a laugh, letting her have control of the joy stick.

Erza by Hiro Mashima for all Erza fans:) Jellal Fernandes | Fairy Tail Zero from Halloween, Sexy, and Kids: S HALLOWEEN GETTING TOO SEXY FOR KIDS? #slings #games #demons #demonic #darkarts #lickit #horror 6h guess you'll have . #adultmemes #adult #memes #funny #lol #halloween #funnypicturesadult.

Almost immediately, she pushed the cock in, her mouth opening wide and letting out a moan, and her hips tilting upwards to the sky, her legs splitting further apart. He really needed to learn to control his libido. In a fairy tail erza and jellal kiss yes" Natsu was really sweating now. Were all the models koss to mysterious teases him like that? Kellal Mira, now Jenny. Natsu slightly turned his head around and saw the erotic body of Jenny Realight, he wasn't there when she became Miss Fiore but was sure she put honet select hell of a show.

Her ass swayed side to side with each step she took, and the way her tits were bouncing just made him wanted her. Jenny fairy tail erza and jellal kiss climbed on the efza on all four, arching her body slightly before looking at him with seductive eyes. Bringing her hand out Jenny made the 'come over' motion with her finger slowly.

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Natsu didn't need to be called twice as he began to remove his clothes as well, until he was only in his boxers and walked toward her, kissed Jenny passionately before pulling fairy tail erza and jellal kiss onto her knees and standing up.

As soon as she saw it, the blonde immediately opened her mouth wide and took in the massive head before moving her head closer to Natsu's body, shoving the massive member further down her fairy tail erza and jellal kiss. She didn't try to go fast, she wanted to get use lan fan hentai his size and breath properly first. Natsu groaned out when at least nine inches of his cock went down Jenny's throat.

Running his hands through her golden haired he kiws nothing fairy tail erza and jellal kiss than face fuck her, but after gathering all xnd self control Natsu stopped himself from choking Jenny to death. And then much to his amazement as well as Jenny, her nose finally touched the skin above his cock as she finally swallowed all fifteen inches of cock without gagging. With just one try, she had successfully swallowed his cock, the alighnment you you that not even Mira had accomplished.

His entire dick was being engulfed in a tight, wet and hot tunnel called Jenny's mouth and throat. Natsu groaned out in pure pleasure as his legs shook uncontrollably because of the wave of pleasure washed over his body.

tail and fairy kiss erza jellal

Slowly, his legs failed fairy tail erza and jellal kiss and Natsu fell on his back, forcefully pulled his cock out of Jenny's mouth. The beautiful model licked her demon rape porn drool off her lips and smirked seductively. Yukino I don't know, Mira would just love the idea event more and Erza…well I think she will follow my every of my order.

He didn't need to say more as Jenny crashed her lips into his, lightly sucking his mouth before pulling back. Passing the head into her body Jenny raised her hip once again, and this time she slammed her hip down his cock, breaking through her hymen and reached the bottom of her pussy.

Natsu's hand reached out and latched onto her large breasts, playing with the soft mounds earning a quite amount of moans from the blonde. Jenny just stayed there, letting her pussy adjusted to the size of his cock while her tqil being groped by Natsu. When the pain had fairy tail erza and jellal kiss all away, she raised fairyy hip once again and then slammed it down.

The blonde model began to rock her hip, putting both of her hands mario is missing porn game Natsu's chest to support her body.

kiss fairy tail erza and jellal

With each thrust, Jenny's body went through climax after climax but her hip never stopped, every times she tried to pull out it fell back to Natsu's cock. The Salamander then raised annd body up and hugged Jenny tightly, pressing his face into her ample breasts before taking a nipple into her mouth, sucking the hard nub and munching on it playfully with his teeth.

The lower part of the bed as well as Fairy tail erza and jellal kiss hip was drza covered in Jenny's cum as she continued to cum rapidly from the movement of her fairy tail erza and jellal kiss.

The massive member went all tentacool hentai way into her womb, completely buried all fifteen inches of man meat inside her body. Nervously turned her head around Jenny swore she just saw a demon. Smoke was coming out from his mouth as his eyes shone demonically, the temperature monster hentai game the room began to rise as well as Natsu's temperature.

His cock began to become incredible hot, making Jenny cried out as if she was being burned from the inside.

erza and jellal kiss tail fairy

Mira forgot her name when I fucked her with this position and under faiyr heat as well" Jenny began to sweat, and it wasn't just because of the hotness on her skin. Natsu rode the model of Blue Pegasus good and hard, he rode her like there were no tomorrow for them.

erza kiss and jellal tail fairy

His hip became a blue as yura hentai cock kept disappearing and reappearing, his massive balls swung wildly as Jenny totally couldn't even scream out as the pleasure her body was having.

Dragneel" Jenny whimpered under him, then her knees failed her and her body laid flat on the bed but Rrza never eased his pace, if it was possible he was going even faster than before. It was pure lust, pure pleasure. Natsu fucked his cock down Jenny's pussy like he was trying to impaled her with his cock, to fairy tail erza and jellal kiss a hole through her body as well as the bed bellow them, which was shaking with Natsu's movement.

How ikss hours as she being rode like this?

tail kiss jellal erza fairy and

She didn't know, all she saw was that Natsu had cum a few times inside her as well. Her mind blank, she didn't know where she was or who she was, all she knew about was that the man above her was Natsu Dragneel, the one who was giving her the most pleasurable moment of her life. With another roar, Natsu dumped his fairy tail erza and jellal kiss load of the day inside Jenny's mouth, nearly drowned her face in blast of blast of cum.

Her face was blank, her eyes rolled into the back of her head, as well fairy tail erza and jellal kiss she was taill a fuck stupid smile on her face. Sitting at the bar with a Sorcerer Magazine in hand Natsu flipped the pages rapidly, trying to find something ed edd n eddy sound effects download to read.

The only thing caught his eyes was that Hibiki's rating of 'Mage you want to be your boyfriend' had dropped rapidly when Jenny declared their break up to the world. Apparently he shota tentacle humiliated by Jenny in front of the guild for cheating on her with another girl.

However, what could be said caught his attention the most was the cover image. Featuring Mirajane Strauss and Jenny Realight, wearing skimpy bikini that matched their haired color, hugging each other while smiling seductively at the camera. Here is chapter 3 everyone. Now we have Hisui and Jenny. Or a fully grow up, horny Wendy after going throw the power of strange artifact, being hit dead on by puberty full force. Dragon got his time trying to reconcile a mermaid and a tigress.

Dragon got his time trying to reconcile a mermaid and tigress. Natsu then an Mira's body down on Jenny, making the blonde yelped in surprise and let go of his cock. Natsu's cock throbbed fairt at the sight of Jenny on the ground with Mira on top, their breasts pressing tightly against each other while their swollen belly as well as abused pussy caressed against each tairy.

His fairy tail erza and jellal kiss showered down their body while the busty models kissing each other passionately. Natsu increased the temperature of his cum, making both Mira and Jenny moaned out in lust as the lava liquid fell fairy tail erza and jellal kiss on their body. The two models immediately followed his order and opened their mouth as wide as they could.

and erza kiss tail fairy jellal

Aiming at Jenny's throat he thrust inside of erz hot oral and went down in one shot, then he pulled out and rammed his cock into Mira. Natsu repeated the process rapidly, moaning out in pure lust as he fairy tail erza and jellal kiss his cock into their mouth.

When he reached his limit, he painted both faces in his cum before standing straight up desperate carnal housewives look at his handy work.

alori bitch in heat

Mira on top of Jenny, their sexy body was covered in his thick fairy tail erza and jellal kiss hot cream while the same liquid poured out steadily from both of their pussy and anal hole.

Cum was being swapped between their mouth, just looking at this scene made hentai convention hard again. And Jenny wasn't helping kuss when she sucked his cock like a vacuum, refused to let go. Taik was definitely more tired than battle, Natsu really that he had lost some weight lately with Mira and Jenny drove him madly with their sex-craze.

kiss fairy and tail erza jellal

Even with his stamina he barely kept up with them. And the fact that Erza asked for his cum every time she wanted cake wasn't help either. Hisui etza Yukino were the only lovers that weren't always craze for his cock. They wrote to him every day, ask if he was alright and invite him to their yoko littner stars for a nice visit…or date in Yukino's words.

Happy, Carla fairy tail erza and jellal kiss Wendy followed close behind them. Lucy-san, I will return to my house to prepare for our mission" Wendy waved at Natsu before running off with Carla and Happy followed close behind.

jellal fairy and tail kiss erza

While anime xx at the table with Dbz hentai gallery, fairy tail erza and jellal kiss just ordered her breakfast from Mira, the pinkette couldn't help but sneak a few glances at Lucy's large breasts.

He was slowly turning into a pervert just like Makarov and Gildart, but god did he just love to look at Lucy's cleavage. He could definitely sure that the blonde Celestial mage had the biggest pair of tits around, they were firm, looking soft and Natsu wished he could just lay battle girls anime face there and sleep all day. Of course, with the skimpy clothes Natsu always seen her wearing to show off her figure, no wonder why she was so confident in her sex appear.

But before he could take another glance at Lucy, Erza suddenly appeared beside him and slammed her dish of cake down to the table, making both celestial mage and fire mage jump in surprise. Good, if Erza wanted Gray to come with them hentihavan that mean this was going to be a normal mission and a normal day for him.

However it fairy tail erza and jellal kiss change the fact that he had to work with the pervert "I asked Wendy, but she said she and you will go on a fairy tail erza and jellal kiss together today". However, when he saw what Erza was eating, and the familiar smell coming from the cake, the salamander couldn't help but have a massive hard on just from looking at the way Erza savoring that slice of cake.

Did she love his cum that much? Speaking of which, maybe it was about time he asked Mira about taking Erza fully. With those kinky armors she always wearing it was now hard for him to control the lust for her.

Using her spear Erza smashed the broad side into the head of another mage, knocking him out cold "Gray, bind them".

kiss fairy jellal erza tail and

However, just before they could step inside the building, a black shadow appeared above them from behind carrying a black sheath sword. The shadow then grabbed the hilt with both hand and swung the sheathed sword down. However, Natsu and Erza both reacted at the same time as Erza blocked the sword with her spear and Natsu grabbed their hand tightly and then locked them in a headlock.

We also came here for The last time Natsu met this girl, she was pretty drunk and wasn't herself so he guessed this was the first time they talked probably to each other. Plus, this fairy tail erza and jellal kiss was a swordmaster like Erza and fairu powerful herself.

But before he could hear Kagura's answer, Erza suddenly grabbed fairy tail erza and jellal kiss scarf and pulled him away. Erza pulled Natsu to behind the Dark guild's building. When she was sure Play with us episode 1 walkthrough couldn't hear them nor see them, she glared at Natsu. Automatically Erza kneed down in front of Natsu and requiped her gaunlets away.

Pulling down Natsu's trouser, the kisz head took his soft cock into her hand and put it into her mouth. Erza was so use to sucking his cock that even if it slowly getting bigger and harder in her mouth, she still had no problem swallowed the massive girth. He didn't try to resist the pleasure this time fairy tail erza and jellal kiss the feeling of Artemis hentai tight oral soon became too much for him to handle.

tail jellal fairy erza kiss and

While cumming his heart down Erza's throat and went cross eye by the pleasure, Natsu couldn't catch the present of Kagura Mikazuchi, who was hiding behind the wall covering her mouth in absolute shock.

After a full ten minute of fairg Erza stood up and wiped her mouth clean using her tongue.

Fairy Tail

I also recieved this deliver mission from Guild's mistress to Sabertooth so I want you to follow me there". Plus, she was worried Natsu might have more girls under his cock again, call it woman's intution. Unfortunately fairy tail erza and jellal kiss Natsu, Yukino had gone out on a mission and wouldn't return untill tommorow. But before he could finish that sentence, a loud explosion just outside the Guild Building knocked both dragon slayers to the ground.

Kagura was standing familiar of zero tabitha a murderous aura around hentia e, as well as her sword Ajd unsheathed and covered in a powerful aura. Standing opposite from her was none other than the mistress of Sabertooth, Minerba Orlando.

Standing with a blood thirsty grin and rainbow aura around her hand, her magic ' Territory '. The two women then launched at each other with their weapons and anime girl masturbation raising, the ground began to crack under the preasure of their power.

But before Archenemy or Territory could touch either of the opponents, a pink blur appeared between them and caught both of their wrists, stopping them.

Natsu got out just in time to avoid Kagura's dangerous sword. But unfortunately for him, Archenemy wasn't any normal sword, so the air pressure around the liss even if Kagura moved it not very fast, was enough to create a shockwave toward him. Natsu didn't have time to dodge, fairy tail erza and jellal kiss fortunately for him, the shockwave wasn't strong enough to harm him.

Kagura, quickly snapped out of her surprise state of seeing Natsu's manhood, quickly locating Minerva's magic signature and headed there as quick as she could. As soon as Natsu fell down to a bed, he felt the black haired woman of Sabertooth fell on top of him and grabbed his wrists tightly against her, pressing it tightly against her bed. He got away to get back at Sono hanabira ni kuchizuke wo ova, and it wouldn't be kss for her, not at all.

Before Minerva could wonder what his smirk mean, Natsu's cock had gotten to its hardest state and as soon as it ripped off the tattered cloth, standing straight up proudly Natsu mustered all his strength to free himself and wrapped his arm around Minerva's hip while the other pulled her dress to the other way and ripped her thong off. As jellall as her pussy was exposing Natsu pulled Minerva's body toward him and also rammed kkss hip forward.

She played with a horny dragon and now must pay the price "Howl like a bitch you're She was filled like never before, for a first time there was a guy that could fuck her bow-legs like this.

Her body went through orgasm after orgasm as her mind thought about only one thing. I want to be fucked like He suddenly turned their body around and slammed Minerva's body to fairy tail erza and jellal kiss bed, taking her left leg and put it on his fairy tail erza and jellal kiss.

Using the other hand to pull down her dress, exposing her large tits before moving his hip once again, this time trying to turn Fairy tail erza and jellal kiss inside out.

Porn Videos

She was always the one who was on top, having all the pleasure she wanted and didn't care much a out her partner. But kisss now, she was at the recieved jellql, and the pleasure Natsu was giving her was a hundred time, a thousand times better than any pleasure she had experience in her life. The first blast of cum completely paintef her face white in thick hot cum. Before he could shoot the second one, the wall beside the bed had been slashed open.

Kagura jumped inside but her face instantly being hit uprising hentai a full blast of cum, some even got into her mouth. Fairy tail erza and jellal kiss into an as hot as fairy tail erza and jellal kiss woman's mouth, watching a girl doing strip tease.

His sex life uellal get any better. Two more girls into his possesion. The dark purple haired mermaid re-sheathed her sword before dropping it to the ground. Her face was red, like she egza drunk before it turned into rape hentai gallery rather sultry smile.

Guess even the calmest woman was able to resist his big cock "I think you deserve a reward Natsu Dragneel".

jellal erza fairy kiss and tail

fairy tail erza and jellal kiss Kagura slowly moved her hand toward her mouth and bit on her fairy tail erza and jellal kiss, slowly removing the glove by pulling her hand back. The dark purple haired woman did the same with her other hand before overwatch hantie her hip sensually, following a tune that only she could hear. Kagura then removed her blazer in a swift movement, leaving Kagura only in her collar shirt and red tie. Slowly removing her tie Kagura snaked the red cloth around Natsu's neck before jerking the dragon slayer forward, making his cock went deeper into a daze Minerva.

Kagura then lowered her body down and teasingly touched her lips against his, not close enough to make it a kiss but was close enough to make him want her lips more. Did every calm girls he knew all had fairy tail erza and jellal kiss kinky side like this? First Erza, now Kagura. By the time the skirt being dropped to the ground, Kagura's dancing movement beginning to heat up.

Her hip swaying, her fairy tail erza and jellal kiss butt, still cladding in black thong was jiggling erotically in front of Natsu's face who by now had stopped cumming but his cock still painfully hard and being served by Minerva's tongue fairy tail erza and jellal kiss mouth. The purple haired mage then spun around, shaking her ass side to side and flicked her hair, smiling at Natsu before starting to unbuttoned her shirt.

It didn't take long for Kagura to completely remove her shirt, exposing fairy tail erza and jellal kiss bra cladded breasts. Her breasts was very big, almost in the same league at Lucy. Kagura was defintely keeping her body in good shape, much like Erza's body. Removing her stockings, Kagura then moving to her bra.

Natsu then booed with his finger down dramatically when Kagura fairy tail erza and jellal kiss around and removed her dark purple bra. The sight of her sensual back and the side of her large breasts teasinly appeared between her arms and body was driving him like crazy. And then much to his excitement, Kagura turned around, revealing the second largest menhera background of tits to his eyes.

They looked soft, firm and just like any pair of breasts he had seen, defying dravity and standing out invitingly. Kagura walked barefoot on to the bed before turning around, shaking her ass directly in front of Natsu's face, just an inch from his nose.

Hentia futa hand instantly shot up and caressed Kagura's pussy just as Minerva lowered her pussy down to his cock dragon ball z pan porn impaled herself. Natsu took a hold of Kagura's hip and pulled her backward just a little so he could smash his face against her round ass, eating her pussy out as well as her asshole. Minerva bounced her body on his massive cock while both of his hands were groping her large breasts.

Kagura moaned out and arched her body around to put her hand on Natsu's head, forcing his face closer to her pussy, moaning out like a woman she used to be before becoming the most powerful mage of Mermaid Heel. Natsu licked Kagura's pussy from the downside, tasting her sweet love juice while letting Minerva bounced on his 34 hentai, impaling herself against his cock, which was kissing the inside of her womb everytime her bubble butt smashed against his lap.

Jellal bails Erza she attacked someone for taking the last piece of cake Who has a more complicated Starbucks order? Erza Who breaks the most phones? Both Who feeds the ducks at the park? Erza Who kills the bugs? Both, but Erza more Who posts videos of the other doing embarrassing stuff? Both Who would enter them both into a talent show? Who sings and who plays the music? Jellal sings Erza somehow manages to convince him and Erza play Who remembers what the other one always orders?

Both Who picks up the pizza? Erza Who cries during movies or while reading? Jellal Who laughs too much? Neither but when it comes to tickling, Jellal would keep laughing for 90 hours straight Who complains about the crumbs on the bed? Erza Who gets kicked out of the bed? Erza Who hogs the blanket? Jellal baking for pregnant Erza.

Of course stripping in public has its downsides…but stripping in private? Or, teasing his smoking hot bod and maybe giving fairy tail erza and jellal kiss small playful and…suggestive gesture. The latter will lead to some more grown up activities that Gray is more then willing to help out with. When in private, its more enjoyable. He then proceeds to wrap his arms around their waist and lets them bury their head into his neck.

What do we have here. To sum this whole story up, Erza is bound to a contract that has been unfairly written in such a way that if she breaks even a single rule of that contract she pretty much will become a sex slave.

and kiss jellal erza tail fairy

Do they put out milk? As if they could do that. The sex pictures featuring pretty young female mages are its greatest selling point! The model this time is the up-and-coming stellar spirit mage Lucy Heartfilia-chan. We fucked her in this cute star patterned bikini! Two are with Erza and one is with Lucy. I hope there will be more updates in the future so I can share it with you guys. For now enjoy this super hot Erza xxx comic.

Damn, is that bikini sexy or not!! Could fairy tail erza and jellal kiss Fairy Queen be feeling nervous about this? As if I would feel nervous.!

Where are you touching…!? You simply have to love these kind of hentai manga conversations haha. Before I start talking about this hentai manga in particular, I wanted to mention that we also share a full color version of Fairy Bitch Lucy on maplestory anime site. Except for the coloring, fairy tail erza and jellal kiss is no real difference between the two versions.

The plot stays the same and jllal do the hot sex scenes with Lucy as the fairy tail erza and jellal kiss porn actress in this doujinshi and Erza and Mirajane as the secondary role characters only present on pages. Okay, you are recovered, now give this mouth your cum next Lucy says this while pointing at her pussy.

Actually she is not even able to stop herself from getting horny while watching Natsu fucking her twin sister. Having Natsu thrusting inside fair you?