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Recommended Videos See All. Trending Videos See All. I'll see you later, Naruto and kurenai He walked toward the bedroom window on the side of he bed. Kurenai figured that he'd resort to exiting through kurenaj window in fear a facing Anko, naruto and kurenai was most likely still outside of the front door.

He began to leave, until he paused. He hesitated before walking toward Kurenai.

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He avoided eye contact, leaned forward over the bed, and kissed her. Kurenai replied positively to his passionate kiss, by kissing him back naruto and kurenai just kjrenai much passion.

Once their lips parted, Kurenai and Naruto blushed.

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To prevent further embarrassment, he rushed out the window. Kurenai's blush still lingered, even as she smiled. She smiled naruto and kurenai just because of kurenaj cute way he left, but because he called her 'Kurenai-chan'. No doubt, he could possibly be the perfect lover. At least not now.

No matter how good She found her bathrobe and inuyasha kagome fanart naruto and kurenai over her nude frame.

As she was tying the sash, she looked out the window and glimpsed at the position of anx sun. Her eyes went wide, "It's almost sunset?! How long have we? Not giving her any time to react, Kurenai opened the door and pulled Anko inside.

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She knew Anko was eavesdropping on the other side of the door. Kurenai closed the door and turned to face Anko. Anko gave her best attempt at a sweet smile, naruto and kurenai you love kurenaii like the sister you've always wanted?

Kurenai's glare only hardened. She had to resist the urge to capture her inside a very painful genjutsu Naruto and kurenai drop of sweat rolled down Anko's forehead. But nevertheless, Anko looked around the apartment, "Hm, so he left? The other Jounin in the room didn't feel obligated to answer that question, "Anko, why the hell would you barge in here like that?

Why didn't you knock? Mmd hentai game you and your bed was making so much noise that you probably didn't hear me! She then gave a smirk, "So?

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From what I could tell, Thick hentai gif is quite the beast kugenai bed, huh? I'm so pissed that you walked in on us like that! And left the door open, for crying out loud! Kurenai backed Anko against a wall, naruto and kurenai Kurenai lifted Anko by her trench coat.

Anko sweatdropped, "H-Hey, I'm not naruto and kurenai monster hentai game girl, here. I'm not the naruto and kurenai cheating on their boyfriend Anko noted how quickly Kurenai nwruto from angry to sad, "Hey, I was just kidding I don't care if you had a little side meat and cheated on Asuma.

I'm not going to tell anyone, I promise. Anko raised an eyebrow, " Because from what I saw, you were really letting Naruto give it to you.

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Kurenai gave a minor glare naruto and kurenai looked away, "No, I didn't cheat on Asuma because Asuma and I aren't together anymore. Anko's expression shifted into a mildly surprised one, "Oh? And why is narugo I thought you two were head-over-heels for each other.

Kurenai had to bite back her lingering anger over the naruto and kurenai, "Asuma dumped me.

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He said he didn't feel it was working out anymore. She pulled out naruto and kurenai kunai, and twirled it around her index finger, "So. Do you want me to record it and send the tape to you?

Kurenai had to stop Anko by grabbing the back of her trench coat once she turned around, heading for the door. Anko looked at Kurenai through the corner of her eye, still set on hunting The Third Hokage's son down, "You sure?

It'd be no problem at all. I can make it look like a complete accide-". I naruto and kurenai no intent on getting family guy xxx hentai. Anko huffed and shrugged, "Whatever you say.

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