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Free Adult Games» Adult Games» Dinaki - Kunoichi Trainer [Version ] () (Rus/Eng) Update. Hey there! Genre: ADV, Slave Training, Straight, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Anal, Doggystyle, Parody, Naruto, RenPy There are still plenty of debauchery and public tasks planned. Added character "Ayame". Ino.

Naruto naruto x ayame at the photo and collapses with a blushed face and a bloody nose; the photo is of a sexy woman in her 30s, she has long auburn hair and green eyes one closed narutto she is winking seductively to Naruto.

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She is nothing but dark blue lingerie but a few sizes smaller to reveal her cleavage and make her D-cup breasts bigger. On naruto x ayame photo is her handwriting saying "See you real soon, Naryto and her kiss mark on the corner.

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Naruto's mouth gaping while unconscious and muttering "Humana-Humana-Humana" all over again; ever since Naruto has been using his bloodline, he's been slowly turning into a pervert as he has sex with Hinata, Hanabi, Anko, Kurenai, Tsume, Naruto x ayame and not to mention Tsunami and Naruto x ayame back in Nami. Kakashi shudders at the thought of being spied on; causing a few Kakashi fan girls to naruto x ayame then suddenly Naruto regains consciousness from the exotic photo of Mei and now final fantasy 1 anime an erection.

Damn, Tou-san does have great taste in women; that ' s why he married my mother thought Naruto blushing as he agame the time when Sarutobi shows him a photograph of his parents.

ayame naruto x

Kushina was one sexy MILF and his father was naruto x ayame lucky bastard to have her. Naruto and Kakashi went to their separate ways, Naruto is getting peckish and heads to Ichiraku ramen for a bowl or 2…well more like 20 bowls but you get the idea.

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He passes through the villagers, some are blushing and are affected by Naruto's Yokubo no kiri but not too much as Naruto is keeping control of it in case of atame accidents happen.

Naruto arrives at Ichiraku Ramen and sat on his usual seat; he waits for Teuchi to arrive to greet him and get his order, but instead his daughter Ayame arrives and smiles naruto x ayame him. It's on naruto x ayame house".

ayame naruto x

Ayame then enters the kitchen, she lied about the noodles as the gas ovens are off, she waits for Boruto fucks hinata to eat his ramen and then quietly crouches on the floor and was out of Naruto's sight.

She crawls around the counter and then under the front side until she is under Naruto. Naruto was naruto x ayame eating his ramen that he didn't notice her unzipping his fly and pulling naruto x ayame nqruto cock.

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Ayame smirks as she then starts licking the shaft to "wake him" up; it worked and Naruto starts to naruto x ayame and moan as Ayame has him deep in her mouth. Ayame moans as she is sucking Naruto's cock and pumping the shaft.

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I heard rumours about you, you naughty boy". She pulls him out from her mouth for a second so she can take off her apron and unbutton her blouse to reveal her C cup sized white bra, she then pull the bra naruto x ayame to free her everlasting summer nutaku and starts wrapping Naruto's cock with them and puts him in her mouth again.

While Ayame naaruto giving Naruto a tittyfuck, Naruto x ayame came back through the back door.

ayame naruto x

Even I heard naruto x ayame rumours about you being a man and all that. Of narutto I wouldn't mind if Ayame is like that to you, you're a nice kid and well deserved for her to have".

x ayame naruto

Oh kami she ' s amazing; oh work the shaft! He places it on the wall and leaves though the back door. She moans from the taste and gulps it down her throat. naruto x ayame

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Ayame comes out from under naruto x ayame counter with her face stained with Naruto's juices and wipes ajame off and licks it clean. Naruto and Ayame were busy cleaning the kitchen and closing the shop since Teuchi forgot to get some more ingredients to make jentai haven. This came to Naruto and Ayame's advantage because after their little chore is done, the fun begins.

ayame naruto x

Ayame pushes Naruto into the pantry and goes on top of him, kissing him passionately and Naruto shares in with the kiss.

Ayame removes her blouse and Naruto's jacket and threw them by the door; they both embrase each other and continues kissing passionately naruto x ayame Naruto hears Ayame's stomach growling.

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Naruto broke the kiss as he heard Ayame's stomach; she skipped breakfast as she wasn't hungry but now she is and starts blushing with embarrassment. Naruto naruto x ayame and chuckles as Ayame looked cute when she's embarrassed.

ayame naruto x

Naruto looks around as he is in a pantry filled with fruits vegetables, cheeses and hojo shokugeki foods that you can naruto x ayame on. He notices a bucket of fresh strawberries and pulled them out.

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Naruto pulls out a strawberry and circles it lesbian harem Ayame's lips; Ayame feels and cold naruto x ayame touch her lips and the flavour of it coats them. A three chapter story about Koga making Sango, Kagome, and Ayame his wives.

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Fucked Silly, Breeding, Creampies Summary: Rather naruto x ayame things ending as they did at the end of Episode 4, Ayae takes charge and everything goes down a very different path for him, Anna, Ayame, and Saotome. Ayame needs porfn hub let of some steam.

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Typical fan fic plot. Not really going for originality so much as self motivation.

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Mostly just wanted to try naguto get back syame writing after years of absence. Characters Naruto was redrawn Karin was redrawn Added Teuchi growing hentai Ichiraku Added 4 characters for the rapist event Ino Added cheat "Unlock all" Added CG in the forest in the Ten-Ten's route Added 5 costumes for patrons Naruto x ayame Added the ability to change Hinata's clothes at school as Naruto Added 4 costumes for patrons Sakura Added music on the first date Fixed bugs with the usual dress naruto x ayame the holiday event v0.

Sakura without headband in home clothes and in a dress. Fixed bug with rabbit on the forest map.

x ayame naruto

Accidentally deleted line at the beginning of the game is returned. Added cheat " chakra".

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Added music when meeting Orochimaru. All images are optimized.

ayame naruto x

Optimized interface for mobile devices. Characters Sakura Fixed bug when you did not come on the first naruto x ayame with Sakura ayamw you can't ask her out again.

New quests with Sakura. Ino Added quest for taking blood sample from Naruto.

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Naruto Hentai - Ino, sakura, hinata. Naruto x Dragonball Z. Naruto Hentai porn sakura, tenten, temari, hinata, ino.

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Complete Naruto Hentai Porn Collection http: Hentai Manga free Doujins, daily update! Nextporn - Naruto - Ino training Part ayme. Porn Hentai Naruto e Tsunade.