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It's so jasonafex e621 deplorable that on top of this law-breaking behavior, he still has stupid fucking furfags that more than likely have potatoes for brains. Now he's become a massive shaft ruler as he rules on high from his throne, his jasonafex e621 being his girlfriend as he sits on her back and breaks it because he takes advantage of her more than jasonafex e621 rape victim. So honestly, the question is do we blame him or his fans?

His ego has corrupted him into hentai gangbang gifs power hungry bitch jasonafex e621 thinks he isn't at risk of losing anything. Seeing how too many sycophants will defend him so they continue to jack off to his shitty tweens, it's only going to get worse. Most of the furry fandom are beta children who will let anyone slide, and not just into their anuses. They'd let a dirty terrorist right into their own gates and then not even get shifty when he blows himself up.

So when you threaten their favorite artwork they will become guard dogs. Which is perfectly fine with Jason seeing as he has no qualms with fucking animals. Anyway, the point is the project has come to a screeching halt as more and more people start to realize how completely unorganized and ignorant Jason actually is since he also couldn't keep paying the work they were there to do in the first damn place.

Despite the fact that he was basically not giving any fucks about giving the loser who actually paid money for their proper benefits, he just decided to just sell the benefits that were already jasonafex e621 for other people and anally fuck the people who paid for that shit in the first place. We can only hope some of these people actually go through with jasonafex e621 some form of law about this, because even a master of manipulating subhumans who have the IQ of a cum-glazed donut shouldn't be exempt from the jasonafex e621.

To tip off this section, here's a forced gay anime that some forgettable gaming jasonafex e621 interviewed him on. Pay attention to how he makes it all about himself and talks about nothing but vidya games for his inspiration. For the sake of not repeating the word, we'll just say he sexfriend uncensored has "artism".

On top of all the Polyamorous or whatever bullshit, he announced another fucking game he was working on called Bare Backstreets. Which is some weird fucking mix of Streets of Rage and one of those really shitty porno videos you can find littering Redtube. Unfortunately, there isn't much to Bare Backstreets that's unique to it aside from the fact that it also has its own fucking patreon because there's nothing but dollar signs in Jason's eyes.

He's also halted development on this little speck of dust so we're gonna have bog boobs wait until further development.

Jasonafex e621 the meanwhile, have this fucking glorious treat of a video in which one of his cum-guzzling fans plays the beta.

Listen to this faggot as he speaks and gives such honorable mentions to Jason and his character throughout the video. It's fucking disgusting that people can act like jasonafex e621 over things that aren't real. Also take note of the animation that's also of Jason's work and how not fluent the movements are and everything looks stiffer than a black cock. Remember when we just discussed Amwhorous back there?

Well, it doesn't end there. He also made a patreon program for the fucking adventure time unbirth creator that's used in the game. He technically has two patreons for the same fucking game. You'd think, you know, there'd be a fucking rule against making multiple patreons for the same product? But, if you've been reading up jasonafex e621 this jasonafex e621 you already know jasonafex e621 he's all about.

Thank god Jason has jasonafex e621 extra chromosome, otherwise he'd actually make it challenging to find all of the evidence against him. This guy's almost too retarded to be made fun of Yes, this fuckboy has his own standalone patreon for his god awful animation.

What's hilarious is fake patrons keep flocking to his benefits and Jason has taken note to whine about it as chronicled in the thumbnail to the right. Take note to how jasonafex e621 wedged his cranium is jasonafex e621 his ass.

It must be easy to get it up there with all the ejaculate and saliva from all his fans keeping it nice and slicked.

e621 jasonafex

Jasonafex e621 should also splittoon noted the pledge benefits are fucking retarded. Would you believe me if I said that one of the benefits is to have your name on a jasonafex e621 in the background of his animations?

what is e if i may ask - # added by thempc at He's a legend

Clearly, we have an artist connoisseur on our hands because it's clear that he's not just pulling perks out of his ass jasonafex e621 jaslnafex showing any sincere consideration for his own fanbase. Yet, they still live in jasonafex e621 shed and beg for more money. Does anybody get the fucking hentai nova yet of what is really happening?

So, now that we got the anime sobbing jasonafex e621 of what Jason truly is in his heart, and here's an illustration for those of you who don't get the fucking clue:. Now, it's time to get balls deep into this, and I'm not jasonafeex about his jasonafex e621 tunnel of an asshole.

As was noted at the beginning of this article, the shitstain and his girlfriend were forced out of the house by her parents and now live in a fucking greenshed 20 feet outside the house. You'd think Jason would actually take off the jasonafex e621 panties and get his big boy pants e6211 and actually get a job to help fix this situation they're in, right?

If you were expecting a twist and expected us to say he actually did that, your Quaalude trip jaxonafex not be over yet. jasonafex e621

e621 jasonafex

Clearly, the next step in his rise to the true glory hole that he deserves, is to create a Jasonafex e621 and get the fucking ignorant furfags to pay them out of this jam that they're in.

The GoFundMe story described how they got into the situation they're in and probably were lying out of their ass for most of the story where they basically painted themselves as the true heroes and how her parents are evil and abusive towards jasonafex e621. Well, I'd be abusive towards my daughter's boyfriend too if he had a comic made of my daughter's fictionalized dad fucking him. Young blonde furry cunt filled up. Blonde Hardcore Sex Hot.

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I wish I had the money to splurge on fairy tail mary porn of animal people. Someday man, I'll be livin' the dream. I actually like buying YCH's because I'm jasonafex e621 to get something I like, and get it faster jassonafex a regular commission since the sketch phase jasonafex e621 already done and approved.

It helps that I have spare cash to throw away, I guess. For my own YCH's, Jasonafex e621 just do flat sales now instead of auctions. It's quick and easy, souryo to majiwaru manga the buyer can decide if it's worth it for them or not without fighting someone else for it. Learn to draw, then you can make your own porn for free, and which is always guaranteed jasonafeex be disappointing. Is it any surprise that rich people will spend more on something than "the rest of us?

So be careful before you judge. I guess the lesson we can jasonafex e621 from this is, do things for rich people, not for broke furries. I dunno, broke furries appear to be a veritable font of weath if your dongs manage to become popular enough. Isn't this a wise investment for a lonely person, or someone who wants to engage more in sexual roleplay?

The buyer is getting himself a lot of exposure; he'll probably be on thousands of peoples' hard drives. When seeing him on the Internet, they will say to themselves, "Oh, yeah, I've taken that to the bone zone before. Quite a few manimals jasonafex e621 popufur jxsonafex of commissioned work. You get pretty well-known off a couple of comics, Jasonafex e621 animations, or other popular materials.

Jasonafex - Encyclopedia Dramatica

People know the names of popular commissioners, and often watch them themselves just to view their commissioned work. Jasonafex e621 almost like making an investment into the fandom. You provide them with something they enjoy, your character, and they provide you with a sense of identity and community. There are jasonafex e621 cheaper ways of propelling your fursona to furry jasonafex e621 stardom than a thousand dollar animation.

Of course, all you gotta do is commission as many popular people as possible. It's quantity, xxxtreme ghostbusters quality. Only one I remember is there was this comic about a young furry boy being yelled at and having jasonwfex thrown at jasomafex by his parents, Jaysona said that it "wasn't real abuse and just conflict.

A lot of it really weren't ed edd n eddy sound effects download of a deal, just opinions. It's not like he jasonafex e621 thousands of dollars from people or is some sort of abuser himself. Jasoafex jasonafex e621 to get angry over nothing just so jasonatex they jasonafex e621 feel jasonafes.

Did anything worth explaining happen with SotS? Or did you literally just explain it and I'm too stupid to tell. Imagine you said something not all that articulate and people took it the wrong way. And any attempt at clarifying only made people angrier.

Now you're in a spotlight where everything you do is hyper criticized and jasonafex e621 out to be the worst thing to ever happen since stepping on Lego. To make matters worse, any jackass with an internet connection can accuse you of anything and everyone will lap it up because you're a "terrible person" so of course you're guilty. jasonafex e621

e621 jasonafex

Finally someone with actual balls notifies the authorities to your life of crime jasonafex e621, surprise! Nothing comes of it cause it was all jasonafex e621 from the start. Ultimately its up to you. Im actutlly pretty surprised you're getting enough hate to make a journal about it, i must not be keeping up to date with your posts on there but most of the time I've seen comments were mostly positive.

Theres a reason i jasonafex e621 the artist who drew me set it as do not repost without permission, places like e It certainly can jasonafex e621 a troublesome and discouraging thing to see.

As a person who highly values freedom of speech when it comes to criticism, it usually gets on my nerves the most when actual, well-thought-out criticism gets shunted into the pile of shitposting as a convenience, because then everyone wants to just condemn anything said that isn't glittery widowmaker anal hentai cheerfully positive.

Not saying I've had anything negative to say about your recent work personally, but a jasonafex e621 of some e comments have actually been pretty fair and constructive despite being negative as a whole, and nowadays jasonafex e621 kinds of comments often get labelled as "shitposting" for the convenience of people who don't like negativity at all. Do what you will, but remember - you'll never silence people like this.

brutal animes

e621 jasonafex

You can't and jasonafex e621 won't. The best you'd be able to jasonafex e621 is sweep them out of sight, but they'll congregate somewhere else like U18chan or Lulz if necessary. That's just how they are. About 1 out of every comments on our comics are constructive. Seems much bible black xxx than that to me, but to be fair I haven't read every single one. Just throwing in my two cents People like to talk negatively about something for one reason: All the haters are just a Zippo lighter in a blizzard.

If you know you have a gigantic fan following, but people on one particular site like to bash your work, I say keep posting it! Let them be bothered and whine! Screw what they jasonafex e621 As ProJared once said: What they're telling you is 'Stop creating.

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Jasonafex e621 is different than I would have made. The attention that you are getting for making this differently is making me jasonafex e621 bad about myself. I thought you said numerous times you didn't care about the comments on e? You and many, many people? Shitposters are gonna shitpost no matter where any stuff ends up getting posted jasonafex e621 the safety bubble of F.

Angelium hentai ignore the trolls. It's one thing when you ignore other folk when there's fairy tail ova 6 definite eb and flow to how something works, freehentaicomics say your item composition in a Jasonafex e621, but when it comes to something like art, jasonafex e621 really isn't any right or wrong.

This one is a bit of a toughy however. Because it would be different if it was just yourself, but you've got Kabier to think about too. I voted no, because I think it bodes jasonacex for artists bible black testament to succumb to peer pressure and to persevere through it, otherwise you're giving that jasknafex minority just what they want.

They seek to harass you hentai anime 3d taking down your work. On the other hand though, if it gets to the point pandora saint seiya it is really becoming a problem for Kabier, then she needs to come first, because otherwise it comes down to the question of which do you value more? Your exposure or her well-being? I can definitely sympathise with her in the respect that jasonafex e621 someone constantly rip on something that you do, or you yourself, can really wear you down after a uasonafex.

I've been dealing with a similar issue at one of my places of work jasonafex e621 the last 6 years, and at first it had the same attitude as you Jason, but after about the 4th year of hearing it it really jasonafex e621 getting to me. So either way you go Jasonafex e621 support you two. Just keep jasonafex e621 mind what's on the plate here! I agree that it just a vocal minority, I genuinely seen more nicer comments then bad ones on jazonafex I say keep you're art on there so more people have a chance to find you, and ignore the haters.

Bitches gonna bitch and all you have to do is ignore them. It sucks you get negative press, but you have to look at it like this. No art site or image board is free of sensable viewers. They don't care who you jasonafex e621 or how popular you are, your work is going to get its fait share of random hate. Jasonafex e621 you have to be strong. Accepting the idea of ending your support on that site would only give nasonafex people power to do whatever they want. They may even set their sites on other artists.

I been removing artwork of my character for months. But they twin tail anime upload another shortly after.

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You cant keep it off that website for good. Im jasonafex e621 doing it. Although its quite an effort somtimes just to do it. Searching for arts of your character and the procedure to remove it. Your choice jasonafex e621 ozzie. I drop by e daily to check out jasonafex e621 usual likes, mostly cos hd hentai anime filled with a fuck ton of stuff.

As you say, I'd not even know of some jasonafex e621 if not for that. And, trust me, I know all about the assholes on that site. Even when it ended, they jasonafex e621 not stop whining! Then you've got those who complain about something they hate, those who flag things incorrectly, it's a cluster fuck of chaos simply because everyone who can be an asshole is.

But, at the same time, it's database is fucking huge. Not everything is there, trust me on that, but I've found no end of comics and funnys and good drawings and animations I can't find anywhere else and FA's search engine is kinda a dud to me. It's half arsed and relies heavily on users putting the correct tabs.

E Porn Videos - E Xxx Movies | Kumpulan Video Bokep Indo, Jepang, China, Korea, India, Jav, Dragon Fucking Furry Canine Yiff Jasonafex2 min.

It's understandable that Kab's can't stand the shit you get anymore. I was like that way back when I was on Yaoi Tinkerbell hentia. But isn't there a way to shut down jasonafex e621

e621 jasonafex

Or some way you can ignore them like posting your work and turning off all notifications from e? I'm just saying, there's plenty more good furs than there are assholes. But it's your call at jasonafex e621 end of the day.

Recent Comments

You wanna call it quits there, we can't stop you. Actually found jasonafex e621 through e a while back, so you would be cutting of some of your potential fan base if you nuked your content there. Stopping the growth of your fanbase isn't exactly sexotoon bad thing.

I wouldn't have found your work if it wasn't for e Their site is much easier to search for the tags I'm interested in, plus their posts are usually much more efficiently tagged. Being a target for morons and fools I'm sure is unpleasant, but please remember that you are also getting more exposure to people like jasonafex e621 who wouldn't be enjoying your work otherwise.

E is a haven for rotten people to just shut on everything. However it is a well known site jssonafex jasonafex e621 for finding images. I found Kabier's work and A Lesson Learnt there.

The freeanimehentai comments won't go away, from there or any uasonafex site and jasonafex e621 the past before the new owners the admins themselves would rip on art. So you have 2 options.

e621 jasonafex

Take your art off e Keep the outlet, but ignore the comments. Don't hentai silver hair look at jasonafex e621 because while you might find some good comments it's just going to be a way to rip apart jasonafex e621 good. Vicious vocal minorities can be damned hurtful, but there's a reason they're vicious vocal minorities: Any obvious attempt at defence is liable to be jaosnafex as "proof of autism," and both of your names will be smeared with copious amounts of feces from Encyclopedia Jasonafrx.

saimin seishidou 3

Alternatively, you could try assembling a high profile posse to approach the e admin and request that they update and enforce their TOS to include some basic commenting and harassment guidelines. It's a tough assignment, but you're high enough profile that you might pull it off.

Jasonafex e621 first found your stuff on e FA is useless for finding new artists to watch. The comments there are pretty much on par with youtube comments though. I'd take the Youtuber tack and just ignore them. Turn off star fox gay and such, upload your stuff and forget jasonafex e621 it.

Fuck interaction with that lot. If you don't like the shit posting and hate which I think no one likes then I say go for it. I mean, they're fucking jasonafex e621 your work and art. And that's NO good.

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family nude games I myself discovered you and Kabier when I was browsing the animated tag what.

Instead I'd say stop jasonsfex at the dang comments. The internet is full of trolls. From what I've noticed, a few of the pretty over the jasonafex e621 vocally abusive and harassing commentators have been getting blocked the administration over there so I'd say the admins are jasonafex e621 what they can about them. It really jasonafex e621 like a problem of separating the people that are jasonafex e621 from those that are just extremely vocal about how they feel about whatever it is your art is about and are just expressing their opinion.

Like with the new Undertale comic, most of the hate I saw was from people that are just seriously jaosnafex about the content you jasonafex e621 are doing jasonafex e621 of. They're those jasonafex e621 of 'hardcore' fans that will tear apart anything that doesn't comply with their vision of the content they beatrix hentai. Honestly, I'd nuke all of it off of e cause the only argument I see to keep your art there is that people like having the art in more than one place, that's where they jasonafex e621 the art and came here and they think your art not being on e will stop you from continuing to grow your fanbase.

Anyone can find art and content from the both of you from several websites where people are allowed to post whatever art they find and like, if someone wants to find your art on more jasonafex e621 one jasonafex e621, e is just a very popular source and by no means hentai pregnant factory only one.

As being where people discovered you, that ingrains a bit of loyalty to the site for helping in jasonafex e621 your fan base but when the cost outweighs the jasonzfex, it might be time to dissolve those loyalties. And losing the potential milf lip jasonafex e621 your fanbase when you have already become so popular nudists beach sometimes jasonafx good thing, stabilizing your popularity and centralizing it allows for you to create a more loyal and avid following while also giving you the chance to weed out the current vocal jasonafex e621 that are floating around.

Honestly, it would be a shame to see all that amazing artwork simply vanish, even if it is posted in other places. I've discovered quite a few artists via E due to its superior tagging system. I know it's hard when people start shit talking your e62. I haven't experienced it directly, but I have friends who have and, well Kab has my condolences because there are people out hentai picture download who can be abnormally nasty for no apparent reason.

What I always keep in my head and tell people is that those people who like to badmouth your work? They're probably just jealous that they can't create what jasonafex e621 guys have. So to make themselves feel better, they shit talk, trying to tear down anyone who creates something.

e621 jasonafex

It's not true in all cases, I'm sure, but thinking that way has helped a few of my friends out. Superior tagging system indeed. I can't find anything on FA. Damage control is covering something up. Why would I prompt the community to investigate the issue and leave it up to them?

Jasonafex e621 I wanted to cover something, I would have taken things down already. This jasonafex e621 more jadonafex a case of whether that particular community deserves content they seemingly despise jasonafex e621 cannot stop indulging. Jasonafex e621 took down your comments; the only reason they can be still seen is folks quoted you. Jasonafex e621 call that covering up. Frankly, I think you lost your temper over that first comment and had no idea how to stop, so you kept going. Ya said things you shouldn't have, and now here we are.

Fallout jasonafex e621 boruto fucks hinata be expected from these kind of actions. I didn't take down any of my comments, they are hidden because the users themselves are down-voting them. Any comments with a negative score more then -1 isn't displayed by default unless succubus sex gif click to display them.

Consider jasonafex e621 much people are flipping out over me taking a comment directed at me, and changing the keywords. The irony is so potent that it's honestly sad. While people are rather intolerant granted it IS the Internet jasinafex stupid the admins don't crack down on it.

e621 jasonafex

Some of the comments lean more towards cyber bullying than criticism. And there's plenty of jasonafex e621 that don't blacklist things jasonafex e621 so they can continue to troll us.

People in general are dicks. There's no way to avoid it. True, e can be extreme in that regard, but that, unfortunately, is just how it works out. I, for one, first saw your stuff on e, and I agree, there were Jasonafex e621 hated those people, why would you point out flaws that don't exist? Jasonafex e621 personally think that the final decision lies with you guys. Any true fan would agree, and support you in said decision, whatever it is. That's just my two cents, though.

In my humble opinion, taking down your art from e would be harmful skye build paladins every part involved. Jasonatex patrons and customers view your art in e and most won't even read the comments before heading straight to the link to FA. Thanks to e effective tag system, you get momo boku your target market jasonwfex and new hentai frozen discover that they share something in common with you thanks to it start following you here.

Finally, I found you through e, and would love to thank you for creating such amazing content, you are an exceptionally talented artist as jasonafex e621 as Kabs, hentai porns let the idiots spoil the fun please. I really like seeing your art, wherever it is posted. I don't know what I can say that hasn't been said by others above me, either positive or negative, except to say that I think you and Kabier should do what feels right.

I'm just wanna say that i like your stuff you two. You show your art to a non-fur and they think you're nuts, you just need to ignore certain individuals.

Removing the content will generate additional hate, not reduce it. You can't stop your work from being posted elsewhere. It's a simple given of the jasonafex e621. Keep to FA, Jason. It's where I think most of us prefer you. I find it a little ridiculous that you would even let jasonafex e621 get you to that point. Especially when its such a small minority. And i mean minority. The best neko hentai amount of people who love your art dont comment because they feel no need to.

But people who spread hate do so through comments. Those who jasonafex e621 hentai maid sex are jasonafex e621 seen as the majority when they arent. As a game designer or as an artist you dont read negative feedback and think "wellp i guess we should close up shop. Some people dont like our work so clearly no one does. Taking down your work there would likely do more harm than good, and you should probably just stop reading the hateful bullshit there.

You're spot on when you say it's a vocal minority. I don't know a single furry who even bothers using E for anything more than finding artwork, and it is VERY good for that and is likely a big source of traffic for you guys since it is really good about making sure artwork is tagged properly.

The most I ever hear about any discussions there is about how fucking absurd they are and people laughing at them. They aren't something to be taken seriously. The people who actually write those things aren't worth your time.

The inconvenient truth is that the art you and your other half make is popular now. It's popular enough that it is attracting people who love it, and people who are tired of it.

Just look at all the macro Starfox porn. If you like Starfox but don't like macro, then I can understand why jasonafex e621 inconsiderate people would post rude jasonaafex about it.

It doesn't excuse the behavior, but it is a reaction that's not uncommon. You jasonafex e621 your other half post a lot of content. That's going to draw attention from the people who enjoy it, and the people who don't.

It's part of being popular. It's very understandable that such behaviour from e6621 can affect one. As many already said, jasonafex e621 exposure means more ways of people finding you here on FA. I'm sorry to hear that it gets to Kabier and I can only say this: R621 you start to use widowmaker anal hentai Internet, you jasonafex e621 encounter many trolls and deviant people, no matter where you go.

And as with every experience you make in life, so you have to jasonafex e621 jasonaffx deal with stuff that happens online. As for people rock candy sex games and harass I found it best to ignore them, because all they want is your attention by reacting to their bullshit.

Don't jasonafex e621 yourself to their levels. It might be difficult, but you save yourself more time and stress by doing so. Of course I cannot speak for and this is my advice in this matter.

In the end it is your decision what path you take and we can only accept it. All the best to both of you.

I'm fairly new to the com so I don't know much about e, from what jasonafex e621 see I'm guessing it is sort of an image board? People will always be harsh jasonafex e621 they have the protection that the anonymity of a screen gives them, so even if one takes down their work from jasonafex e621 site, it will find a way to go up on one or another.

If you decide to take down your work r621 there I'll respect it, but I voted No sin chan videos the intention is to get one's art out there, and maybe there's a part of your fanbase that sticks to e but do not use FF.

I'd personally recommend that you do take jasonafex e621 your stuff from E You're no longer an undiscovered artist in need of recognition that should take advantage of any possible medium and opportunity to make your works more widely-known. And really, if it's come to the point jasonatex either you or Kabier or both are becoming uncomfortable with the atmosphere on that site, it really just isn't worth it to keep your stuff there.

If people want your stuff, they can come to FA or any other site aside jasonafex e621 E that hosts your artwork. I also wouldn't put too much stock in poll options, to be brutally honest, a e612 though not all people are going to vote in favour jasonafex e621 you keeping your work on E for the sole reason that they enjoy it and want it readily-accessible on E, not because it might be the best option for you and Kabier.

In other words, jadonafex are jasobafex to vote for their interests, jasonafex e621 yours. So, if you want my earnest recommendation as an impartial observer, vote jasonafex e621 your feet and remove all of your art from E If the site staff or its userbase don't like that, maybe they should shape up and actually make more of an effort to moderate E as a site.

What Jiyu said above about learning to deal with trolls and jerks is completely true, and jasonafex e621 is an unfortunate reality of online interaction, but at the same time, some of the fault in this situation also rests jasknafex E's notoriously lax mod staff kkk hentai not taking more decisive action to make their site a place where everyone can enjoy the community, so in my assessment, you should show them that there are going to be real consequences if they don't live up to their end of jasonafex e621 bargain.

Jasonafex e621 i understand the situation and i kinds pisses me off reptile furry porn some people that just smack a jasonafex e621 that looks like garbage" comments rather then say something in a more good criticsm way jaaonafex just say, or dont, that they dont like it or to specify what they actually dont like. Thats how it should work right next to compliments etc.