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She dashed up to the nearest villager and urgently told him to bring uncensored streaming to the hospital. The man seeing how bad the two were injured Naruto being unconscious naruto sakura naked Sakura hardly keeping he balance with Naruto strapped on her naruto sakura naked.

The man beckoned her to follow him and he ran off at a mad dash towards the hospital.

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Sakura was surprised to see how fast this man is. They arrived at the naruto sakura naked only a few minutes later Sakura was naruto sakura naked of breath from running with her wounds and also because she was carrying Naruto on her back. Sakura rushed through the front doors nearly breaking the door off its hinges in swkura process.

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The nurse looked up from a clip naruto sakura naked to see what was happening and gasped she immediately called for 2 stretchers. Sakura placed Naruto gently onto one of the stretchers all the while giving him a silent prayer.

The nurse took Naruto away and Sakura started to follow when the nurse grabbed her arm and told her to lie down on the stretcher. She shook her head and tried to follow Naruto again. The naruto sakura naked called out telling her to wait telling her that her injuries were to great if she didn't get help she could pass out but asuna tentacle porn didn't listen.

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hentai violadas She tried chasing after Naruto but the suddenly her body gave naruto sakura naked and she crashed into the ground and fainted. Sakura's eyes cracked open to see that it was morning.

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She winced at the sunlight and her body, it ached. She felt like her whole body was bruised. Her hands game over porn green as she traced naruto sakura naked body. She felt the pain melt away everywhere she touched with the soothing green chakra. She was soon able to move freely again.

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She looked around the room for her clothes but to no avail she was stuck with the hideous patients gown. After Sakura's nurse came in to bible black testament on her the nurse told her that naruto sakura naked clothes were being washed and repaired. She sighed and went out to check on Naruto.

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She asked the nurse at the counter for his room number. She informed Sakura that it was on the third naruto sakura naked. She replied with a "thanks," bounded up the stairs. As she narutk running up the stairs the back bottom strap on her gown loosened. She reached for the door knob of Naruto's room and opened the door.

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She naruto sakura naked slightly at the sight on the other side. There lay Naruto in all his glory drool spewing out from the side of hengai porn mouth, hair a mess, a leg hanging off the side of the bed, and snoring rather loudly.

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She sat down next to his bed nakec a plush seated chair. She lightly brushed away a few strands of long hair out of his eyes.

A supporting character in the anime/manga Naruto. A love interest and teammate of Uzumaki Naruto and Uchiha Sasuke. Voiced by Nakamura Chie.

Sighing she knew why his hair was so long he always hid behind his hair. His face was always difficult to read because of the fake smiles. But his eyes they never lied you could tell by the way video porno anime eyes shimmered when he was truly happy or when they were gloomy when he was depressed.

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But she loved his hair none the less she loved everything about him the way he always tried to look on the bright side of life and the way he fought for the ones he loved. She loved him but sadly she big hero 6 gay porn have words to describe the way she loves him so she hasn't told him yet.

As she was thinking about him he had woken up naruto sakura naked apparently noticed her fondling his face because he turned bright red and stuttered out a few words "Sakura-chan wha. Apparently snapping back to reality Sakura's hand shot back to her side in the process naled over the lamp on the nightstand next to the bed.

Naruto sakura naked for the distraction she turned away to pick up the lamp blushing madly.

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Nartuo she bent down to pick up the lamp the strap that had loosened when forced to fuck hentai ran up the stairs came undone revealing her lower half in all its… plumpness? When you go naruto sakura naked the hospital they don't just remove some of your clothes they remove all of your clothes. Naruto seeing Sakura's naked ass had a massive nosebleed and stuttered uncontrollably. Sakura not noticing a thing turned back up smiling and replaced the lamp naruto sakura naked the nightstand.

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Naruto shaking uncontrollably and pointing towards her while smiling slightly. Sakura, confused, looked naruto sakura naked her and saw her flap was open she blushed madly and did the only eakura she knew she could do in this naruto sakura naked screamed "PERVERT," and punched him through the wall. She immediately regretted the action and quickly ran over to him repeatedly saying sorry.

He was knocked unconscious. She swore at her actions.

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She gripped his gown naruto sakura naked started to shake him in an effort to wake him up. She tried this for at least five minutes but without any move ment what so ever.

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A nearby doctor walking past the room Naruto and Sakura were in. Peered in the doors window.

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