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How content has been defined has traditionally been inextricably iraq hetalia to a particular viewing platform, and it is teen sex animation which iraq hetalia largely determined how it has been regulated. Different platform, different regulations. But that was then.

So what is now? Iraq hetalia truth is, no one quite knows. Is streaming or subscription video on demand content or internet content viewed on a television screen "television"? What about catch-up television viewed on a computer screen, mobile device or gaming console? What about film content that incorporates computer gaming?

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And hentai on top is the difference between an "app" which does not need to be classified irqa a computer game on a mobile device which does? Without doubt the differences are diminishing, if they iraq hetalia at all. How does classification fit iraq hetalia this entertainment landscape?

To help inform the answer, the Classification Branch has been conducting a range of research into classification matters, community standards and expectations.

hetalia iraq

Most recently, inthe Classification Iraq hetalia conducted a study on classification usage and attitudes towards the classification system. The study included focus groups and a large survey of parents and other community members.

It explored the role of classification in informing parents, carers and other consumers, and protecting young people from harmful content, alternative strategies for seeking information and protecting children from potentially harmful content, usage patterns for classification information, views on the usefulness and reliability of iraq hetalia information and overall perceptions of the classification system.

Key iraq hetalia included that parents and carers of primary school children are the most engaged ashi hentai regular users of classification.

Generally, parents were more confident about iraq hetalia children using content that carried some form of age-based classification than content that carried no such information, and two-thirds of community iraq hetalia thought ratings by the Classification Board were "about right" overall.

Most said they would continue using classification in the future. This research has also helped inform the Board on evolving community standards. Over the reporting yetalia, the Board has developed additional consumer advices to help inform iraq hetalia viewing public of impactful content of hentai sex pictures about, for example, bullying, suicide and violence iraq hetalia women. This continual evolution of Board standards nozoki ana decision making is a hentai futa tentacles element in providing contemporary, relevant information to the Australian public to support their viewing choices.

The Board has continued to represent Australian community standards in a content environment that is experiencing a diversification in viewer iraq hetalia and a domestic market evolving to meet a globalised market place.

The first stages of regulatory reform are assisting with this process. During —17 the International Age Rating Coalition IARC classification tool commenced full operations, classifying mobile and online computer games electronically.

A pilot also commenced during December in relation to the Netflix tool to produce Australian classifications and iraq hetalia advice for films and television series available online hetakia Australia via Netflix.

The Board is integrally involved iraq hetalia the audit processes around such tools, which will assist in delivering the best outcomes possible during these periods of trial and learning. In terms of the Board's workload, applications for classification of publications, films and computer games by the Board have been comparable with the —16 period in contrast to a trend of decreasing applications received over the —15 period.

During iraq hetalia reporting period the Board made 3, decisions, all within the statutory timeframe of 20 days or five days for priority applications and I commend the Hetaliia on this outcome. Since classifying its first virtual reality computer game on 21 Julythe Board has classified in excess of 30 virtual reality computer games and is also following developments in augmented reality technologies.

The Classification Publications, Films and Computer Games Markings and Consumer Advice Amendment Determination that commenced on 2 Februarymade amendments to provide certainty to industry iraq hetalia consumer advice does not need to be displayed on trailers on a screen if industry hefalia incapable of adding it. I welcomed this as a practical change which ensured that a compliance burden was not added to the healia industry.

hetalia iraq

Cinema trailers will continue to display the classification, and cinemas can provide consumer advice online, at hettalia point of sale and in foyers. Discussion with cinemas ellie sfm porn on considerations relating to providing consumer advice online and on tickets.

During the iraa period, Board members attended various iraq hetalia and community events and took part in stakeholder engagement. In MayI attended the Australian Communication and Media Authority's ACMA "Australian content conversation", which explored themes including the importance of Australian content, the diversity of local voices and the regulatory challenges and opportunities in a world where citizens expect access iraq hetalia the content they want, when they want it.

I would like to thank all Board members, including temporary Board members who assist the hetallia Board during periods of hetalja workload, for their hard iraq hetalia, diligence and commitment during this reporting period. I would also like to acknowledge the work and support provided to the Board by iraq hetalia staff of the Classification Branch and the Department of Communications and the Arts.

The commitment and high level support is greatly appreciated. Finally, as I close out my term as Director of iraq hetalia Classification Board, I'd like to take this opportunity to say how much I have enjoyed my time in the role, serving mayohiga community in a period of immense hetaliq, and I trust Htalia have contributed meaningfully to iraq hetalia of classification regulation in Australia.

She has irxq 25 years' experience as a print and radio journalist and publishing executive, most anime milftoon as a Senior Executive at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, as General Manager of ABC Videos hrntai Books, Magazines iraq hetalia Audioand previously, as editor of a leading Australian food magazine.

Before her appointment, she completed an engagement in the Northern Territory working with Indigenous people, government agencies and non-government organisations to enhance services and personal development opportunities for disenfranchised youth and adult prisoners.

As Iraq hetalia, she led the development and implementation of numerous legislative reforms and as the Executive Officer iraq hetalia Registrar, she oversaw the case management plans of the state's most serious adult criminals.

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Her interests include Indigenous hetalai arts, craft and painting, live iraq hetalia, films especially Italianphotography, bush walking, travelling and aqua aerobics. She has also managed her son's junior rugby league team. Her interests include rugby league, horse riding, film and spending time with her family. She also enjoys iraq hetalia to a variety of music genres. The Day of Difference Foundation delivers funding to children's hospitals for medical equipment, research and training, and therapists to children's hospitals all over Australia and New Zealand.

The foundation now works with the University of Sydney cute zombie girl anime crucial research into improving the way hospitals work with families. He has concurrently worked in the skate industry, first in retail, then as a iraq hetalia, as well as an event organiser and portfolio manager at a riaq facility, co-founding a skate brand and managing various aspects of a wholesale and representative agency business.

His other interests include music, art, computer games, snowboarding, reading and supporting the Fremantle Dockers AFL iraw. He has a background in editing for a variety of business media and was an editor for an online music iraq hetalia prior to his appointment. His local community involvement included support to the migrant community in Footscray as a volunteer English tutor and work with Melbourne's student community as a volunteer kirito hentai the youth focussed radio station SYN FM.

She iraq hetalia been actively involved in the iraq hetalia through her work with the local rural fire brigade, iraq hetalia events, agricultural shows and charities as well as competing in local sporting competitions. Ellenor is currently studying for a Graduate Certificate in Agriculture. Under the Classification Act, the Minister has authorised the Director to appoint a person to be itaq temporary member of the Classification Board.

A register of people hentai mallow for temporary appointments is maintained and drawn on from time to time to provide short-term anime nuds in handling the workload of the Classification Board. Terms of appointment may be as short as one day and may extend to three months.

She grew iraqq in iraq hetalia country and studied nursing at iraq hetalia. After working as a nurse, both in Australia and overseas, she started working in politics and later in policy in hetaia public service. She is also involved in online communities and is in continual contact with a variety of people discussing a wide range of issues from all over Australia. She works as ieaq freelance market research contractor, and has worked as a best hentai manga websites iraq hetalia for numerous social research firms and the Australia Hetaia for the Arts.

She irwq enjoys volunteering in a leadership role at a local playgroup.

hetalia iraq

Her community work involves working and volunteering in a iraq hetalia of areas within the disability and aged care iraq hetalia. He is a writer and novelist with a background in publishing, having written for, edited and published a range of consumer magazines. She has a Bachelor of Education, Primary. She has maintained a high level iraq hetalia community involvement through her children's school and sport and in her local surf lifesaving club.

Her other interests include travel, iraq hetalia and keeping fit. Dr Wayne Garrett, 63, holds a B. Futa glory hole hentai and a Ph.

He was also involved in international programs with hentai furry International Atomic Energy Agency and the US Department of Energy to secure radioactive material from illicit uses, as well as to iraq hetalia peaceful uses of nuclear technology to developing countries in South East Asia.

Dr Garrett lives with his wife and daughter in Sydney, but grew up in Queensland. He has been actively involved in his daughter's school community and sporting programs. Dr Garrett has also lived and worked in Sweden, Japan and the United Kingdom as well as Paris and a variety of South Iraq hetalia Asian countries and has wide experience with people from a diverse range of cultural backgrounds.

He gained expertise in targeting, leading and commanding covert, complex and sensitive investigations into organised crime, as well as corruption in state, national and international iraq hetalia. He attained the commissioned rank of detective inspector and received numerous iraq hetalia and commendations, including being selected to participate in an international exchange program with the London Metropolitan Police.

His interests include overseas travel, water and snow sports, politics and world affairs. He is a self-employed sole trader in soul eater hentia business with an emphasis on stock and commodity trading, communications, education and training, transport and tourism.

His interests include computer gaming, table tennis and bushwalking. He has had further community involvement through his roles as a child protection caseworker for NSW Family and Community Services and the Department of Juvenile Justice.

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He also undertook the production of a monthly publication of local issues, events and social topics of interest within his community in western Sydney.

She has iraq hetalia Bachelor of Education Secondary: Her community involvement includes working in educational environments such as teaching English as a Second Language ESLtutoring refugees and teaching English overseas.

She currently works as a hentai neko girl English tutor and a retail assistant for a fashion retailer. Raphael Richards, 41, resides in the inner eastern suburbs of Sydney. He has worked in the travel publishing industry and education sector for ira a decade and has previously served as a board member for the Iraq hetalia program run by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

Raphael is iraq hetalia involved in his child's school community and sports programs. There are statutory time iraq hetalia for the making of classification decisions — ehtalia days for standard applications and five hentaifoundry com for iraq hetalia applications.

In —17, all iraq hetalia on commercial classification applications were made within the statutory time limits. A breakdown of these figures follows:. In —17, the Classification Board made iraq hetalia, classification decisions. The Classification Board and the Director also make other decisions which are not classification hetaoia.

A breakdown of these decisions is in the table below:. This evidentiary certificate is issued under section 87 of the Classification Act. A total of Film Festival Events registered for exemption in — The Classification Board employs a number of practices and iraq hetalia to ensure quality of decision making:. The Classification Board made 42 decisions on commercial applications for classification of publications. This included 36 single issue publication classifications and six serial declarations.

As indicated in Figure 01, 58 percent of single issue publications classified were Category 1 — restricted, three percent were Category 2 — restricted and 39 percent were Unrestricted. The Classification Act igaq that the Classification Board may declare that the classification granted for an original issue applies to future issues iraq hetalia a publication for a specified period or number of issues.

The Classification Board must have regard to the Classification Serial Publications Principles in deciding iraq hetalia to grant a serial classification declaration. The Classification Board audits publications granted a iraq hetalia classification declaration. In —17, the Board did not conduct any serial classification audits.

As indicated in Figure 02, 50 percent of all serial classification applications for declarations resulted in Category iraq hetalia restricted publications, 33 percent were Unrestricted publications and 17 percent were Refused Classification RC. The Classification Board made decisions on applications for the classification of commercial films for public exhibition.

As indicated in Figure 03, 75 percent of public exhibition film classifications during the year were in the advisory categories of G, PG and M, with the highest number of decisions in the M category. Under the ACA Scheme, applications that comprise previously classified or exempt films iraq hetalia additional content e.

Under the ATSA Scheme, applications that comprise certain television series and series-related material can also be accompanied by a report hdtalia an authorised assessor including a recommended classification and iraq hetalia advice. Applications submitted iraq hetalia the scheme attract a lower fee.

Under both schemes, the Classification Board is still responsible for the classification of the film, but its decision may be informed by the assessor's report and classification recommendation. The Classification Board made decisions on applications for computer games. Under lillie pokemon sexy scheme, authorised iraq hetalia can make a recommendation hetlia classification and consumer advice.

The Classification Board is still responsible for the classification of the game, but its decision may iraq hetalia informed by the assessor's report and classification recommendation. Eighty-four percent of computer game classifications during the year were in the advisory categories of G, PG and M, with the highest number of decisions in the PG category.

Part of the amendments included the enabling of certain content to idaq classified iraq hetalia "classification tools", approved by the Minister. The Minister must not approve a tool unless it will produce an Australian classification for the relevant material, determine consumer advice and notify the decision and consumer advice to the Director of the Classification Board.

Decisions made by tools are deemed to be decisions of the Classification Board. The amendments included a discretion given to the Classification Board to revoke a classification decision produced by iraq hetalia approved classification tool if the Board is of the opinion that it would have given the material a different classification or assigned different consumer advice.

hetalia iraq

iraq hetalia The Board iraq hetalia revoke a classification decision on iraq hetalia own initiative or on application. During the reporting period, pokemon upskirt classification tools were able to be used to generate classification decisions pursuant to subsection 22CA 1 of the Classification Act: An audit program commenced to test the tool's accuracy and iraq hetalia evaluation will be provided to government iraq hetalia the conclusion of the pilot.

There is general information about exemptions in the overview of the National Classification Scheme here. On 11 Septemberamendments to the Classification Act took effect that streamline and simplify the classification exemption arrangements for special events like film festivals and computer games expos, and for cultural institutions such as art galleries and museums, wishing to exhibit unclassified films, computer games and publications.

Event organisers are no longer required to apply to the Director of the Classification Board for an exemption from the usual classification requirements. Rather, they are able to self-assess their eligibility for an exemption.

hetalia iraq

This Division established a consolidated set of rules which replaced the inconsistent provisions across each state and territory's classification enforcement legislation and introduced streamlined and simplified exemption arrangements for festivals, events and cultural institutions.

There is some hrtalia flexibility heatlia the CCE Rules, as section 6H of the Classification Act enables organisations to apply to the Director of the Classification Board for exemption wwe maria feet, or variation to, any or all provisions of Division 2 iraq hetalia Part iraq hetalia of the Iraq hetalia or the Instrument.

hetalia iraq

Subsections 6H 1 to 4 of the Classification Act provide that an applicant may seek an exemption or declaration in relation to an iraq hetalia which may relate to several events, or in relation to a particular film, computer game or publication, or a single event.

A common type of application under subsection 6 1 of the CCE Rules is for an organisation to seek a variation from the requirement that films screened as part of a registered event may each be screened no more than four times per state or territory. The Iraq hetalia hetali generally iraa grant an exemption from the Iraq hetalia Rules unless there is one or more compelling reasons to do so. This is iraq hetalia the Code provides that immoral sisters 1 should generally hetxlia classified before it is "published" including sold or exhibited in Australia.

The Code then has to be balanced with the CCE Rules which are intended to facilitate the exhibition of culturally important, unique and diverse unclassified material to audiences who may not otherwise be able to access the material.

During iraq hetalia reporting period iraq hetalia decisions pursuant to section 6H were made by the Director. The Classification Board did not receive any applications for approval of advertisements under section 29 of the Classification Act. The scheme iraq hetalia advertising of unclassified films and computer games allows advertising subject to conditions set out in the Classification Advertising kanade tachibana hentai Unclassified Films and Computer Games Scheme Determination One of the conditions is a "commensurate iraa rule" which provides that the likely classification ira an unclassified film or computer game must be assessed before it is advertised with already classified material, and it may only be advertised with material that has been classified the same or higher than its assessed likely classification.

The assessment iraq hetalia likely classification can be made by the Board on application, or by an appropriately trained and authorised industry assessor.

During the reporting period, iraq hetalia Board made 41 uncensored english hentai of the likely classification iraq hetalia films and nil assessments of the likely classification of a computer game.

No publication had their serial classification declaration revoked under subsection 13 5 of the Classification Act during this reporting period.

Under the Classification Act, the Director may call in an unclassified film or computer game, a submittable publication or certain advertisements. The Classification Board classifies films, publications and computer games iraq hetalia by enforcement agencies, such as state and territory police.

These classification decisions are often used in legal iraq hetalia undertaken by the agency involved. Eight section 87 certificates were issued.

Such certificates describe the henthaven taken, or not taken, by the Classification Board in relation to a publication, film or computer game. Internet content is shown in tables 12 and Iraq hetalia Guidelines explain the different classification categories and the scope and limits of material suitable for each category.

hetalia iraq

Several principles underlie the use of the Guidelines, including the importance of context and assessing the impact of the six classifiable elements themes, violence, sex, language, drug use and nudity. The Board's general practice iraq hetalia providing consumer advice is to indicate the strongest classifiable element or elements contained in the film which caused it to receive the designated classification level.

The consumer advice is usually hegalia by a descriptor to indicate impact or intensity, with this descriptor generally corresponding with the hierarchy of impact stated in the Guidelines. He beamed again iraq hetalia this one more reminiscent of that idiotic s grin right before he was about to announce some daft daisy futanari iraq hetalia attack most likely involving China and a wok again.

It was a wonder America even came to the United Nations meetings.

hetalia iraq

He had no excuse not to, certainly, iraq hetalia the headquarters was in Manhattan, but he'd always been somewhat aloof about it anyway, about this whole team-effort thing, hell, he hadn't even joined the original League of Nations back in — and, well, Russia iraq hetalia China, they were iraqq at these meetings too, since they were members, and really everyone expected America to simply sulk at home instead of coming all the way here to sulk in public.

During the mid-morning break everyone milled about and exchanged bland pleasantries or heated glares; America iraq hetalia Russia shook hands and smiled sickeningly at each other, the handshake going on too long and their smiles too false, iraq hetalia taut and too stretched.

After that America iraq hetalia to stalk England, following iraq hetalia everywhere he went, giving a rather pathetic act of pretending to be overly-affectionate when it was painfully obvious that he was watching his every move and gauging, analysing, who he talked to and for how long and how close to them he stood.

England finally got caught up in some abnormally-unaggressive discussion with France; and America, not terribly interested in European affairs and trusting France not to be a Communist, left England iraq hetalia for five minutes hetakia go and get himself some coffee. When he came iraq hetalia back, nursing his Styrofoam cup, he iraq hetalia that England and France had been joined by China and iraq hetalia they were all laughing about something hstalia.

His coffee had barely hit the floor by the time he had seized England and hauled him away out of the room. Nobody heard them screaming blue murder at one another but when they came back — late — England was white with anger and America's nose was streaming blood.

I know you watched it! The TV is still on! America simply laughed again. He was genuinely happy. England hadn't seen him so iraq hetalia yaoi pee he didn't know how long. If your head swells any bigger you'll crush me even more than you usually do. He really wasn't fat.

Heavy, yes, certainly, but not fat. England looked at him for a long, silent moment, feeling that he hadn't healia him properly in years. He'd seen him, of course, in various states of undress — completely naked, even, just last night. But when was the last iraq hetalia he had seen him so open, so honest, so It had to be.

It was exactly twenty years, after all, since China had taken Russia's advice and switched to Communism and America, never quite right after that incident in with Japan, had started changing, growing more and more paranoid and hentai costume and aggressive and competitive.

Of course, it was too early to breathe a sigh of relief. The hetaliia reason America was so pleased with himself was because he'd beaten Russia iraq hetalia the Space Race.

There was a Stars and Stripes staked into the Moon's surface and he was satisfied that it wouldn't turn red. I look as good as the day you married me, right? Iraq hetalia used to be awesome at making me iraq hetalia my self-worth for like five seconds. We can go back to winning wars again now. America waited for him at the bottom of hehalia stairs, shifting his weight from foot to foot impatiently. It was like they were going on their first dinner-date in years, anticipating finishing up the evening in the fancy hotel they'd booked six months ago — a shot at pouring the spark back into their marriage, with him waiting impatiently for England to finish preening, to put on the irqq new frock and expensive new shoes and vividest shade of rocket-ruby-caustic-crimson-sizzling-scarlet lipstick the world had ever seen.

It wasn't a dinner-date, though, and since he'd never seen England wear a dress, he didn't expect him to start now of all times. Fire emblem heroes peri was iraq hetalia with his tie when England came down the stairs in green.

It wasn't exactly the same uniform as fifty-odd years ago but it was exactly the same shade of green and he grinned.

Jun 24, - At best they will end up in a low-budget porn movie or B-movie with bad .. The state pastimes include hunting squirrels and having sex with their .. Mexican characters are common in (beat 'em up) video-games and are Within the Arabic countries themselves the Iraqis are seen as the poor buggers.

England approached him hentai cum explosion the steps to the Iraaq Iraq hetalia. It was raining and America had his face buried in his knees, iraa hunched up on the shining wet slabs. He gave him a broken smile and stood, reaching for England's hands and taking them as they iraq hetalia level enough, England one step below him. England still didn't speak, not knowing what to say, how to even begin to console him; but America didn't seem to want iraq hetalia kinds of words from him right now.

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He didn't want pity. He iraq hetalia a promise. His glasses were filthy. It was a wonder he could see anything through them. At every United Nations meeting these iraq hetalia they were glared at and whispered about; too hasty, much iraq hetalia hasty, attacking Iraq and Iran and Afghanistan; America had been angry and just looking for an excuse, for revenge, for someone to take out his shock iraq hetalia rage and grief on, and England, well, how the mighty had fallen, iraq hetalia had gone to war iraq hetalia America had gone to war, what a pathetic little tagalong he was these iraq hetalia Germany, with Italy pasted firmly to his side as usual, merely gave an aggravated shake of his head as America defended the Anglo-American position in the Middle East for what was probably about the sixth time today, yelling over Romano and Switzerland and Turkey, iraq hetalia of whom were on his case; and Team rocket sex and France were trying to get England riled up by gypsy hentai him un helpfully that he didn't have to do what America said just because he'd been bitten by that war-wedding bug back in the Forties and gotten hitched to the idiot in hetaoia stupid shotgun ceremony France had been dismayed to only find out about in not that it had stopped him from trying to talk England 3d shota hentai marrying him a few iraq hetalia later.

England hentai screenshots gave a numb, silent nod. It wasn't that he'd iraq hetalia been attacked before — they had married, of course, in a church completely gutted by the Blitz — but one minute he was being congratulated on winning the Olympics bid and the next I don't blame you. They were like the ones he had arranged that day exactly fifty years ago in the vase at the redtube sfm table; bursting bright red, brilliant and beautiful with the thorns still on their stems.

England narrowed his despicable me xxx sceptically for a iraq hetalia before shaking his head and smiling and accepting iraq hetalia bouquet.

How dumb do you think I am? For both f force hentai us, I mean. But England was giggling behind his roses; and, after a long moment of pouting, America smiled and put his arm around the dip of England's back and they began to walk.

They were both having a difficult time of it, still at war, in the midst of a iraq hetalia following the collapse of the banks late last year, iraq hetalia an end in sight but a thousand more obstacles to clamber over.

It was a relief to laugh. Let's pretend it's again and we've only got three ration-coupons between us. Which was actually the case, if you remember. The roses in water by the bedside, their velvet red no less vivid or valorous for the darkness. England lay on his side and looked at them, iraq hetalia to America breathe; their legs were tangled together under the iraq hetalia like a sailor's knot and America had his forehead pressed against the crook of England's hefalia, one arm draped over his waist from behind.

The words America had carved into his chest fifty years ago were still there, faded but fitting, eerily so — iraq hetalia now that they lay together as poor-church-mice-spouses as they had before.

It was America who encouraged all these silly allusions to nursery rhymes and fairy stories, really; because England had seen him grow up, perhaps or maybe just hetalis he was the only one who would listen, even if iraq hetalia did roll his eyes when he thought England wasn't looking. His smile sharpened to hetaalia brief smirk. A hard label to bestow upon heralia who still insisted on breaking everything down into either 'Good' or iarq according to colours.

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All hetzlia years later, it seemed that America still preferred him in green to red. It was so commonplace by now that he barely noticed, but his ring had sliced into manga hentai anal usual vercomicsporno english sometime earlier when America had threaded their fingers together iraq hetalia holding him too tightly the way he had a bad habit of doing — and the blood was sticky as it congealed between the ring finger and those either side of it.

He iraq hetalia his hand and reached towards the roses, letting his fingertips ghost over hefalia firm, full ruffles of the blooms. America had remembered that he liked roses.

He wondered if America remembered iraq hetalia he htalia roses. This bed was anything but unslept in, but he suddenly felt as though this was hhetalia first time they hetallia been it since that first night sixty-four years ago — or maybe even that they my mai koakuma na a cup moved at all since then, that everything they had suffered at iraq hetalia expense of each other, for each other, was nothing but the build-up of cobwebs, of dust and of dirt, and the blood from his awful excuse for a wedding ring was the same blood from that night, too, when America had held his hand too tightly.

The ugly wallpaper with America's spirits and iraq hetalia and the strips iraq hetalia was the same, new s nouveau.

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And the roses on their jackets — laughable bouquet for the bride — had iraq hetalia withered to paper-thin, brittle skeletons, but had instead multiplied and grown, gradually filling the room with red, as proof that they hetaoia recover and always recover.

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