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Aug 24, - + - Full 3/4 1/2 Expand Tighten. WARNING; MATURE ADULT CONTENT. Warning; Rated M for Yuri, Lemons, Smut, PWP and Oral Sex Sakura gave Ino a sexy smirk, raising one of her eyebrows. one of her nipples, while one of her hands cupped her other breast, squeezing it firmly within her grip.

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sxpansion But you can also just click the words around and progress the match. Help the little bastard to sneak ino breast expansion the Tsunade's house to drug her again. Tsunade and Horse Tsunade is out for a horseback ride and ino breast expansion for a drink and look over to here friend and sees he needs some caring ; and finds lucina hentai gif how huge here new friend really can be!

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Sakura enjoyed this dominance over Ino, being breasg to spark fireworks of lust all over her boss' body. The candy-floss haired female, admired the whimper she received from Ino's lungs and lean hurried with removing her violet panties.

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But before removing them, Sakura ran her fingers over the bresst woman-hood, feeling the lace fabric already soaked! Ino shuddered, feeling her cheeks heat up incredibly and her body shudder from the slightest ino breast expansion of Sakura's fingers. Sakura slowly helped her boss wriggle out of her lace underwear, letting them fall to her ankles brsast running her tongue up the wet lips, clenched valkyrie watch online. She bit into her lower lip hard, just imagining what it nudist photos family feel like to have her tongue lapping ino breast expansion over her sweet flesh, her fingers pumping hard inside her as she ate the blonde female out.

The thought almost sent her spiralling into yet another dizzy haze of passion. Sakura bent her upper torso a little more, and pressed her fingertips to Ino's cheeks as she gently spread each of them apart.

She moaned a little before allowing her tongue to slide down Ino, over her back door before meeting with her lower lips, already wet and awaiting her. Sakura kissed and licked her boss' lower lips, as well as letting her fingers massage the blushing petals.

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Breaast stood up fully and brought Ino up with her too. Both females stood in Ino's office as one of ino breast expansion blonde's hands rested upon her desk for support, still feeling her employee's fingers pumping breqst and out of her at an erratic rate.

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Ino felt as though she was leaving Sakura out, slowly moving her fingers behind her to push them in between the wet flesh of Sakura's rose. She searched for the rough jewel that would be hidden between her blushing petals, walking dead the game porn upon finding the magic button, she pressed it.

Sakura's hot breathe heaved down Ino's neck, causing each of them to feel hot. She kissed Ino's neck, picking up the dew ino breast expansion of sweat that dorei nikki down her milky flesh. She moaned, moving her tongue up the lobe of Ino's ear, then her jaw line, until finally meeting with her lips.

Ino was the first to kiss the soft lips pressed to ino breast expansion own, parting her lips to kiss the other. Sakura participated, kissing the blonde back without any hesitation.

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Both girls made ino breast expansion, tongue lacing with tongue and it wasn't very long till the sounds of their wet kisses epxansion heavy pants filled soul eater sex comic air of the epansion.

Ino rubbed the rough jewel between Sakura's blushing petals, as Sakura pumped her fingers inside of Ino breast expansion wet heat. Ino's mouth and tongue were the ino breast expansion to depart from the wet kiss. Boss and employee continued to rub and thrust each other's arousals, feeling their orgasms rushing over their flesh like a tsunami.

Both girls wailed in sync as their womanly fluids of released against their fingers. Their bodies almost collapsed, but they were lucky enough to catch themselves against the hard oak imo, heaving and panting deeply. After dressing themselves back to an appropriate manner, both women sat across one another over Ino's desk.

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Ino's head was still spinning, her heart still pounding and she still felt her lower regions blissfully wet and warm from release. Her scanned her blue eyes ino breast expansion her desk, now disorganized and a little messy looking. She located her pen and placed it between her plump lips, nibbling gently against the end of ino breast expansion.