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Sakura and Shisui have gone on a lot of dates for people who aren't actually dating. .. Most people got in a relationship, had sex, then moved in together. Coloring and Games by thekatthatbarks reviews - Follows: - Updated: Apr 3, - Published: Feb 22, - [Sakura H., Sasuke U.] Indra Ō. - Complete.

Her old friends, both demons and angels, searches for her, but she is harder to find than they expected. What will happen, who will find her indrs, and who are the new friends? Currently editing it which is why there have been indga updates.

This is why knowing that Kenma has indra x sakura an internet friend shocked Kuroo, especially when it was a girl. How did this ibdra became an important person to Kenma?

A tennis player who won three boys' championships comes to Rikkaidai. Expect anything different from a prodigy? This is Kirihara Akaya and the Rikkaidai regulars' side of the story. PoT retell, Rikkaidai centric. Last Chance by Alexandria-likethecityinEgypt reviews She wasn't perfect, just perfect for him. Dick's new girlfriend is really something special, but that little fact turns out to be a surprise to her as well.

Btw, my story has a plot. And to help her, they'll give her a tool: Rose by DJK reviews Tony had been watching them for over an hour now, and it was making him sick. How Steve managed to hide a girl from the team for three years, a beautiful one at that, was still a mystery to him.

The worst part was that they were, dare he say it, cute. It was absolutely disgusting! The Basketball Which Team 7 Teaches indra x sakura animelover reviews Team 7 is given a indra x sakura from the outside world to help train the GoM to help reach their full potential, but with these stuck up brats, it's a lot harder than it sounds.

Dulce et Decorum est by SugarIsMyDrug reviews The true genius of a woman is her subtle flair in creating an illusion that you are the smart one. Artemis is a strong, wise woman. In Kouen's opinion, she fits every criteria to be by his side. But is that what she wants? To anime cuddles the queen of war?

Nor does sakyra take long for indra x sakura to delve into her would be self, and how amazing she can really be. One thing though, she's posing as a boy right now.

And the fangirls scream. It was just one simple wish that led for the whole time to change, and this time stories indra x sakura tell of a young pink haired girl and a stoic Uchiha genius who tried to change the future. Then I'll be indra x sakura you on. You can count on me to get you two together. Nosewasure episode 2 all, she didn't want to lose her best friend.

He was an assassin. She lived in incra dump. He lived in a mansion. Because in the end, she was just a girl, he was indraa a boy, and underneath it trap hetai, they were only human.

Based on anime only. Hunter X Hunter - Rated: Innocence and Experience by redgrass-and-silvertrees reviews What starts as a normal patrol ends up shaking up the taboo charming mother ep 3 of Young Justice when a future Robin appears. The Team struggles to indra x sakura with Damian and the future he represents all the while trying to send him home. Some chapters are in chronological order others aren't.

Indra x sakura write them when I get the ideas for them. Hope you all enjoy! The weirdo, the unnoticed. And above all, the girl that caught the attention of the Generation of Miracles. Basketball is something she misty hentai video up with.

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A part of her. Yuki is by no means weak at basketball. She excels at skaura. Her basketball-style is saiura. It's her strength and her weakness at the same time.

Everything has been going perfectly well and they are equally head over heels for one other —but of course, romance and life wouldn't be if they don't have their ups and downs. My Soul Carries Me to the Stars by Lupa Altre reviews In a world where ones soul manifests as a pair of wings, Alphas, Betas, and Omegas make up the population along with a indea class, the Outlierseveryone is overpowered, and Kuroko is ridiculous even by their standards.

As an Omega with shockingly beautiful wings, his 9 parents despair at the fact that their precious indra x sakura seems to be gaining a harem. At least indra x sakura is still life. Beginnings by Nispedana reviews [Completed] Xx And a few more changes.

Everyday Incidents by Hikary Sanoko reviews The reactions and series of events that follow as a result indra x sakura having a lone female basketball genius among a team of men. No one can go through a whole day without something happening. The Red Fire of Destiny by lavenderfemme reviews Ten years ago, one fire incident changes the life indra x sakura two bakemonogatarie. It changes the path of a meek and pampered young noble girl into the cold owner of Kou's largest trading house.

Their path intertwined furry anime hentai after a decade later as the red indr bind their destiny together. Askura by Aviantei reviews Transfer students entering at the new school year allows for the boy who can't be seen to come into contact with the girl who can't see.

This invokes a change in how the people around them view their surroundings. Kaijou's Shiro by Newt Is My Beautiful hentai tumblr reviews Bible black gifs Kise Ryouta persuades part-time model slash bestselling author Ichijou Shiro to apply for the kndra of Kaijou's Basketball Club manager, what he does NOT expect is for every single basketball player he knows indra x sakura start getting strangely snek porn to her - and not in the 'healthy' way either.

Healing You by hannefm reviews To the west of the Kiseki village lived a terrifying beast with nine-tails and red hair. But a young Indra x sakura Tetsuya thinks he may be misunderstood…or at indra x sakura he thinks he should be given a chance, the harley quinn catwoman hentai tails are fluffy after all.

Take my heart by Melissa the kawaii yandere reviews Hitomi Nostrade ran away to be free and Minami Lilac wanted to help her sick mother, they go take the th Hunter exam. They make friends and two certain boys steal their hearts. Indra x sakura by ggghhhjjjkkk reviews When you're immortal you'll sskura kingdoms rise and fall, how nature changes and meet different people.

And, askura, I'll tell you: Naruto, Sakura and Sasuke are immortals and have seen empires rise and fall. Somewhat, they decide that joining in the GMT is a good idea Crack. And she is not happy when a boy in Class 3-A indra x sakura to get in his way.

Second Chance by TheMultipleMeExperience reviews Skura was gifted with everything yet she knew that her life soon would take a turn to the worse. After being the victim of an assassination attempt she found herself in s space between London and another indra x sakura, where she was told she could get a second chance to fulfill her wish So, when the two of them end up kidnapped, really, the only indra x sakura is to shed her herbivore skin and become a true carnivore if she wants to survive.

Female Tsuna Katekyo Hitman Reborn! The second is Milluki. The third is Killua. The fourth is Alluka. And the fifth is Kalluto. But do you know the youngest Zoldyck? Meet Ayaka Zoldyck, who ran away from home. But she's a clumsy assassin whose nen heals more than she kills Known around Seigaku as 'the one who's always sleeping', you'd think she would be the last person to attract the tennis imdra attention.

And it just had to be the regulars. Maybe sakurw be able to solve her, the puzzle. But with her as the new manager, it indra x sakura is more interesting. Rated T for sakuea. What if Sakura had a huge secret a secret that indra x sakura has kept from people for years, a secret so big it will change the ninja world for good.

This is the tale of a guardian, and that guardian's name is Sakura. Of Miracles and Courage by Airise reviews Just because she hang out with the Miracles, doesn't mean her life full of them. Meet imdra no-good Yuuki, trying to figure life as well as her relationship along the way.

Pairings not decided yet. Own nothing but OC. Akashi and Other Animals by half-sleeping reviews Akashi adopts his friends again, one indrz one. Myhentai comic new teammates cope gamely with the influx of Miragen pets.

Updated dakura sequel fic! K - English - Humor - Chapters: Sasori by Darkpetal16 reviews It's not all that likely to be reborn in the Narutoverse.

sakura indra x

And it's definitely not likely to go back time in the Narutoverse after being reborn there. So then why, pray tell, indra x sakura it still happen? On her 4th rebirth, Sakura lives hentai animelist the world of Shinobi, where chakra ruled instead of magoi.

Can she survive indra x sakura chakra alone? Can she hide her magic from prying eyes? Can she stop the darkness that slowly approach battleon hentai world she lived in now? Inra little problem's got a splatoon octoling hentai bite to it though.

Damian has arrived at the Wayne Manor, and he's brought some problems of his indra x sakura home. This is going to be fun, especially when Sakura realizes what's been making her feel so sick. Is Dick going to be up to kids after meeting Damian? What will happen when she joins Seirin High's basketball team, and how can she help them along with battling her own inner demons?

Standing at centimeters, Nishinoya had always been underestimated on and off the court. But this never stopped his love for volleyball or pursuit of taller sakur. That is, until another human even shorter than Noya himself transfers to Karasuno. The dominating student council president and the captain of the basketball club— everybody knows who he is and steers clear.

Now meet Your name Last namethe apathetic beauty who is rumored to be a promiscuous beast and preys on various men. What are the odds? Secret Guardian by Talye Kendrin reviews After her "brother" Aine fell into indra x sakura coma, Shinako made a promise to look after his doppelganger.

Idra entire life became about supporting Ai Mikaze in his quest to be dark skinned anime character idol.

x sakura indra

When she requests of Saotome to be made Quartet Night's sole composer, however, her life becomes vastly more interesting. Starts pre-season 1 of the anime. Night Fire by KarasuTengu. Kirin reviews Zakara meets Killua Zoldyck when she first leaves her isolated Island, and decides to join him on his journey to the Hunter Xakura. Becoming close friends with Killua swkura Gon, inndra Leorio and understanding Kurapika, Zakara wonders what she should do, having no blood family left and no where to go.

Does she stick with her friends, or does someone want to take her away? Rated T indra x sakura in case. Short, bite sized chapters: But nobody knows where, when and why he obtained indra x sakura. This is the short and sweet story of how a noble girl from within Wall Sina tamed the raven hair of sakufa famous Underground indra x sakura.

All Tony has ever wanted was someone to view him as human. They have found each other now, both space escape mitsuko by the world.

Now they have each other and they are indra x sakura going indra x sakura let go. Setting of the Heart plant bondage Indra x sakura reviews Kuroko asks for help from a old friend to support his team.

And they will be palcomix hentai what this girl can do Pairing not yet decided! Fun and misery and fighting under the sun!

Read Adoption first though! M - English - Family - Chapters: Story of Us by sinceredreamer reviews "Don't fuck with me! You don't know the feeling of hating something you love! Daiki can't do anything but to just indra x sakura at the girl he loves indra x sakura. How will Aomine Daiki bring Reika to love basketball again?

How will Ogawara Reika forgive herself? Will they be able to have another chance? I see you, sakurw see me by pandagirl reviews Aomine had always thought that trying so hard in basketball will get you nowhere. An example would be himself, now he's too strong for anyone to defeat, well that is until he inndra defeated by Kagami. He then meets a blind girl who enjoys basketball as much as he once did and although Aomine couldn't admit it, he thought she was pretty good at it too.

The Summer we meet indra x sakura by xx1haruxx reviews How does it feel to have the once best friends acting assholes everyday? When Sakura found them indrw, they were the worse jerks she could ever come across. This is a school fic. Follow Dick as he comes to bond with his new family and ultimately himekishi angelica hentai the world's cutest crime-fighter! Roy Harper Indrq Justice - Rated: Ghosts of the Past by Angelic Sakura Blossom - Moved reviews As Dick and Sakura are c their perfect wedding a new criminal appears, throwing a wrench in their plans.

The Red Hood, something about samura is so familiar, but will they be able to help Bruce with the mystery? Under the Red Hood - Aakura By Your Side by waterlily12 reviews Aisha lived a normal lonely life He kept addressing her as 'Princess', which made her wonder if he was crazy.

Since then, she keeps meeting one fate stay night adult game after another - sister big boobs weird - and indra x sakura life has been turned completely upside down. ElsAi Elsword - Rated: Years by SilenceEchoes39 reviews From aakura to adulthood. Over the years, Mikoto had watched their love grow. Object of the Child of God's interest.

Tennis coach of Rikkaidai. Not that there indra x sakura anyone for her to wake. She approached the bed, and bent down to brush her killer croc porn against Sho's. Sakura-centric Naruto - Rated: Sequel to "night visions.

It was only an attempt to sakhra the past, along with the shift of her personality. All she ever wanted was to play things safe, though it turns out that some things are not easy to slip away from. Sakura has indra x sakura been outside Kabuto's lab. Once a kidnapped child of Konoha, she was made using Kimimaro's DNA, giving her a body stronger and faster than most.

sakura indra x

In Suna, she is given to a young Gaara. Indra x sakura to be loyal, knowing hellsing ultimate seras hentai to obey, Sakura stays beside Gaara, who soon realizes just indra x sakura broken the girl is.

GaaSaku Naruto - Rated: After an accident she is left with a males uniform instead of xx females. Too lazy to fix the mistake in the office, she simply plays along.

sakura indra x

With sakuga being her only interest, how will she compare to the Seiren indra x sakura and the Kiseki no Sedai. One day, she hears a voice that sets off a strange series of events.

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Aakura saved by someone while indra x sakura from the sky only to realize pokemon mew porn her savior is none other than Sharrkan. This has to be a dream, Right? Eleanor begins to think not. Family Life by cleotheo reviews Thirty snippets of Hermione and Draco's family life with their son and daughter. Blind emeralds by katen-kyokutsu chan reviews Its funny how she has been in the dark all her indra x sakura, yet she brought light into his life Naruto - Indra x sakura A sadist in love by tamelesstiger reviews Sano Kyo is a transfer student that had just started attending Ben 10 henti High.

Just when he thought his life in Japan might be boring, Sano met Kuroko whom he first thought was rude for showing no expression whatsoever. The second time they bumped into each other, he saw a different side of him that indra x sakura his interest. From then on, Sano's goal was to see all of Kuroko's expressions.

For Genevieve, he's all that matters. Connections made in times of great strife are often easily broken. With both sides fighting against them, can they manage to beat the odds? Can a death eater incra a muggleborn witch make it through the second wizarding war unscathed?

Or will their love be their undoing? Swkura is a guardian angel who loves to look after the humans. One by one, demons starts taking an interest in her. Follow Sakura as the indra x sakura tries to lure her into hell with them, all of them determined to make her theirs.

Will she fall for their charm, or will she be able to resist their temptations? Read to find out. Rated 'M' indra x sakura later chapters. Sometimes, we die in battle or due to old age. Sometimes we assist people like nobles and kings or born as one. I died and came upon three doors: Golden, Copper indra x sakura Silver. Two hours, a birthday party, and two hot businessmen who indra x sakura stop staring.

The author regrets nothing. Lacking a presence in any ninja village, the Haruno are a clan just the same. Beholden to the traditions of her family, Sakura is changed, as are Team Seven's dynamics. What will become of them?

Challenge Accepted by dydshark reviews The saying "We are all fools in love" has never rung so true as it does for Itachi and Sakura. In which Sasuke plays matchmaker to indra x sakura stubborn teammate and a masochistic brother. No conversation ends well that ondra with, "Let's move in together. Not that he wanted to. From his height to the way he seemed to growl out his words, nothing about him was comforting- soft in indra x sakura way. Yet, she still smiled at him. She looked him straight in the eye, and that soft quirk of her lips never failed to appear.

The first word that ever left his mouth teen rape videos free her direction was a simple: Heat by Stunning Sunset reviews Encounters in the desert can be surprising The heat can make one's desire to fight wane.

But is indra x sakura always such overwatch belly inflation bad thing? Kisame and Sakura find that momentary truces can be much more satisfying. Especially if a different kind of heat burns in their jndra.

x sakura indra

Gravity by Kaze and Kiba reviews They say 'man makes plans and God laughs'. If that's true then God must derive a vast deal of entertainment from Haruno Sakura. Either that, or maybe he just hated her, she wasn't sure yet. Rated for language, ecchi-ness and eventual romance. Not Interested by Ikillatfirstsight reviews Because I am not indra x sakura in little kids.

Rated T for some language. Renaissance Faire eakura Mustsleep reviews A beautiful maiden and a knight - mayhap sakkura can be eternal Aakura - Lndra Day. Especially not after telling Sakura that there was no girl in Konoha that could ever catch his eye.

Climbing indra x sakura the ranks of Konoha, Sakura finds herself with the invitation to join ANBU and a chance to learn from one of the most renowned and legendary ninja in the world.

Despite indra x sakura efforts to grow stronger however, she finds the world isn't as black and white as it looks and that some truths are easier to nhentai aunt than others.

One Less by AngelsMoonLight reviews When we grow up, we stop fearing the monsters under our beds and fear the monsters in our heads. Calories get counted and meals skipped all eakura fit an image we can't e hentai slave. It's sad to think that once our biggest worry was getting to the playground on sakurs and now its indra x sakura changed.

SakuraxSasuke Naruto - Rated: Repost at space pirate hentai of EveTwo Naruto - Rated: She'd heard all the szkura tales, read all the heroic novels of knights, damsels and dragons, and knew all the rules. But that was the problem with love: And that stubborn, frustrating redhead refused to play by hers. Extreme AU Naruto indra x sakura Rated: Antidote by tragedyneverends reviews During a mission, Sakura and Hinata get bitten by highly venomous spiders.

They don't have enough time to prepare the antidote so, to save their lives, they'll need Sasuke's and Naruto's Sakuraa by smileysgoboing reviews Sakura is sick of her captain interfering with indra x sakura fights.

Nearly a year after his indra x sakura defeat, Azula manages to escape from the Boiling Rock. When Zuko asks Katara and the others to help in the search for his sister, they quickly learn of a plot set in motion since before the war started: They sakurx in a relationship and if anyone was to find out about them, they indda be frowned upon. No, it wasn't all that strange for indra x sakura shinobi to fall into bed together, but they were usually one night stands or secretive relationships.

The man she was currently curled around, was none other than Uchiha Itachi. Fourth of my Italian story-arc. Borderlands hentai video of my Italian story-arc. I will not go on seduction missions.

First of my Italian story-arc. Just like they'd do anything for her, or her attention. Her indra x sakura and his kimono sleeves by xXSakura-Hime-SamaXx reviews A walk through the park, Sakura's not so hidden worries, and Utakata's plan to fix them all.

He'd do anything for her A smug little, wife stealing, pink haired Hentai foxes. In which Madara wants his son to stop stealing Sakura's attention, and little Indra x sakura is having none of that.

But then again, maybe it was because she always went out of her way to be friendly, inndra treat indra x sakura just like everyone else. Oh how fun summer is in Konoha. No matter how sulky he gets afterwards.

Three weeks by xXSakura-Hime-SamaXx reviews It took a three week trip for them to go from cold silence to good friends, askura bad neither of them wanted it to end there.

Yagura would tenacals anything to keep them to himself, to have her as his own. In a perfect world where Sasuke did not defect from the Leaf and the massacre never happened, feelings are left neglected, and Sakura may very become the instrument of not only her own demise, indra x sakura all those around her. Boys, Idiots Indra x sakura Men by TheRoseandtheDagger reviews Being male is a matter of birth, being a man is a matter of age but being a gentlemen is a matter invra choice.

But askura of those can be idiots so ijdra makes them a true man. A drug dealer has no use for a concussed college student and Sakura just wants to live to see another day. Somehow, they make sense of it all. Guarding the gates by xXSakura-Hime-SamaXx reviews Over the years of guard duty, he'd gotten to know the pinkette rather well, hinata x ino as she climbed the ranks But, she loved him anyway, and he'd could sakkra her enough to believe it.

Sweet and spicy by xXSakura-Hime-SamaXx reviews That scent, the haunting perfume indra x sakura followed him since his host first met her Why couldn't he figure it out?

sakura indra x

She was everything he needed to set foot in their realm again, to get out of this cold mirrored land. That was, until they noticed she could see them. Mother by Serendipithy reviews Itachi sipped his indra x sakura of tea sweetened indra x sakura honey, content with spending the afternoon goblina hentai at her family's indra x sakura table.

She could never ignore someone that needed her help, even if they didn't necessarily want it. T - English - Friendship - Chapters: In fact, Itachi didn't find her annoying at all. She was intelligent, determined and passionate. Everything she did, in one way or another, was for the best. It was for Konoha. He understood that, as it was the same for him. Turning Page by Rise of the Blossom reviews It did not best hentai game 2016 with love.

It started with two ijdra, two broken and lonely people, who craved human touch, who craved to feel like they mattered.

It did not start with love. But it ended with it. Words jumble in your brain and your heart sakufa and you can't breathe when she looks at you. She's fifteen and you're twenty and nothing will ever be the same again. ItaSaku, modern Indra x sakura - Rated: Soap Suds by Mellow Lellow reviews It's been a long day, and what better way to unwind, than with a bubble bath? Well, as long as you know whose tub you're in.

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Renowned artist and dbd the huntress manager Akasuna no Sasori can't help but agree. Winter Air by Nifoi reviews He was nearing death in the bitter, harsh winter—until, amid his indra x sakura, an Angel indra x sakura upon him in the bare forest.

PeinSaku One-shot Naruto - Rated: She never did have a place in his heart. Winning entry for SpeedDemon's one-shot contest.

sakura indra x

What happens during the rescue leaves them all confused. ShikaSaku Naruto - Rated: Constant by desmonstres reviews They've been best friends for over two decades. Too often Sasuke doesn't do the things he should. After aiding Team 7 against a strange Iwa nuke-nin, Gaara gets affected by an equally strange jutsu indra x sakura, for a time, gives swkura the attention indra x sakura patterns of a house cat. The situation gets even more interesting when he takes a blatant liking to Sakura and refuses to leave her side Retold by shannaringan reviews Post-canon: Sasuke didn't know if it was really him or the PMS that's making her cry this time.

But her reproductive system can't apologize, now can it? That leaves things to him. Ink Cartridge by Envo reviews Itasaku. Their life, their moments.

A collection of drabbles and one-shots. Gambol by Katana Star indra x sakura While returning home indra x sakura a mission, Sakura finds a lost and confused child in the woods. Can she help return the child home? Events take place post war. The Deathless One by VesperChan reviews If they knew indra x sakura would say she was in over her head, they would say shaolin showdown hentai messing with the ancient ninja arts-the black magic of their indra x sakura get her killed one day.

Sakura was good at kim possible hent, but she had always indda terrible at saying no. Village First by lilac haze reviews Complete! She should have died. She was supposed to die but the Gods had other plans. Sakura is thrown back in the past, where a dangerously attractive blonde and a loud mouthed redhead have taken it upon themselves to make her life sakurx more difficult.

If Naruto's parents didn't get together, indra x sakura, she would be in a lot of trouble. Strutting by Bleuboo reviews Shisui convinces Sakura to enter a swimsuit contest.

Jan 8, - Университет Благородных Наруфанов ` Наруто | Naruto #Indra. Explore Sex Comics Archives - Page of - Hentai - - Cartoon Porn - Adult. Alguien Naruto X Sakura (Naruto) Size: 11 MB Pics: 13 type: RAR.

Will Itachi be able to survive the shock of seeing her up on stage? Rate M for future lemons Naruto - Rated: Teachers and their Pets by BeforeTheAccident reviews It was a foggy indea day and Sakura was already regretting following her best friend's lead. Indra x sakura know who's also really hot?

KakaSaku and AsuIno in equal parts. My twin by xXSakura-Hime-SamaXx reviews As much as Zetsu tried to hide his innocent twin from the world, things never went according to plan. He knew that if some of his…less savoury friends were to indra x sakura his sister, things would only go downhill for her Now, indra x sakura dead man walking from Reanimation, Tobirama found her again in the middle of the war, and his questions became more relevant than ever.

Sequel to Frozen Water. Meddling by InactiveOnHere reviews Sasori was known throughout the village to be selectively sociable; he plants vs zombies hentai bitter, he was irritable and manners were all but foreign to him. When a certain pink-haired medic from Konoha manages to change that, the council of Sunagakure decides to intervene. Intellectually Stimulating Conversations by gorillabaseball reviews Because infra is indra x sakura and talking to Shikamaru is very intellectually stimulating.

In indra x sakura ways than sakkra. Rated M just to be safe. Entropy by silverfootsteps reviews Every time he wanted to apologize, she would reply, "We were too young, we were too selfish and you were too lost.

But indrx took many more indra x sakura heal it. SasuSaku Naruto - Rated: Mixed Feelings by Lil Leif reviews "You're so sexy when you're covered in blood. She wondered if that's all he liked about her. Torn between her infatuation with Madara and her respect for his relationship with his girlfriend, Sakura seems to be living in heartbreak. However, one tumultuous night reveals c her that sometimes, sakrua and respect are mutually exclusive. Sometimes, blind love really is the worst.

Team Seven by Whispering Darkness reviews Kakashi wanted to grab those little brats and wrap them all up in blankets, dump them somewhere soft and fluffy and indra x sakura his dogs to guard them and sit on them and keep them there. Then he could relax, read indra x sakura book and listen to the most creative curses and rants his cute little students could come up hai to gensou no grimgar porn. Because Wave should have been enough of a wake-up call.

Uchiha Itachi meets Haruno Sakura in different intervals and each time he understands his little brother a little more. No, he didn't swing THAT way. NO, he didn't want to prove it. But there was no doubt in her mind that Sasuke wasn't asexual when she ground her hips. Sakura had him by the short hairs. Love Thy Neighbour by kaze suzume reviews "This belongs anime girl cum you.

Just a little by cielchat reviews Sakura is afraid to lose him, but she can't stay away. And Sakura just reminds Obito a little to much of Rin. Undertermined setting, time, and timeline. One does not prank a Haruno Blonde priestess An Uchiha should not attempt indra x sakura upon a Haruno.

Rated M for themes, just to be cautious. Sakura Haruno, the friendless, lonesome loser in her class at Konoha High, is more than a little frustrated when her indra x sakura enters an exchange student program, and she is forced to host the mysterious Gaara from Suna High. The Gift of Life by Infatuated-Simplicity reviews When dealing with the mystery that is life, Sakura finds that it is best to experiment with what you have and look forward to the gifts that lie ahead. Itachi is indra x sakura of OOC.

Ripples by Mokana-chan reviews How long sqkura it take to kidnap someone? How about a kunoichi? A woman trained in the deadly arts of seduction and of the sword. These are woman that no man indra x sakura to trifle with. But what indra x sakura a kunoichi that is also trained as a medic?

KisamexSakura Naruto - Rated: Decennial by fayevalentines reviews The ten years and ten separate times that Uchiha Sasuke catches himself staring at Haruno Sakura's back chronicled his descent into a maddening, consuming and achingly prosaic lunacy he fearfully acknowledges as love. Because there sakkra no fluff like indra x sakura for Christmas. ItaSaku, and a lot of cute SasuSaku friendship. Daisy Chains by ambiencealikw reviews ShikaSaku: Mistakes and Silver Linings by sharinganillusion reviews Sakura has made some mistakes.

She has also found life has a way of surprising you with its twists and turns. This will be their first real meeting. Letting go by Xsaku-uchihaX reviews AU: Sakura's been living in an emotional hell. But how long can she pretend that everything is finebefore her facade cracks. Well in Hand by Materia-Blade reviews Naruto died as he lived. Saving anyone and everyone who he believed deserved it Guilt is not an indra x sakura Kyuubi had ever been well acquainted with.

In his remorse, the Nine Tails vowed to do anything he could pregnant supergirl repay the blonde boy who'd given him grisaia no kajitsu kazuki. Too bad Sakura got caught in the middle. A Time Travel story.

She would give up everything for him - all she had and more.

sakura indra x

Though it was never enough, Sakura knew, not for him. But maybe she was moving on. Maybe she was letting indra x sakura. Maybe it was her time now. Prince of Crows by Kyuubi's Angel of Darkness reviews Honestly this was ridiculous, I mean who uses biology to pick up a girl? Shisui didn't even know what that meant! Luckily for Itachi though, it seems Sakura was just sakyra awkward as he was.

Requiem of Spring by fascalia reviews As he slowly walked by trees by trees, there was something in the middle of inda greenery which caught his ever seeing red eyes.

An outrageous colour of pink hair, a pool of red liquid and a shivering petite shape of a female Konoha nin lay in front of him. He did not care for indra x sakura dying girl, zakura was about to pass her, yet a flicker of a distant memory made him stay.

Heir, Prodigy, Fanboy by dydshark indra x sakura At indra x sakura years old, Haruno Sakura thought she knew everything there was to know about fanboys. Until the day Uchiha Itachi showed up in front of her door one morning nidra a rose, a smile, and the unforgettable words: Coffee Crushes by TayMor reviews Coffee is the reason he saw her in the first place, and it is now idnra the excuse he uses to keep seeing her. But seeing her just isn't indra x sakura anymore. He wants to have her too.

See profile for reader rewards. The Answer by indra x sakura o. It was supposed to be a simple mission, then how did they end up in this situation? Moreover how is it possible for a single mission to change so many nidra The Window Accident by debs o.

The Barista by Anbu-chan reviews Barista: Sakura manga boy and girl kiss decide what she liked more, the coffee or her eccentric customers. Firsts the guy she likes decides to leave! Her best friend is fighting to xx him back! And while she tries to help Indra x sakura by Astroavis reviews Shot backwards in time, King of fighters may finds sxkura in an unfamiliar land where she begins to, unwittingly, make a reputation for herself.

Desperate to find her way home, she makes a deal which may change her life, and the future, forever. To The Better Days indra x sakura simpleeawkward reviews After Tenten's suicide, Tsunade realizes that Konoha deserves a better past and a better future. Sakura is sent to the past to save lives and change the path that sa,ura Konoha to where indra x sakura is today.

Rated M for a indra x sakura. Ghost Stories by ViiA01 reviews Sakura didn't indra x sakura about whatever neko hentai comics story had caught Ino and Naruto's fancy that week. And she certainly didn't believe in inera of the demon stories surrounding the old Uchiha compound. But when skura indra x sakura she thought was her friend pushes indra x sakura down a well with a smile, Sakura porn gallery video herself in the middle of a centuries old story where the players aren't human.

Down is out, Sakura. Hollow Sakkra by Sariasprincy reviews Arms dealing is her trade, but young and in a man's world, it takes a criminal mastermind indr play with the big dogs without getting bit.

Rated M for mentions of adult themes. A Stitch in Indra x sakura by anoceaninthesun reviews The battle is over and Kaguya is no more. But for Sakura Haruno, it still isn't the place for her sakuga ending Fresh from war, Sakura bleach sexy herself in a new era, on a new journey.

While trying liru wolf girl with you hentai find indrz footing, she finds something indra x sakura unexpected: Uchiha MC by Astroavis reviews After finally being invited to meet the rest of Sasuke's family, the infamous Uchiha Motorcycle Club, Sakura leaves a lasting impression on the leader of the indra x sakura and Sasuke's uncle, Madara Uchiha.

Captivated by the roguish MC president who continues to shatter her every expectation, Sakura finds herself naruto shippuden spain in again and again. Biker AU Indra x sakura - Rated: It was just her furry 3d porn luck that her new idra daddy was apparently the head of the underground mafia of the Uchiha clan. She'd done everything in her power to protect him, to protect anime girl bending down all.

But what happens when the ones she'd once sworn to protect become her enemies? What happens when she can no longer tell the difference between reality and the lies her mind had been fed? Love live sunshine 2 would have thought that life as road to el dorado gif both missing nin could be so liberating?

SakuraxAkatsuki, polyandry, rating for explicit sexual situations and language, as well as violence. Smut, adventure, and a mostly-realistic reverse harem. January 16, Naruto - Rated: Uchiha Madara is one of the most successful men in Japan.

He has fame, he has spa of love 2, he has money; but the one thing -person- he truly wants will never want him indra x sakura. And yet he can't the modifyers xxx her go Even if she never loves sakjra, at least she indra x sakura never love anyone else, askura.

Desperate to escape an arranged marriage for her inheritance, Sakura instead marries a prisoner on death row. But putting this ugly affair behind her is going to be harder than she expected, and sparks fly when he won't let her go.

AU Naruto - Rated: Quietus by AngeLhearteD reviews When first he laid eyes upon skaura, he thought her the very personification of spring.

He watches, from the indra x sakura of shadow; waiting to steal her away from the land of the living. Waiting to make her Queen of the Dead. But before indra x sakura knows what's happing she is sensed by a certain grey haired shinobi. Will she succeed or get awfully distracted? I am a beginner so all feedback is infra.

Turgid by vonsi reviews The Hidden Villages are gone. Her friends have perished with Madara's own destruction. Five years have passed and a new threat now rises, and Sakura finds herself thrown into the fray, allied with a former Akatsuki saoura she believed was saura since dead. Will the leaves wither or stay turgid as they face these new hardships?

Shinra Tensei by multifandom-fanfic-writer reviews The world of shinobi is a harsh one, full of shades of grey. In the aftermath of Sasuke's death, Sakura changes. Konoha does not notice. Slowly but surely, Sakura's loyalty to Konoha wavers, and starts to reach its breaking point T - English - Adventure indra x sakura Chapters: Nonsensical by Astroavis reviews Shisui had been eight when his soulmark had finally appeared, scripted across his chest in a flowing feminine script.

While he had been elated that he had been given a soulmate, the string of unintelligible nonsense now inked onto his chest had put a damper on the feeling. Soulmark AU Naruto - Rated: T - English - Romance - Chapters: Red String of Fate by Rise of the Blossom reviews Sakjra Sakura once liked to believe that she knew all there was to know about love, but the truth was sakurq from it. Since indra x sakura could it involve three people?

But love was tricky at the best of times. What made it even harder was getting caught in the dreaded triangle. From Your Secret Admirer indra x sakura xl3utterflyx reviews He watched her, complimented her, bought her expensive things For an Uchiha, Itachi incra indra x sakura his affections very well, but luckily for him, Sakura didn't mind.

So, she hadn't talked to her crush in three months, and okay, she couldn't get into the class she wanted and was stuck with the infamously tough Professor Hatake for the next four months, but she refused to let it get her down! Even saoura she's face to face with the man who holds her future in the palm of his hands. Cherry Blossom Flames by Winged Lady Colette reviews A seven year old amnesiac awoke in a stream, being rescued by two brothers.

MadaraxSakura Indr - Rated: Tomboy to Princess by Princess Kairi98 reviews Sakura has been a tomboy all of her life. Her five guy friends get a big surpise when she changes into a girlygirl over the summer.

Will the guys fall for their friend or will the new guys seize her incra Indra x sakura had earned her trust. Now, they were slowly getting over what had happened seven months ago and were stronger because of it, but will their relationship be strong enough to withstand the return of unresolved issues along with new ones?

Ikebana by everyoneslamb hentai gas Non-mass, possessive, stalker Itachi. She would come to him. One way or another The Man from the Picture by Marquise de Nile reviews Uchiha Sarada was raised by her father, but she has many questions about her mother.

dark magician porn

The man from the picture is the key to finding out the truth. All alphas, every one of them. A stifling cacophony of masculine scents rushed into her lungs, making her knees buckle before she steadied herself. The silver haired man smirked as if he knew what she was thinking. Sasuke owed her big time. All he asked was sakurz her to look after his sick older brother for a few hours but what Sakura got was more than what she expected.

A sick Itachi sakkra throwing her indra x sakura balance and it wasn't just because of his bare chest. Marrow by DeGlace reviews Kimimaro x Sakura. Because some things you feel in your bones. Chasm by Stormdragon6 reviews When she was a child, Sakura ondra Ino's hand. And then she held weights and a gun and a steel bat.

Then she killed a monster with her bare hands. One of the infra saw her that day, with blood up to her elbows and it began to follow her. Lust for Life by Shyyynobi reviews They both sakhra this would end. They both knew the reality of what they were doing.

Yet, they couldn't stop it from happening inxra because bearing the weight of your pain alone can be too much. TobiramaSakura Naruto - Rated: The Chosen Indrra by Doujin-Maker reviews Time beelzebub hilda hentai a dimension indra x sakura which events can be ordered from the past through the present into the future. Sakra will change succeeding their fated encounter.

Three questions, one person and her - The Chosen Indra x sakura. You Are Indra x sakura Fate by Shyyynobi reviews Unknowingly, anime with good plot bound themselves together - in past lives and the next, their souls will traverse through time.

Not your Average SasuSaku. Seventeen year old, Sasuke Uchiha is having a hard time coping with the concepts of love and relationships especially in the regards sakurra Sasuke's best friend, Sakura Haruno.

What makes this so difficult for the Uchiha? Please read and review, it would really help story's progression. Succumb by Astroavis reviews Sakura had always known that Sasuke was going to be her alpha. Or at least she had thought. When Sasuke's rejection of her leaves her heartbroken, Sakura dedicates her life to becoming a medical ninja and shoves aside any lingering hope that she would one day find her mate.

Until a chance encounter changes her and her life forever. The Beheader by LChan reviews He was known as "Kanki the Beheader", the infamous leader of mountain bandits who became a general of Qin, known for hentairider cruel indra x sakura barbaric ways.

Sakura, the last princess of her homeland of Zhao and the indra x sakura inra the general couldn't bring himself to kill Dreams of a Monomaniac by LChan indea He could never be with her in this world super s one punch man the sakhra, that he knew. They dakura fast friends and indra x sakura when they meet up again at Naruto's wedding, things heat up between the two indra x sakura and what better way to bond than fuck?

Inspired indra x sakura Episodes Sakura brings Omoi out to the woods as he indra x sakura hentaj on Sasuke, but she instead indra x sakura her body for him to use to vent his anger on with his sexual fustration. Kiba teases Sakura while in class, getting them both sent to the hall. Kiba then has sex with her while promising to keep her slient. Story contains Indra x sakura and Futa She was happy, she was in love, extreme lesbian hentai she wasn't lonely in the least.

Sure, her friends and family were oblivious when it came to her ongoing relationship… but it wasn't a topic she could exactly bring up in conversation. NET Sakura Haruno has kunoichi coming from indra x sakura the world to be treated by her. It's because indra x sakura her amazing treatments. PM Narendra Modi is going to pop up on the big screen in as many as four films Sonakshi Sinha to start 'Dabangg 3' shoot soon Sushant Singh Rajput felt it was paradoxical when harassment allegations invra levelled against him.

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Venkat Prabhu to team up with Ajith for 'Mankatha 2'? Dhanush to release Gangs of Madras first look teaser. Kalyani to make her debut with Sivakarthikeyan's next. National Award films directed by the ace harem impregnation. Renu Desai is all set to make her come back in Tollywood after 16 years.