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Mar 19, - Stories; Anime · Books · Cartoons · Comics · Games · Misc · Plays Elsa and Anna are drama classmates, this semester focuses on a single . That is whenever she decides to get a sex drive. Kristoff smiled, he knew she was biting, "so when you watch porn, do you watch a guy fucking a girl or lesbians.

In her hands rested a new book she recently picked up after hearing talk about it around the Kingdom; 50 Shades of Grey was written in elegant white letters across the cover of the book.

anna fanfiction kristoff frozen and

Anna couldn't put the book down, all the scenes had her thinking of her sister and how much she would love to try these out on her. She didn't think her lover would be opposed to the idea, but the Princess most definitely knew she would never hear the end of it if Elsa knew she was krisgoff this. This is where Anna always was when the Queen had meetings or work to do. It had kristtoff a long day and she knew the perfect ending frozen anna and kristoff fanfiction it would be kkristoff up in her younger sister's arms.

Anna hid hentai resort boin book under the blanket so that she was half sitting on it. Anna smiled when her older sister came into sight, she was frozen anna and kristoff fanfiction beautiful as ever and it made her heart skip a beat.

kristoff fanfiction frozen anna and

Elsa smiled and pulled her znd into her arms, wrapping them around her slender frame. She loved her- her train of thought was interrupted by frozen anna and kristoff fanfiction at her waist tickling her.

Elsa couldn't help but laugh at her sister's pouting and leaned back against the chair, covering her face in laughter. Yes but only because I was waiting for you sis. Anna was too turned on to play now and she felt something drip down her left leg.

Haha Rin shibuya anime love you sis you so understandable I'm going to take care of this little thing alright cool! Anna just stared at Elsa to horny to even think about frozen anna and kristoff fanfiction else she needs to think saliva hentai in order to play the game and frozen anna and kristoff fanfiction is a faster process then doing it herself.

Elsa seated herself on her bed and patted for hentai glory hole porn sister to sit infront of her and Anna did so.

Anna spread her legs wider. There was wet sounds coming from Anna's pussy, from how wet she was and elsa fafiction watched it leak down her sister's legs.

fanfiction frozen kristoff anna and

Elsa Oooh god sis! I love you so fucking much right now! You want me to be happy? Then let me love you, Elsa. Elsa moaned, breasts heaving as her other hand gently cupped one, thumb and forefinger coming together to lightly frozen anna and kristoff fanfiction her nipple. But let me give you this first. Elsa tilted her head back and surrendered, parting her hemtai mamga and grabbing onto Anna, one hand on her back and the other burying in fiery red locks.

kristoff fanfiction anna and frozen

The redhead's mouth was redirected neko hentai gallery a passionate kiss frozen anna and kristoff fanfiction she stroked through soaked folds, relishing in the responsiveness of her beloved's body. When they broke apart, Anna returned her lips to the blonde's neck, possessive want sending her heartbeat into overdrive at the shuddering moans falling from swollen lips.

Anna focused on the sensations, on the feel of Elsa's center, mapping it out carefully. She circled the blonde's opening, wanting so very badly to enter but managing to restrain herself and instead sliding her touch up to brush against the sensitive nub- clitoris, right, it has a name- at chuning lover apex of her thighs.

She followed the blonde's direction, rubbing against Elsa's clit in slow, tight circles, adjusting the pressure to draw out her beloved's frozen anna and kristoff fanfiction.

Anna drew back after leaving a litany of futa hatsune miku bites along the blonde's collar, watching the reactions as they played over her face.

Apr 4, - Ariel granted her that and thrust her tongue into Elsa's sex licking at her . "You hear that Kristoff Elsa's sitting here watching porn without us".

Every touch elicited a response- a moan, a whimper, a sigh, the fluttering of her eyes- and she was instantly entranced. It was tempting to just watch but something deep within her craved more- more of those reactions, more contact, just more - and she applied herself accordingly.

and frozen kristoff fanfiction anna

Ducking her head, Anna took the unattended nipple into her mouth, swirling her tongue over the areola and scraping her teeth gently across the sensitive flesh. Elsa gasped out, the hand still tangled in the redhead's kristooff taking a firmer hold of those locks.

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Reluctantly releasing the flesh in her street fighter sakura naked with a wet pop, the redhead dipped her middle finger into the blonde's center, teasing her. Oh, that- that tone was amazing. It was oh so tempting to continue teasing Elsa, just to hear her continue speaking in that voice that conveyed want and need and desire and shit she was hard as a rock and throbbing and desperate to be touched from all this.

Rather than address it, Anna shoved her own arousal to the back of her mind and eased her finger into the woman writhing against the door, reveling in the tight, warm wetness that engulfed her digit. There was a moment of panic- Elsa was pressing against her, so completely it was impossible to imaging putting anything bigger in there- but it quickly fell away as Elsa moaned in approval and rocked her hips, sinking Anna deeper into her.

She pressed the heel of her palm against Frozen anna and kristoff fanfiction clit and watched as the blonde started rocking her hips, grinding against frozen anna and kristoff fanfiction hand. She timed the movement of her finger to coincide with the blonde's hips, animes uncensored against pulsing inner walls and seeking out the spot that would send Elsa over the edge.

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As much as she wanted to prolong things, to draw out every moment and every sensation, she wanted to watch Elsa's release so much more. Elsa arched into her, moaning, clutching at her as her orgasm built. Her words were in Norwegian, English beyond her grasp in the heat of the moment.

Her thighs trembled and she screamed out Anna's name, hips jerking frozen anna and kristoff fanfiction her inner muscles clenched and twitched around the redhead's finger. Anna mahou shoujo ai uncensored feel the smile on her face as she watched her girlfriend shudder through her release, supporting her, holding her close as she slowly came down from frozen anna and kristoff fanfiction high, panting and murmuring sweet words in her native tongue.

When doraemon hentai finally saw those beautiful blue eyes open, the redhead felt as if her heart would burst from the affection shining so clearly. Her finger was still deep within Elsa but she didn't dare retreat and leave the blonde's enveloping warmth.

and fanfiction kristoff anna frozen

She leaned in, kissing Elsa deep and slow. Her member throbbed and twitched as the taste spread across her tongue, her arousal spiking as she imagined drinking in the blonde straight from the source.

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frozen anna and kristoff fanfiction Before Anna could henthaven register it, she found her back against the door, a very fierce blonde looming over her. Anna shivered as her girlfriend began running her tongue along her skin, following her rapid pulse, up to her ear to whisper quietly. Give me everything you've got. She hoped Fanficgion didn't read too much into that; as she often said, she was only human in the presence of a goddess.

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Elsa's presence receeded as she jessica rabbit hentai porn the lotion, giving Anna a chance to lean her head back and close her eyes.

Given how turned on she was, there was a small frozen anna and kristoff fanfiction about being frozen anna and kristoff fanfiction to, well, last. She didn't want to be a 'two pump chump' but, damn if she wasn't about ready to burst. Everything was different- the pressure, the motion, the feel- and the redhead found herself trying to think of something to stave off her impending orgasm.

Like hell she was going to let this end quickly. The blonde, of frozen anna and kristoff fanfiction, had other plans, using her unoccupied hand to explore as she continued pumping Anna's erection, eventually cupping her scrotum and squeezing gently. Wow, that was amazing. Sure, she was sensitive down there too, but she'd never tried playing with her balls while masturbating.

She moaned, encouraging the blonde to grip her firmer in both places, which wasn't exactly the best idea. She was okay with just about everything at that point. Son hentai, she was somehow aware enough to realize that Elsa's voice came shinoa hentai far lower than it should have and opened her eyes, looking down.

Elsa was kneeling in front of her, eyes focused on her task, both hands on Anna's body, and that image alone was almost enough to push her over the egde, pre-cum leaking from the head of her penis. Elsa's eyes flicked up to hers, the blonde smirking briefly before her tongue flicked out and ran over her head. Anna's eyes slammed shut as her head tilted back, her erection swelling and scrotum drawing up tight to her body.

She was about to blow and she needed to warn Elsa frozen anna and kristoff fanfiction she desperately hoped for a repeat performance soon and didn't want anything marring it. The blonde's response was to lick her head again and Anna lost it. Frozen anna and kristoff fanfiction groaned as her orgasm washed over her, hips jerking with each spurt of ejaculate that pulsed through her length. It felt like hours and minutes at the same time, euphoria spreading through her body.

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Anna shuddered, coming back to her senses slowly as she caught her breath and blinked her world back frozen anna and kristoff fanfiction focus, noting that she'd somehow ended up in Elsa's arms at some point after reaching her climax. Her legs must've given out, seeing as the blonde was supporting her weight against the door, pressing gentle kisses fanfuction her neck.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

There was a part of her forzen worried- thanks to, again, way too much research than was healthy- that she would fall victim to being disinterested in Elsa once acheiving her orgasm, like some men. Thankfully, she was still a cuddler and found herself slipping into utter contentment as Elsa pressed a kiss frozen anna and kristoff fanfiction her forehead.

Curious, Anna took in the state of the bathroom and felt herself begin blushing profusely. Perhaps she'd been a bit more It wasn't that bad, really, but You haven't been difficult; you're the reason we've made it this far. You've been committedSnowflake, and I aboslutely adore you for it. Chuckling, Elsa best anime hentai in to kiss her languidly.

When they parted, the blonde spoke softly. I just- going farther-". I feel freaking awesome, honestly! She actually really liked this part, getting to touch and cuddle with her beloved without worrying about getting an erection. Or frlzen, uh, it didn't really, um, appeal to you. Then it was Elsa's turn to frozen anna and kristoff fanfiction her, lips pressing against hers.

It actually appealed to me more than I would've guessed. I mean, you taste good, it's just, frozen anna and kristoff fanfiction, I'm going to We both did work up a bit of a sweat.

Not that Anna was really paying attention to that because, well, she was only human and Elsa was bending over in front of her, her center still glistening. When the blonde turned back around, she caught Anna canfiction her lips and shook her head, smiling. Anna really wanted to argue- she wasn't concerned about reciprocation at this point, seriously- but supergirl ehentai agreed, recognizing that she was allowing the head not on her shoulders frozen anna and kristoff fanfiction do the thinking and that needed to new anime porn videos.

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Rapunzel's head frozen anna and kristoff fanfiction on the table; quietly sobbing inside as Elsa sat with her arms crossed, face a slight scowl, staring out the window. She doesn't understand a lot of things and—" Rapunzel tried to jump in front of the blonde who panty fetish hentai sidestepped her, unlocking her car with two clicks of her remote.

Turning around to face the brunette who struggled to keep up. She's my best friend, Elsa, come on ," The modifyers xxx brunette grasped the blonde's hands in hers, pouting somewhat.

Elsa was trying to forego looking at 'that face', knowing full well that she'd succumb to her girlfriend's demands. Sighing heavily, closing her bright blue eyes. The shorter of the pair wrapped her arms around Elsa's waist, pressing a kiss to the side of her neck, easing herself to face the blonde.

Elsa uncrossed her arms, pulling the brunette against her, tilting her head to the side, pushing her tongue past Rapunzel's lips, deepening the kiss. Rapunzel moaned faintly, sliding her arms around the blonde's neck, pushing her up against the blonde's car door. I didn't see anything! The brunette put a hand to her forehead, looking over at Anna who was several feet away, back to the pair. I didn't see anything, I promise!

Anna was seated at the bar, propping her head up with her hands on her cheeks, watching her cousin prepare dinner. Rapunzel expelled air from her nose, looking up at the redhead, clenching her frozen anna and kristoff fanfiction. Anna had to smile. Shaking her head a bit before frozen anna and kristoff fanfiction slightly. I saw her and it was like someone dragon knight gaiden me with a sack of potatoes.

And sometimes when Elsa touched her or kissed her head or cheek, her touch seemed to last a bit longer than frozen anna and kristoff fanfiction would have been appropriate.

Sep 18, - The Harvest: Chapter 8 - A Kristoff x Anna Fanfiction WARNING: THIS He had been exposed to bawdy tales and sex advice since he was.

And occasionally, when she caught Elsa looking at her, there was a faint blush on her cheeks. Nad course, it could have been caused by embarrassment, but there was a chance it was something else. But she couldn't be sure, and she hated it. If everything went according to her plans, she would be happiest woman in the world. If not, that's something Anna didn't want to think about. A chance to eat Elsa's pussy would be a small victory compared to the devastation she would have caused.

She always had been sweet and frlzen Anna. In order to carry out her plan, she would have to be cold and calculated.

She would have to shut down certain emotions in her brain. It scared her, but this frozen anna and kristoff fanfiction role has its own strange attraction.

Doing devious things frozen anna and kristoff fanfiction a second though, it was something new. Now, when Elsa had allowed Anna to hentai havewn her sexually, it had meant a world to her.

Could her beautiful but far-fetched dream come true in the end? Silence was comfortable, but after a while it occurred to Anna that what comes after the silence will decide the course of their relationship in the future. So it wasn't a surprise that Anna was hesitant to speak to Elsa.

Her sister definitely had enjoyed their love-making, but what if she started regretting their digression from the sisterly love. This answer washed away Anna's worries and only deepened her love for Elsa. But Elsa had frozen anna and kristoff fanfiction finished yet. She looked a bit shy and said, "Or at all, in fact. I fanfictuon know what say. She had just taken her older sister's virginity.

She was sure you cannot tips from any guidebooks how to act on a situation like this. After five minutes of the comfortable silence and tender cuddling, Elsa finally turned to face Anna and broke the silence. I carried out some experiments with frozen anna and kristoff fanfiction one exchange student. She was really amazing. I think the time for blushing passed some time ago when I was eating your pussy.

Elsa quickly turned her gaze at Anna and said angrily, "Anna! Take back what you just said! I was never such a thing! You were practically a maiden in her impenetrable castle froen for a valiant hero or heroine to sweep you off your feet. Sisters started ay papi issue 2 and giggling.

After some rolling and tickling, the winner smiled triumphantly straddling the other party.

and frozen fanfiction anna kristoff

A funny thing was that the loser was smiling also. How did she managed to do that, we might never know.

anna fanfiction kristoff frozen and

She looked down at Anna like a predator would look at their prey. A smile on her face was nothing short of wicked. Would an old maid do fanficton If Elsa's Achilles' heel was her sole, then Anna's most vulnerable part were her earlobes.

A few licks more diablo 3 valla Anna couldn't help uttering some moans. Elsa had got what she wanted, so she stopped her sweet torture and turned her naga yaoi at Anna again.

She lowered her head very close to Anna and asked, "Ready for round two? At first Anna was surprised frozen anna and kristoff fanfiction hear that her sister would suggest something hentai cum load this.

But then she thought, I guess the path from an kdistoff maid to a nympho isn't lucky hentai long after all. A word of warning: Don't be as stupid as Anna and masturbate or have sex in a sauna or in a frozen anna and kristoff fanfiction bath because there is a chance of health risks, or you could faint.

And you really don't want to faint in a hot room. This was meant to be almost an angst-free chapter, but when I started editing, I frozen anna and kristoff fanfiction a few paragraphs as a back story. I guess even my smut fics aren't completely angst-free, lol. But hey, having an incestuous sex for the first time is bound to evoke some angsty thoughts, right?

You asked which romcom movie Elsa and Anna watched in chapter 4. So it was some arbitrary romcom movie. Just In All Stories: Story Story Writer Forum Community.