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When searching by text. Results are limited to my little pony doujinshi first 5 pages, but you can dig deeper using the selections above. You xoujinshi for an aventon and you do not have how to pay? Well the old reliable always cleveland show gif here another comic in which we show i….

Art can be demonstrated in any way today, my little pony doujinshi queen blade airi this blog to the pictures of this mare and especially his way hebtao "inspirat….

We have visitors from the other side of the mirror but in jy end Spike seems not to notice much the difference, let alone hi…. It is my little pony doujinshi time of the year again and I do not mean Christmas but at the moment of praising his solar majesty, and this time …. Are you bored and you have absolutely nothing to dooujinshi Well, let Futashy come and fuck you in the ass, just like Twi does in th…. Feels like a never ending story if you ask me, Anon and twilight sounds like a good couple to 8muse milftoon a story with, without much limitations, as in nothing is holding back from the sex, or the twisted t ….

Not sure if this littpe uploaded but i'm uploading it anyway Continuation of hoof beat 1. Rarity needs to teach Flutter Shy a lesson on dressing.

pony my doujinshi little

Wile giving her a punishment. You just my little pony doujinshi to stumble upon this mt special boo- uh, I mean, album. If you're interested to look in…. Tag List A community since April 3, Date Night My Little Pony: Foujinshi Is Magic of pictures: Friendship Is Magic 21 pictures.

Rarity 10hr My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic of pictures: Actually, pants are canon. Anyways, My little pony doujinshi feel that, as a guy, I can help provide some insight as to why Spike is litttle way he is.

And now we look dbz sex videos Spike. He is exactly like many young boys; interested in everything. My little pony doujinshi, look at his social environment. Instead of being surrounded by a society that demands he act a certain way, he finds himself surrounded and raised almost exclusively by mares.

I think this avenue of thought was also explored in episode 21 of season 2, Dragon Quest. It explored how Spike fit in with other dragons who were raised in a very different environment than Spike himself. While the other dragons may have shown nothing but disapproval for his more feminine attributes, if this was a real life scenario then, as a guy, I can say with my little pony doujinshi confidence that they, doujinhi if just on a subconscious level, were jealous of his freedom from social pressure.

Nightmare Moon just seemed more like a retelling of the Biblical parable of the prodigal son. I thought that Chrysalis the Changeling Queen was more evil than Discord. I think you have to be pornhub mantis x a fan or someone with douhinshi knowledge of Brony culture to understand this.

One week I became moderately obsessed when I discovered that fanfiction existed for doujinsyi imaginary pairing of a penguin and an otter from Attack on titan historia hentai Penguins of Madagascar cartoon.

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Because you went there: I used to ship Spongebob and Patrick together especially when they were raising a baby scallop together. This show is so amazingly queer; I love it. To quote David Bowman in The Year We Make Contact: Thank my little pony doujinshi, Autostraddle, for encouraging me to become even nerdier and weirder than I already am Doujnshi just got over my Kingdom Hearts my little pony doujinshi obsession about a year ago.

The bronies are actually pretty racist. There were definitely some pretty vile responses to humanized fanart of ponies that depicted them as POC. That said, this show is the absolute best, and the few times I watched it Bike hentai ended up interpreting every single main pony as gay. Because hentai high school wiki mind is awesome like that.

Yeah, I saw some people making comments like that on POC humanized ponies on Tumblr and it made my little pony doujinshi sad.

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The other races, not nearly as much. Though there are some, not all bronies are racist. Ok, I probably should have specified, hentai key flash game about that. I loved the one with Rainbowdash and Fluttershy totally spies sam nude those awesome leather jackets! This my little pony doujinshi is great too! You might like this Tumblr! A thorough article that runs the gamut on fanfic and the general attitudes behind the fans feelings on it.

Oh yea, and one last thing…. I feel like you would probably enjoy this tumblr: Although the is fact that anything that is presumably cute, but not ponies has no effect on me: Besides, society does not seem to consider my little pony doujinshi idea of mating with my little pony doujinshi aliens to be bestiality, or even treat it as akin to incest, though it is sometimes depicted as taboo on its own. Also, I dunno if the mores of science fiction shows can truly be applied to real-life.

Especially since a lot of my little pony doujinshi humanoid aliens are basically just humans with small changes, like the pointy ears and eyebrows that Vulcans have in Star Trek. For the brave there is a whole tumblr devoted to people ejaculating on My Little Pony figurines. Some things can never be unseen. I know a guy who is trying to legally change his name to twilight sparkle.

Also, check out this story: People get hyper defensive about it, still not really sure why. Lauren Faust also pointed out how stereotypical it was in her response to that Ms. The my little pony doujinshi is that here are more lesbian pairings because most of the characters happen to be female.

If there were more male characters, there would be more opposite-sex pairings.

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The rather less optimistic explanation my little pony doujinshi based on the fact that the majority of the fandom are men attracted to women. What I hope all this means is that fans are looking at character before sex. Thank you for writing this wonderful article Rose. Its so strange that my little pony doujinshi brilliant article came up.

When I suddenly started contemplating about how my college princess hentai writers are woman and my favorite musicians are homosexual men in the fandom. Thank you so much. This article has helped me get my thoughts a little straighter.

My little pony

No, Cupcakes has become so widely spread in the fandom that I think reading it huge tits 3d now necessary for all bronies. A lot of others reference it. At some point you should just get it over with and read it.

Plus how most ponies are pretty varied in both looks and my little pony doujinshi, yet get along and stat friends with no prejudice obstacles. You want an awesome shipfic?

May 30, - Cartoons · Notes From A Queer Engineer · Gayme Corner · Video Games . Heck, it's hard to find a show like that with adult women watching. It's interesting to ponder why My Little Pony lesbian fanfiction follows the same the “pollution” of a children's show by fanfiction featuring graphic sex scenes.

One of my personal favorites. Shipping is serious business. Me, I personally dislike shippers and shipping because I think only canon counts my little pony doujinshi I find it annoying how shippers see subtext everywhere. My little pony doujinshi thank you for mentioning my work! Swayback is still probably my favourite story, since everything came together so effortlessly when I wrote it, and My little pony doujinshi Lyra Met Bon-Bon has been very popular amongst readers, probably due to how cute the characters are as a couple.

It can really change your life. Luckily, Love conquers ponj and Luna and Derpy live — together — happily ever after. Oh, and Celestia and Discord are totes bitter exes. The Mane 6 Go to Las Heygas, have too much to drink one night, and the next day, they have to reconstruct what happened through a bunch my little pony doujinshi wacky vingettes.

On a sidenote, you might like my fic, Canterlot Follies http: Also because, even though I appreciate the social message, I get a bit tired of gay ponies having to be plagued with self-doubt and bad feelings before they can e hentai downloader to terms hakoiri shoujo themselves.

You need to feature Appledash more! Something that sort of goes along with the larger focus in the romantic ships being on the emotional and romantic aspects rather than sexual aspect are the other types of relationships the fandom really likes to explore that are completely non-sexual. A good, and very popular, example of a fanfiction that explores a lot of these types of bonds simultaneously is Eternal at http: As an openminded, straight man myself, it makes me really happy to see tolerance and acceptance being family guy lois fucking cherished in this fandom and I hope that this show will help with improving the ponu on doujinsshi for many.

It makes sense from a pure logic perspective. Pinkie smiled, and reached up with her hooves, slowly playing them over her feathers at the bottom. The pegasus sucked my little pony doujinshi wind through clenched teeth and slowly began to shake. Pinkie's hooves slid to the edges and then over to different parts of the wing. Litrle began to shiver as electrical pulses vibrated through her wings and shot down her spine, making her body go straight.

The pink pony giggled and started to increase her speed. The pegasus' eyes closed and she released a low moan. Pinkie hentai creatures skyrim and bit her tongue in concentration, looking for the tender spots she had found during their first night together. She found that one my little pony doujinshi place on Rainbow's left wing, just beneath where the muscle connected it to the back.

Pinkie furiously began to rub that spot and Rainbow began to quake. dark neko girl

little pony doujinshi my

The pegasus wrapped her fore legs around the other mare's waist, and my little pony doujinshi into her neck. She felt the fires in her loins become stronger, ready to llittle from her body at any moment.

Before it did however, it stopped.

little pony doujinshi my

Looking down, she saw Pinkie quit playing with her wings and was now looking up at her. Rainbow smiled down at the party pony and then took a moment to catch her breath. Slowly she spun around so her head was facing Pinkie's legs, she slowly slid herself up and pressed her mouth against my little pony doujinshi pink pony's inner thigh, gently littlw her way up the leg. Pinkie felt the small fires in her stomach building, she responded in kind with licks and nips as her my little pony doujinshi mouth neared the other mare's nethers.

Her doujnishi felt a familiar sweetness and she pressed her airbender sex into it.

doujinshi pony my little

The taste reminded her of cinnamon cupcakes and cream frosting. She bit and nibbled until she found the moist lips that slowly became wetter with each passing second. Pinkie's legs went stiff as she felt Rainbow's soft tongue dance across her marehood. The fires in her belly erupted into life and she powerfully pressed her tongue against the moist lips of Rainbow's most private place. Rainbow felt the electric pulses return but this time they started from her stomach and began rolling outward toward yuno gasai ecchi chest and hind hooves.

Pinkie's tongue aggressively attacked Dash's labia and the other did in kind. The party pony twitched and giggled as Dash's tongue slid across different spots.

When Rainbow found a spot that made the mare beneath her giggle and wriggle, she stayed on it, letting the rough part of it tickle that special place. Once Dash found those special spots in her marehood Pinkie felt jittery butterflies zip through her body. She reached up and gently my little pony doujinshi Rainbow's hips and nibbled around Dash's labia, finding the places that made the rainbow my little pony doujinshi pony moan and thrust her hips into Pinkie's face.

She my little pony doujinshi her tongue up and found the little bump, and quickly started to attack it, nibbling on it softly. Dash kicked her strong feet and pressed them against the headboard. The wood creaked against her great strength. Rainbow nodded her head, realizing that if she wasn't careful, she would wake up the others in the house. Carefully she lowered her head back down and pressed her tongue against the other mare's clitoris again, except this time, after taking in the death by snu snu reddit, sweet tasting fluid around it, she slowly slid her rough tongue into the soft, warm, velvet folds.

Pinkie groaned and felt liquid fire rush through my little pony doujinshi veins. She followed suit with rainbow, sliding her tongue into Rainbow Dash.

Pia-sama - Rogue Diamond

Their minds slowly blanked dujinshi they allowed themselves to get drawn into the fires of passion. Their eyes closed as they imagined the took of ecstasy that was etched on each others' faces.

Pinkie's tongue lashed ferociously inside of My little pony doujinshi Dash, feeling the grooves inside hentai 3d pictures her. Rainbow felt the intensity of pont lightning pour through her body. Together they moved, creating a harmoneous symphony fueled by boundless passion.

Pinkie felt the muscles in her marehood clench. Her hind legs pressed roughly against the bed as all of the fires that flowed through her rushed toward her stomach.


She groaned and felt a surge leave her. She my little pony doujinshi moving roughly against Rainbow Dash, squeezing the pegasus' hips and pressing her tongue deeply poy the other mare. Dash's ppony were muffled as tgp 2 hentai took in the gush of liquid that splashed against her lips. It's sweet taste excited her, and she began to buck her hips against Pinkie's face.

Dark stalkers felicia electricity pushing through Dash's body pulled together and struck her from head to hind feet.

My little pony doujinshi let out a longer series of muffled groans as she released onto Pinkie. Pinkie aggressively licked, working to pleasure her mare, squeezing Dash's hips and bucking with her. Rainbow Doujinsni mind was lost in a thoughtless bliss that only the pink mare beneath her could invoke. She had been with other stallions and mares, but none of my little pony doujinshi were like Pinkie, none of them could even compare.

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The moment was too short, and before long both were resting my little pony doujinshi each other's forearms, playfully taking turns kissing each other's faces, grinning as the moon rose, leaving them in almost complete darkness. The only features they could easily make out were each other's bright eyes.

It's the memories of nights like 3d sex machine, with you, that warm my heart on cold nights.

Rainbow Dash felt tears slowly well into her eyes, "You are the only pony I know that can make my little pony doujinshi feel sappy.

pony my doujinshi little

She saw Pinkie's smile my little pony doujinshi broader and Rainbow chuckled, getting the reference to her past. Pinkie leaned over and gently kissed Rainbow Dash, "I like feeling sappy when I'm with you, too.

The two yukino yukinoshita hentai them held each other closely, enjoying the warmth that mj one radiated and the glow that they felt when they were around each other. The night grew longer, and crickets began to chirp.

doujinshi my little pony

Eventually jy minds were pulled into the playland of dreams, where they danced together on clouds of cotton candy under chocolate rain.

This is the first erotic story my little pony doujinshi I have written in a very long time, and the first one involving ponies.