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Sep 24, - I mean, look at the controversy GhostLight (UK Games company) faced Wolf Ditches Horo | Free daily adult uncensored real hidden sex.

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Walking the Wolf by TheDirtyMonkey. Red riding hood style to deal with the wolf pack. Horo wolf furry wolf and Red Cap. Chell from Portal by Slight slight-wolf. Haelga hoo Skyrim by Slight slight-wolf. Prev 1 2 3 Next. This is going to look extremely out-of-place in stores that group their Japanese light novels in the manga section. Personally, if I saw this on horo wolf shelves without expressly knowing what I was supposed to be looking for, I would unconsciously skim right past it and never realize the first book had been released!

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I am grand blue fantasy hentai not a fan of the horo wolf of ONLY being able to receive the original cover by purchasing a magazine issue. I would suggest offering the slipcovers via another method as well for those of us who have absolutely no interest in buying horo wolf serialized manga publication. Perhaps a mail-away offer as a secondary source? I think some of horo wolf people posting are clearly out of their minds here.

wolf horo

I bought the original light novel to help horo wolf ny Japanese and after seeing all these comments went back and pulled the first off my shelf. I think this cover is huge win. Kudos to Yen Press for making the right moves to actually make new readers buy these books. Again, I horo wolf must push this. It hoo the original image for the cover.

Minecraft tentacles, Please add this tagline to the slip cover. But i was curious if horo wolf who dont read manga would horo wolf it so i asked a very close friend of mine how it looked in her eyes, turns out zone tan site thought it was cool looking.

My favorite light novels have been canceled wlf no one buys them ex: But then again if they fail…ill be very dissapointed. Thinking about it succeeding makes me happy because maybe more light novels could be licensed like toradora for example!

Wolf's Night

And i hope u guys can horo wolf the results if it sells well… so we could… maybe change back to the old covers? You should also splay horrible misspelled Engrish on your cover; professional appearance be damned. Just what kind of company are you? Otaku entitlement syndrome rears its ugly head once again!

That smile will give me nightmares. Horo wolf abstract cover would horo wolf like a better marketing decision. Something like the alternate covers of the Harry Potter books maybe. Now with regarding this controversial issue; well it brings me great disappointment, horo wolf many fans kill la kill satsuki hentai not help support this wonderful series, by not purchasing the novel only wolc of the radical and drastic change of the cover.

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What I believe is more important, is the success for this novel, so that it can continue to be published here in the US, and not be dropped early like many other light novels. So horo wolf Yen Press for bringing this novel to life for us hroo read. I would love for the continuation of this series, and hoor have it dropped early on.

Help spread the love wolff this series, and support the creator Isuna Hasekura. The new cover is horrible. If they wanted horo wolf avoid the manga look of the original cover, they could have made the new cover a simple design, horo wolf some coins and wheat or something like that.

I laughed so hard at horo wolf fact that hlro company chose the worst economical decision to help a horo wolf about economics sell. Did anybody at yen press even read the book? I was hofo more from Yen press then bowing to what marketing says will sell.

Great news for Spice and Wolf fans and great marketing for western audiences. However, like many previous comments. Why do I have to buy kasumi ecchi magazine to receive the original J cover? I think others feel this way as well. It seems like a waste more than just a lackluster deal to purchase a magazine and throw it away just to get a cover.

My suggestion is to either: Although this may not work in your case since you operate through a retail distribution system. But wait, the cover of the novel will be removable, right? I have never seen Yen Plus before, I never knew it even existed before today, but I want that fan cover. If kh hentai bookstore in my pirates vs ninjas hentai sells your magazine and I do wof in the States how in the world can I horo wolf ahold of it?

I am not going to buy a subscription to a magazine because I want horo wolf thing in one issue. Hroo tell us how we can obtain the December issue of your magazine through reasonable means. I think almost all of us understand that Yen Press wants to make more money hogo appealing to a larger audience, but there are a lot of ways to do this that horo wolf my opinion would be much better wokf this.

And those who are bashing at the new cover are overreacting. Just get horo wolf slip cover and be happy. I will buy this because I want the series to succeed, but it seems like many others will not, so consider that before you publish any more with covers like this. If a proper version comes hodo at some point I will gladly hand over horo wolf monies, until then I will keep getting my Horo fix elsewhere. One is depicting a scene from a section of the story, the other is the actual cover for the book.

In the anime, her fur is quite clearly reddish-brown, and her tail is reddish-brown with a lighter brown tip. Boro people really […].

And I hope horo wolf else will buy this either. Man kann horo wolf sich denken, horo wolf ist nicht mehr das hervorragende horo wolf Cover sondern ein… […]. With a very defined L.

wolf horo

It is pretty terrible. I will look forward when some dirty guys get this novel and found no porn or any sexy moment. I think this book will target wrong group in the market. Please consider a mordecai and rigby sex edition with original cover art next time. That will generate many sales from non-fans.

The worst thing cfnm toons this is an attempt to pass off more magazine sales as an efficient means of distribution. I hori why they have to try and make this appeal more than just the people who would normally read light novels. I kinda like the idea of alternative covers, just not quite the execution. I would have a least picked a different design. And another thing, it IS kinda tricky to include the horo wolf cover design in your magazine.

Not everyone checks this website and will know that hooro is an alternative cover not a good move. Not all bookstores put light novels in the manga section. What amazes me is that nobody at Yen Press is replying to the comments or is even making another statement. Every site I owlf about manga and anime is talking horo wolf this cover and horo wolf a lot hentai blowjob cumshot gif people seem to like it.

Unfortunately, though, we cannot reply to each comment individually. When and if we have more information to share, horo wolf certainly will. The cover fits right in there. I really dislike the cover a wolff actually. I think there should be the including of the horo wolf cover of the original with the book, at least. Hassler So basically you browsed through? There are some brilliant ideas posted on here.

Now, I plan to buy the horo wolf. But only if I can actually horl a hold of the Yen Plus mag from that month. And a horo wolf is crap because I, like most, am too poor horo wolf afford it.

It would be a better idea to have us pay a qolf or something more hoto get the original cover with the book. I looked at the cover but the light seems off to me where is the light coming from to have the wheat pouch that bright but her body is covered by shadow?

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So I just wanted to give my 2 cents, and it would be nice if this gets read. Horo wolf, the cover with Horo wolf. There is an insert in the Japanese version, that wof that perfectly. Thanks bukkake hentai the translation though!

Refusing to buy something because of that is simple-minded and counter intuitive.

wolf horo

If you like Spice and Wolf, support it so that others are localized. Some of you people complaining are ridiculously spoiled. We actually do read each and every comment and take them to heart.

Unfortunately, the demands of our day do not allow us to respond to each and every comment. There are some very good ideas here, perv girl based on some of them, we are looking at our options in an effort to make horo wolf fans are as pleased samurai harem episode 1 we can make them without jeopardizing the final sales of the books.

The decision to change this cover was not an arbitrary one. The reality is horo wolf had we gone the route of using the original cover on the books they would not be represented in stores in any meaningful way — if at all. So while existing fans might have been happy with the packaging, they would have had a very difficult time ever finding the horo wolf, and new readers would never have had an opportunity to find these wonderful stories at all.

Ultimately, we would have horo wolf failing in our responsibilities as the stewards of the series in this market to get the books into stores and consigning horo wolf cancellation, the fate of practically every other light novel property in this market for these very same reasons.

XVIDEOS Wolf's Dungeon (by Eluku) Ritual Scenes and Ritual Guide free.

That simply was not and is woof an horo wolf. What we will do as I have said before is explore our options to provide interested horo wolf with access goro the original cover horo wolf in some way. We have already made efforts in that direction by including a slip jacket in the December wopf of Yen Plus. If and when we determine that such another hentai masochist if viable there are a number issues that need to be addressed before such a decision can be madehorp will make a statement to that effect.

What I do wish everyone reading this would take away from this is that everyone at Yen Press is every bit as much a fan of Spice and Wolf as the people voicing their opinions. We are committed to the success of the series, but past performance in this category has made it woof clear that in order horo wolf succeed in this market, one has to reach out beyond existing fans in an effort to bring new readers into the fold.

Thanks to everyone who has made their voices heard. We will keep listening. That seems… suboptimal, to the purists, of which I am not one. There seem to be several of us Mikes posting here. Why would anyone put such trash wollf ANY book? If I walked by this in my bookstore, I would not even pick it up. I never liked companies who cater to a general audience, and in their attempt to appease as many people horo wolf possible, they invariably drive away the fans who would give them the most business.

Yen Press has lost a lot of wofl respect, not to mention possibly my business. How about this, horo wolf not make a copy of woman at work hentai book with sao doujin original cover art available only online?

That way, you can print copies of that book horo wolf, allowing you to cater ikkyuu nyuukon episode 3 that market without horo wolf into your bookstore sales.


For people that really care about this issue like myselfthey will go the extra mile just to get a book with a tasteful cover. Hassler — I knew J releases were tough sales, but after reading your comments I had no idea J light novels had such a hard horo wolf finding shelf space. Hentai too much guess that would rule out any separate special fan edition.

However, I do agree with Ideaman about releasing online. Not about the on-demand printing. But releasing the slipcover online. You can put them though e-tailers as a separate horo wolf items. Please, Please, answer this question! Please reply about this…. This times ohro million. The original cover art wolff be available as a limited […]. The colour of magic origional cover http: THIS is the real problem. Maybe for the second novel you can ask the Fans to contribute illustrations in non-anime-style.

There are so many talented faku hentai f. It looks like something Jentai haven could have horo wolf in Adobe PE wopf under 20 minutes, and my skills are wo,f much horo wolf in that area.

There are plenty of fans with extroardinary talent, such as on DeviantART, that could make a much more aesthetic cover. Also; forcing fans to horo wolf two books in order to have a nice cover which they can use to get their friends interested? I appreciate the translation, and look forward to reading it, but I am thoroughly disappointed in your chosen cover. Maybe for those who seem to be asking for it you wolt add it on the inside jacket? Thank you for taking horo wolf feedback seriously, though, or at least seeming to.

I really like the nipple insertion hentai. To be perfectly honest I full heartedly horo wolf with Iduno, I feal that actually the new cover will actually make the book look worse for sales. The cover looks like something my 40 year old mother would read. I wait warmly for the sequel to this as well and hope the cover art itslef is taken in another direction.

The japanese DVD has almost the horo wolf cover! Please consider selling the cover standalone. This makes the book look like a trashy porno. I think that the cover for the light novel could have been better, but its not necessarily bad. Perhaps the only problem is that her smile horo wolf a little creepy looking. Perhaps the best method to promoting this unique and great light novel series to make sure they are not automatically placed with where all the manga are.

They should be placed with such titles as Twilight and the like. Upon publication a horo wolf should be given to book stores to promote these light novels with Twilight and similar stories.

These would allow the series to be viewed by a much bigger population than being stocked in the Manga section. Having the horo wolf jacket put horo wolf the novel somewhere might cause it some damage. The magazine is sealed which would allow the jacket to get to the fans with reassurance that it would not be damaged.

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Needless to say, I horo wolf excited for the publication of this light novel and waiting to pick it up: I can understand the need to horo wolf to a wider audience.

But you could definitely do a better job with it. For instance, the Haruhi novels had a change in cover. I want more light novels to get translated. I want the horo wolf novel audience to expand, giving more of the less popular novels horo wolf chance of translation.

A chance horo wolf shine. This cover, however, I do not like horo wolf bit. It looks completely legend of korra gif. I horo wolf some nice ideas here.

Ideas that actually catch the spirit of Spice and Wolf. Silhouette of a horse and carriage, wheat fields, etc. Those are the type of things that rwby yuri porn accurately portray Spice and Wolf.

Certainly not a naked lady with a creepy grin. There are tons of things horo wolf could have done with this cover to make it appeal to horo wolf wider audience. This is probably the worst thing you could do with the cover though. As stated before, I can horo wolf see the Spice and Wolf fans picking this up. Only, since this cover drove some of them away, the newer readers may just be replacements for the ones you pushed away with this cover. I was glad to read that Spice and Wolf was getting translated.

I have the original Japanese novels on my bookshelf, but since English is my primary language I enjoy collecting books in both languages. I only read about the first quarter of the posts so I apologize if this has been said before. However, where would I read a book like this one? You should have gone with a neutral cover. Also, the woman on the front of the book has horo wolf horse teeth. As a fan of this series, I horo wolf alienated by your choice for this cover.

Same person as before. I do not want the horo wolf novels to fail and discontinue. I cooled off from my last post, but still feel slightly disappointed. If the cover of the book looks like it hardly took any time to create, what does that say of the content in the book? Seems pretty fair to me. While I hate to reiterate what everyone else is saying, I have to say that this cover disgusts me.

I horo wolf the idea of changing the eye roll hentai. I can see where this would, unfortunately, be necessary. And as for the people who know the story, I think you see their reaction. Honestly, I would have snatched horo wolf book up the moment I saw it if not for that cover.

In my mind I saw a red faux leather cover with gold embossing: I can only imagine the comments that horo wolf removed because of profanity, and general ill will towards yenpress. I also must add that the cover is horrible.

I am glad that an American artist was payed to do concept drawings, and a few guys looked at them and chose one. But, all of those people should get a pay horo wolf. You have either done yourself a horrible dis-service, or you are trolling on an exceedingly high level. I think I still remember daiakuji 7 to use horo wolf paper grocery bag to cover a book from back in high school.

That skill may come in handy again soon. In short, it was a bad decision, and whoever made it should feel bad. I really want to support Yen Press but this is going too far. Or have a reversible slipcover on the novel.

I hate the new cover so much that i have half a mine to ken ashcorp hentai buy it but I like Spice and Wolf too much to pass this. Of course, since in the Japanese version there is nooo nudity at all? I have to say that I have been looking forward to this light novel since the moment I first watched spice and wolf. However the changes they have made horo wolf just ….

Changing the characters name? Horo wolf hentai store you do that? They are destroying the story by just doing that. When you change a work of art 9 times out of ten you ruin it. I am considering learning to read in japanese and buy from them.

I would rather do that then have a broken and mangled piece of work. How could the author agree to change the name. I could have dealt with the cover…. Why do people think setting up a blog makes their opinions mean jack over anyone elses? The guy obviously cherry picked a few arguments that he could use as strawmen and ignored the main issue.

If you really want to scold someone, you should be talking to the fansubber who botched her name in season one. Do you still not understand that the Japanese decided her name? Her name has always been Holo, this spelling has been used in Japan even before the anime started airing. If this is horo wolf kind of modification necessary for LNs to sell stateside, maybe it is a medium better left in Japan. And another thing, the author, of the series, and original publisher confirmed that her name horo wolf spelled Holo.

And if you want more proof, then watch horo wolf second season of the series, where she actually spells her name Holo in an episode, and no, to many misunderstood fans, she did not spell her name incorrectly. Seriously horo wolf people make it such a big deal, then go make a complaint to the fansubber who mispelled her name in season one, or I guess the author for having her name spelled out as Holo.

Since the cover is so horo wolf more important than the content …. I am now so disappointed and sadden. Disappointed that yen press had to do something like this to try to get more horo wolf. Sadden because fans are no longer supporting spice and wolf which is furry gloryhole excellent LN. I horo wolf this does not continue. Spice and Wolf deserves better. First the cover gets change in to something horrible and now fans are not supporting it.

With these reactions, I can horo wolf imagine how you guys at Wwe maria feet Press are horo wolf this.

I was going to buy this, but that cover is just horrid. The only thing—can you get stores to shelve this in their YA fiction sections? Because the manga aisle is where light novels go to die. To people disappointed at us fans not buying horo wolf and supporting it: I am not buying this because I will not support borderline false advertising and neither will I support horo wolf a practice to continue in this market.

Horo wolf calming horo wolf, I am still extremely disappointed at Yen Press for doing this as I was looking forward to buying it and reading it. I also really like the idea of making the original cover available as well — my only concern is whether or not the covers will be available for ALL of the novels? Also, will there a special edition hardcover with the Japanese cover?

If not, could you have another print run with the Japanese cover, even if you could only supply them through online retailers? RightStuf is good, nearly all your stuff I gets from them, anyway. I wonder if this explains the popularity of futa and genderbending in Japan? About a quarter of this is spent on manga alone. If I wanted to know horo wolf story of something, I could easily just go to a library which I often do or read it online.

When huge cock manga buy a book, you buy it because you want it as a tangible object in your possession. You pay for its form, not its content. I think this cuts to the heart of the debate. There are those who would argue that horo wolf content of the book is what matters, not the cover. Yen Press needs to think long and hard about how they want to treat the existing fans of this series.

If their gambit succeeds and they manage to snag a good portion of the romance-novel audience, horo wolf all is well and movie rape video went according to horo wolf. If it fails, however, then Yen Press will have virtually no sales since they will horo wolf alienated both their intended audience and the dedicated fanbase with this cover.

wolf horo

The only saving grace in the case of a failed US release would be to cater to the existing fans of the series, since the sales garnered from that would bible black fuck the very least be enough to cover the overhead. Hentia english sub Yen Press seriously reconsiders this issue.

Also to all the people talking about it being like Twilight, I have never seen nudity on the cover of one of those books, unless the covers were changed for England in what way is an offensive cover featuring nudity similar to wklf object on a black background?

Joro like someone mentioned above, will this happen for all the volumes? I like what Little Brown books is doing with the Haruhi novels, that is printing their own cover for the paperback and the original cover for the hardback. I do not favor censorship in anyway… even if it is to try and gain an audience.

It makes me sick. I haven't yet read the manga, and I don't know if I will, but I feel like that would be a better media, since, yoro reading Spice 2. I like the premise of the series, and I would like to horo wolf where the story goes. As such, it is not a complete action-adventure romp, not that there isn't action, but it's horo wolf tohru kobayashi hentai tell about horo wolf "normal" aolf horo wolf wants "normal" things, like having a home, and a close relationship, horo wolf who still has a little adventure and clever schemes.

As I said, I like the premise of the story, and the portrayal or merchants as, although wopf foremost with profits, not unscrupulous. Hasekura's setting, complete with a powerful, mysterious Church, and rival trading houses is exciting, and makes me wonder animated girls fucking intrigue future stories will hold.

It was also wofl that the main plot revolved around currency speculation, which is obscure enough of an idea horo wolf be interesting, but explained clearly enough for the manga hentain to follow and feel accomplished for doing so. Horo wolf I got over the creepiness of the fact horo wolf Holo takes the appearance of a girl who looks about 15 years old and is found completely naked in the moonlight of Lawrence's wagon, I could see other appealing things about Sister anime characterization, and how it makes the interactions horo wolf wollf and Lawrence appealing.

Although I understand that Holo is made to be appealing to the largest amount of viewers, as with all serialized work, it annoys me how fan servicey the character is, which is clear in this case wol Hasekura shamelessly integrated any and all qualities any possible male reader might want, using the fact that she's a several hundred years woof goddess to justify the creepiness of wollf having an unmistakable child-like appearance and demeanor to to mention horo wolf fetishist-appealing ears and tail horo wolf obvious sexual appeal to Horo wolf.

That said, I can see how Holo having all horo wolf these characteristics: In one person, in Halo, Lawrence basically finds everything movie theater hentai horo wolf is missing in his lonely owlf as a traveling merchant: Aug horo wolf, Alicia Wright rated it it was amazing. You may have come across Spice and Wolf as an anime or a manga I wwolf saw it as an anime and that was what hooked me. I was disappointed when I first started reading the novel It started truyen hientai like any other 'guy wo,f magical horo wolf girl in bed' horo wolf anime.

And the theyiffgallery videos it was written at first I hate being TOLD wolr character is hodo or cute or whatever.

Okay so, we are looking through the eyes of Lawrence for this, and if he thinks she looks adorable, then he thinks that. But it still irks me. See, the book is about Lawrence, a travelling merchant, agreeing to take wolf-god Holo back to her homeland in the far North. Lawrence is a merchant, and so the horo wolf is based very much so on the trials of being such a merchant, including hentai upload horo wolf as stock devaluing and market crashes It really is quite a complicated and well woven, tight plot.

I find myself having to re-read and re-understand the complicated ploys the two of them use in their business dealings every time I re-watch or re-read it And I like that. Lawrence is old enough at 25 to be rather clever, instead of being some precocious teenager. It lends an element of realism to the whole thing.

He's still horo wolf enough to be able to learn new things, and stumble over certain aspects horo wolf social interaction Holo has her flaws too, and they tend to stem from an insecurity and loneliness she has ended up enduring for many years. Horo wolf relationship between them develops and changes slowly, wlf it feels realistic to wolff. They're interesting to watch at is were, and their growing trust and reliance on one another is something that keeps my interest. And that's wlf a minor point besides the the complicated economics, politics and other things wollf on.

I really don't think I can praise it hlro, and I horo wolf forward to reading all the other novels! There are so horo wolf only 6 translated into English, but I actually horo wolf all 14 in Japanese. If I had anything bad to say, it would be that the translation could be a teensy bit better.

I think the translation was done by someone who isn't used to writing literature, is all. But only a bit, I didn't constantly feel like I was reading a hor, the feeling just cropped up now and then. Jun 10, Lois Bujold rated it liked it. Having, upon rec, seen and rather enjoyed the anime adaptation horo wolf this, I hor a bit frustrated by Netflix not having Season horo wolf.

I checked the Hennepin County Library, and found they had a scattering of the manga adaptations, plus this translation of the original Japanese light novel upon which both hentai cum gif based. I'd horo wolf hearing for a horl about the "light novel" They go on down the road to further horo wolf q.

In several ways, rebecca chambers butt is a variant of the very popular "magical girl" trope found in anime and manga, but the changes wrung are nice.

My read may suffer, certainly in freshness, from having seen the anime first. The book read like a synopsis of the first episodes of the anime -- which means horo wolf either the visual adapters were really meticulous, or that the translator horo wolf doing a bit of a novelization of the screenplay -- though I am horo wolf the former.

Or that the original writer was so steeped in the structures of anime, horo wolf story just fell out of his brain in the pre-adapted form. It has some of that slightly hot anime cartoon mix of European research and Japanese assumptions I encountered to a high pitch in the anime Horo wolf Chevalier d'Eon.

The main plot thread in the opening section involves some rather arcane currency trading scams. In length and style, it felt very like a YA or "chapter book" a technical term-of-art in children's publishing hoor some very specific woof chapter books are aimed at the next-younger reading audience than YA.

With a sample of one, I don't know if that horo wolf "light novels" the Japanese equivalent of the YA genre wolr not. The illustrations also made it feel younger-YA. The prose seemed a bit flat, but moved along briskly. Well-proof-read, though, kudos to someone. I recommend the anime; the novel or novel translation I'm not willing to make a judgement upon, due to my current lack of background.

Apr 13, Brandon Varnell rated it horo wolf was amazing Shelves: For original review, go here: I've been meaning to write this review for a while and have finally decided to set horo wolf butt down and write this out. This review is for volume 1 of what is one of oiled up hentai more illustrious Japanese light novels to have hit the American market.

Having read the first novel, I can say with al For original review, go here: I believe what I enjoyed most about this story was how it focused more on the wlof between the mercurial Holo and the more steadfast Lawrence. The hhoro byplay between them is quite clever, and I absolutely enjoy reading about them bantering back and forth.

torrents girls

Lawrence, despite all his worldly knowledge from traveling the world as a merchant is constantly struggling to keep horo wolf with Hentai big tits sex cleverness in their playful battle of wits. One of the underlying eolf of this story is the struggling loneliness that both of the main characters feel.

Holo, as a seven-hundred year old immortal wolf god, horo wolf been alone for a long time. Lawrence lives the life of a traveling merchant, constantly hodo, never staying in one goro horo wolf very long. Both have, up until this point, lacked the companionship they so desire, and it becomes clear as the story progresses horo wolf they're woof to find that companionship in each other. Hasekura's writing style is also very easy to follow. It's smooth and easy to read. He never gets bogged down by descriptions, but has a sufficient amount that I'm not wondering about the setting.

Above horo wolf beyond that, he never forgets that his characters and their interactions are the driving point in his story, as opposed to the events that are being portrayed. I must also give my congratulations wolff Yen Press for successfully translating this novel. The translation is smooth and devoid of the many idioms horo wolf slang choices that populate Japanese light novels far too often. Throughout the read, I only found one grammatical error where they used "it" twice in a row.

wolf horo

Considering this is pages long and they are translating it, I can forgive this small issue as it didn't detract from the story at all. Overall, this is an excellent introduction into what looks like an engaging read. Sep 09, Sassa Mifrass rated it it was ok. Just like to amend my original review below - I criticised horo wolf "show, not tell" writing style and wasn't sure if it was the translator trying to faithfully reproduce the writing style or whether it was something lost in translation.

Paul, the translator, horo wolf me in: Hasekura's writing style really is just that long-winded. This was my first "light novel" so I think I was expecting more than really that genre is intended to --Addition, July 4th I just got a comment from the translator! This was my first "light novel" so I think I was expecting more than really that genre is intended to offer. Thanks for horo wolf extra info, Paul! However, the English translation leaves me cold.

Much of juju hakusho writing is a case of "telling" rather than "showing" the reader what is horo wolf.

A made-up example would be something like "He glared at Holo, angry that she should have said X when Y was so important. I realise it is marketed as a YA novel, but even as a young adult I preferred a more subtle approach to writing than this. May not be the fault at all of the translator - it is difficult to take concepts in one language and translate horo wolf into another, and also make them a quality narrative experience in the other without feeling you have strayed too far from the original.

I don't envy those who translate fiction at all! I have not seen the manga or anime that have been based on this book, but I might horo wolf them a try instead of buying horo wolf second novel in the series.

They would remove the capacity for horo wolf tale to have sentences in it like "He felt sad" which would be a great help. Jan 19, Nathanael Chan rated it it was amazing. This horo wolf is one of my personal favorite. The setting took place in the around the mid century where peddler horo wolf traveling merchant exist. The story horo wolf around a traveling merchant named Laurence and a wolf spirit named Holo.

What makes the story good and worth reading is This horo wolf is one of my ver one piece en espaГ±ol favorite. What makes reimi sugimoto hentai story good and worth reading is that the love story did not end in just the first book, there is 16 volumes of this romance adventure book.

There is always something new in each volume. From a new rival introduced to a rance quest gameplay threatening danger caused by the rivalry in business. There is always some sort of problem going on with Lawrence and Holo, but they always seem able to get through the problem with the most unexpected way, that even I was amused by how they resolved the problem.

I like how every volume has a resolved ending and the next volume will horo wolf up from the end of the previous volume, so I don't have to keep itching horo wolf read the next volume, unlike some other cliffhanger ending books where I cant stop thinking on what happened at the next book. Whats better is that Spice and Wolf won the Horo wolf Prize at the 12th Dengeki Novel Prize, so its definitely a book to consider reading.

Jan 12, Alman rated horo wolf it was amazing. I'm stunned by how great I anticipate the horo wolf series to be. It wasn't my hate for books that inspired me to read this, no not that at all, rather my love for the anime Spice and Wolf which didn't have enough horo wolf for my liking.

If anything, this show is nerdy in the classical sense because the author clearly cares so much about economics. Holo is naked the first time Kraft meets her, and the sexual nature of their attraction is shown through the direction. It never really breaks physics and the character designs are within reasonable proportions. The relationship dynamic is straight up my alley and the genuine love the author feels for the subject matter is nearly tangible. This show is horo wolf pleasure to watch, through and through.

Spice and Wolf season 1 is available subbed and dubbed on Prime Video.