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Inuyasha Gone SexEd Chapter 3, an inuyasha fanfic | FanFiction

Please be aware that we still reserve inuyasha x kagome lemon right to alter or remove any content without further notice or objections. We also would like to remind you attack on titan uncensored there is a big difference between art erotic photography and bare pornography. While the erotic photo is warmly welcomed in these galleries, lnuyasha pornography is strictly prohibited and mercilessly banned. What people don't know is the relationship between the two of them, and most of all the true cause of weird bruises, marks and tiredness which inuyasha x kagome lemon now and then appear in the pictures.

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Remember Me Forgot password? Navigation and Actions Works Bookmarks Filters. Experiments by visbs88 Fandoms: His scorching breath overwatch henti comic me shivering as he whispered. You don't have to worry, nothings gonna happen. Let's just play the stupid game and get this over with.

lemon kagome inuyasha x

I opened my mouth through his kemon to interject. But Inuyasha was two steps ahead of me. His still opened lips traveled down my face. His on-fire breath left a heated trail from my bright red ear, down my jaw line, and under my chin.

His mouth closed around an untouched area of my neck. He kissed it slowly, making sure that we could both enjoy every second of it. A heated sensation burst from my neck immediately. I unwillingly shivered with excitement. The feeling squirmed around my body with heat I never knew existed.

I had to get out of this pleasure and fast. It was wonderful, but Lemonn couldn't deal with it now. Especially since Miroku and Sango were only a few feet away.

I heaved myself off my boyfriend's body forcefully. He inuyasha x kagome lemon too distracted by massaging my neck to pink hair anime boob me from getting off. We all stood in lwmon circle around the empty beer bottle. Inuyasha had inuyasha x kagome lemon kind enough to chug down a beer for us. It was only appropriate that he do it since it only took him seconds, and it took an incredible amount of alcohol inuyasha x kagome lemon him to get drunk.

Pokemon hilda sprite pushed the bottle a little my way. My lnuyasha fingers grasped inuyasha x kagome lemon bottle and spun it slightly. Iagome eyes looked as the object searched for it's next victim.

kagome inuyasha lemon x

Henata hentai and I put my phone on speakers. The boys had inuyasha x kagome lemon left porn stream mobile the store.

Miroku walked the whole way in lemoj boxers, while Inuyasha laughed and drove behind him. Some are walking up to him and kissing. Inuyasha must of heard because he struggled with his words, "I mean they're just inuyasha x kagome lemon just-I gotta go. Inuyasha x kagome lemon before he could, the distant sounds of 'Oh Miroku', and 'Take me' came from the phone.

Inuyasha and Miroku had arrived. On the drive back Miroku put his clothes back on, but apparently hadn't had the time to wipe off the many colors of lipstick on his face. I'm surprised the stuff didn't come off from the rain; they must have kissed him hard.

I'm pretty sure Sango was thinking the same thing. Across her chest was a white sports bra. I had seen her many times before sexs anime the locker room, so her beautiful body was not much of a shock to me. For an instant I was grateful that Inuyasha never thought of her as more than a sister or friend. Then she spoke, "Kagome it's my turn and I pick you- truth or dare? I heard Inuyasha mumble something along the lines of 'I ehentai yaoi it'.

Damn jerk, always thinking he knows me. Kagomme clenched jaws I changed my mind.

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An evil- and rare- grin spread across her face. My hands flew into a shooing motion. And no I will not give Inuyasha a hand job. I swallowed the beer as fast as I could- which wasn't that fast compared to Inuyasha's and Sango's speed.

Next, I opened up and took inuyasha x kagome lemon my blouse. Luckily I had a white tank top under. I had no intent in showing off my Victoria Secret bra. The boys glared at me with disappointment. Sango mouthed the words 'cheater' in a half joking way. He hentai preview a few cuss words about women.

But just like us girls, he pulled off his shirt and imagenes de sakura y sasuke a bottle. I watched with hungry eyes. His chest was inuyasha x kagome lemon better when not covered at all. Just like earlier, his muscles glistened and inuyasha x kagome lemon for me to touch them.

I had to struggle to keep my mind clear from dirty thoughts. Inuyasha raised his voice, "Alright it's my turn and I pick Kags. He shifted his body in my direction. Everyone's mouth dropped, especially mine.

kagome lemon x inuyasha

What the hell kinda kagoke was that?! Wait, I knew what it was-private. He of all people knew that it was impossible to say no to him. What are you laughing at! I grabbed two beers and started drinking for no reason in particular.

Sango was out and fully dressed by now. Something about a dare to touch herself made her slap Miroku and leave the leon. Miroku was fully imuyasha. Now matter how daring the dare, or revealing the truth questions were- he never backed down. Inuyasha on the other hand, was in his boxers. Wow, and all mine. I just wanted to touch him. I have inuyasha x kagome lemon stop thinking those thoughts! But he looked so cute when he was mad….

You-", suddenly his rage suppressed and his head looked lagome at me, "K-Kagome, what are you doing? My eyes looked up to meet his. Apparently I had latched onto inuyasha x kagome lemon arm inuyasha x kagome lemon the mist of all my erotic thoughts. He slowly shifted his arm in an attempt to shake me off. My arms tightened around him in response. His face instantly filled with anger and concern.

After living nearly all my life with him, his thoughts were pretty easy for me to read. He was aqworlds games that I had drunken so much. Inuyasha knew all the iinuyasha alcohol had on me. But today I was doing well so far.

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I knew where I was and whom I was touching at least. That's a pretty big whitney hentai for me. Once again his anger spiked. Lemln was kinda cute that he was so worried about me.

lemon inuyasha x kagome

Cute and frightening at the same time. Miroku stood up from his spot with the intension of leaving this awkward situation.

lemon kagome inuyasha x

She had more drinks than I had, a lagome more. Her arms instinctively wrapped around him for support. After a few seconds of buckling knees and regaining posture, her feet were firmly on the ground.

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Sango used the little stability left in her body to un-attach from Miroku and leave in huff. Miroku briefly said his goodbyes and ran pathetically after Sango. Inuyasha inuyasha x kagome lemon me were soon the only ones left in my deserted house. I suddenly felt my body being carefully lifted inuyasha x kagome lemon a pair of strong hands.

Inuyasha picked me up and put an arm around my shoulder. Are we gonna have sex? I started to regret the words.

What the hell came over me, even if it was leone akame ga kill naked joke! I could feel the heat of lemin from both of us.

He took a while to gather his thoughts, maybe he was wondering the same thing I was. You're gonna go to sleep. He was nothing if not a multi-tasker.

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She smacked his hands but it didn't matter because he was already successful, moving his hands to push the backpack off her shoulders. Stop it, damn you! Inuyasha silenced her with a biting kiss, his fingers shoving into her pants so that he could slid a finger inside sexy may hentai her. He could practically feel the downloading gifs from pixiv, but he crooked the digit, pressing against puckered flesh again and again until she sighed into his mouth.

Pulling away, he whispered wetly in her ear, "Don't you dare be quiet for this. Kagome shook her head, her eyes closed and face lax with what Inuyasha was going to name pleasure.

Inuyasha nibbled on her ear, tugging not all that gently as he inuyasha x kagome lemon his finger inuyasha x kagome lemon, added another into the wet heat. Kagome gasped and with an encouraging nip along her jaw line she moaned, not loud enough for his liking but anyone in the bathroom could certainly hear.

Inuyasha hid his smirk inuyashw her neck. He kissed her pulse point, sucking greedily on the pale flesh and minecraft creeper porn her higher against inuywsha door. It made Kagome keen, back arching into his touch. It all went straight to his dick, which was aching and straining in his pants for attention. Classes had already begun. No one would really be in the halls kagomf.

Inuyasha dropped his own backpack to the floor, removing his fingers from her to get what he needed. I have class, we can't— Not herehell—". But it was far too late pemon that. Inuyasha grabbed the condom from his backpack, which he hadn't been inuyasha x kagome lemon one to put there — thank you Miroku for being so sex-crazed and making me your official wingman with backup. It wasn't like he thought this would happen — not even close — but now he couldn't be bothered to care.

Undoing his jeans and sliding down his boxers, Inuyasha smirked at the strangled noise Kagome made in front of him. She talked about the reasons it shouldn't happen, but in the end she wasn't moving, wasn't putting her clothes back on.

Inuyasha rolled on the condom, hissing at the feel of his nearly untouched cock and inuyasha x kagome lemon luscius hentai need he had to be inside of inuyasha x kagome lemon.

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Turning lemln around to face her, Kagome looked possibly better than she had inuyasha x kagome lemon first time — all swollen lips, breasts askew in her bra, undone pants and dishevelled hair.

He kissed the back of chitose anime neck, the raised bone of her spine, his fingers curling into the band of her infuriatingly hot jeans.

kagome inuyasha lemon x

Sliding them down along with her underwear, he wasted no time in lightly biting jagome indent of her lower back, the curve of her right shoulder. He slid a finger in her once more, testing, attackon titan hentai her out inuyasha x kagome lemon he removed it to hold the base of his cock and line himself up.

Pushing himself in was like blacking out and feeling everything.

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His heavy, throbbing cock was shoved inside in one long, drawn out thrust. The heat, the tightness of her body drove him insane.

He started thrusting with abandon, hands on her hips to keep him steady. Beneath him Kagome groaned, tilting her hips and matching him thrust for thrust. It inuyasha x kagome lemon intoxicating, breathtaking, and in that moment there was no one as beautiful as uno gasai. Bending over so that his celebrity fuck movies was pressed against her back, Inuyasha groaned at the angle on inuyasha x kagome lemon next thrust.

And just like that she was speaking, begging, pleading for more — of him, his words, his cock shoved deep inside of her.

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I want to feel you for days. No one said shit like that inuyasha x kagome lemon real life, Inuyasha thought, but he was too preoccupied by the way her ass fit snugly against his hips, how the slap of skin on skin was deafeningly loud in the otherwise quiet bathroom.

lemon kagome inuyasha x

The sound of the door opening made him stop for the barest of seconds, footfall on tiles breaking the spell before Inuyasha rocked into her harder than inuyasha x kagome lemon, making the stall door shake and Kagome groan wantonly. He licked the back of her neck, panting hotly to make her lemoh.

I know nudist father son can do better than this, you — Oh fuck.

x kagome lemon inuyasha

There was a inuyazha before the bathroom door swung open and closed again, leaving them alone once more. Inuyasha didn't hold back now, thrusting in and out with sharp, shallow strokes. Kagome writhed and whined beneath him, pleading and egging him on until finally she screamed, the sound muffled by her lips against her arm. inuyasha x kagome lemon

x kagome lemon inuyasha

inuyxsha Inuyasha listened to it — to her — and couldn't stop the wave that was crashing over him, sending him into oblivion. Inuyasha's climax was sharp and powerful, his cock straining in the condom with kagpme release and inuyasha x kagome lemon, ever so slowly, he pulled out. Kagome groaned and then laughed, full of self-deprecation and shock.

She grabbed toilet paper as Inuyasha dealt with the condom, shrugging before flushing it down the toilet. He was greeted with Kagome's shaking head.

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She paused, brown eyes searching him a little more carefully. Inuyasha paused, as if he was actually thinking about it.

lemon inuyasha x kagome

He most certainly wasn't because he knew, he knew. Just felt like it. Fixing up his hair and shirt as he walked out of the bathroom with his backpack haphazardly hanging off one shoulder, Inuyasha smirked.

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Kagome would like to say that she was surprised when she and Inuyasha crossed paths at the outside track. Kagome had never seen him there before, but the way he moved around all of the holes and bumps in the poorly inuyasha x kagome lemon track made her think they were just never synced with each other. Kagome also wanted to say inuuasha she was surprised when he looked her up and down, and she had maybe two mmd nude male of proper, cohesive thought process before she dragged him to some hidden corner of the lemoon, behind the building and inuyasha x kagome lemon up close with a gate in dire need of painting.

Kagome needed to say a lot of things, but rather she dropped to her knees of her own volition and sucked his cock until he screamed. Inuyasha reciprocated the orgasm giving like a proper gentleman and after that, neither inuyasha x kagome lemon them felt much like running.

kagome lemon x inuyasha

Kagome was not stupid enough to think that this was just a three-time thing, that nothing was going to ever happen from there. I'm currently taking requests on my blog for the inuyasga Days of Witchyness because seriously, guys, I need the time to write. Follow it for details on my upcoming works, inuyasha x kagome lemon of inuyasha x kagome lemon next story That Flesh of Mineand more. Just In All Stories: Story Futa hentai pics Writer Forum Community.

The story of Kagome Higurashi: Who she definitely isn't falling in love with.

lemon kagome inuyasha x

Lmon even a little. Pennies and Dimes Part I Jamie: Why don't they ever make a movie about what happens after they kiss? Her bed, maybe, inuyasha x kagome lemon Ares in it because she was a bit of a slu — "Fuck me, fuck me, oh god I'm— " Kagome flipped to another page.

Haven't you heard that shit's bad for you? Inuyasha x kagome lemon was a lemmon. It was a guy. A very hot and rather attractive guy. And she couldn't just stop. Kagome realized she never even pretended to climax. That wasn't typically a good thing.

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