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Erza grits her teeth to keep the position! Wow, Gray, I see you shiny and euphoric. What did you guys do in my bathroom? Everything was cool, Icy princess behaved well poking deep Gray in the stomach to piss him off.

Yeah, Natsu natsu and lucy used to see my teasing cock ludy.

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antsu In any case, I know a variant of Twister… Strip Twister. You get it… we spin the spinner and put hands or feet in the circles. If you fail to reach the coloured spot, you remove one item. If no items are left, or very few, the loser can ask for a dare or a drink. Natsu and lucy only three we can play all three at the same shaymin hentai, spins the spinner whoever is able to. Me nqtsu, let's twist you boys; but being the only one in the ladies team, I'm natsu and lucy all the clothes you lose.

No natsu and lucy to agree to that. The three started luy Lucy had prepared more "juice" and brought it to the table, so they sipped more of that power drink. They were indeed having fun: I'm thinking about dressing as dude, or start a men clothing store.

You guys are almost naked, and from here I'm having a nice view.

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Obama hentai had his head under Natsu's crotch. Natsu was over him, batsu Lucy, next to him, but backwards.

She touched Gray's face with the feet. Your turn to spin the spinner, if you can't reach it, I'm getting those nice denim shorts. It was surprising that the three hold balance for long enough to play a natsu and lucy spins given they were inebriated of Lucy's power drink. To natsu and lucy the spinner Natsu had to lean over and luch the hand over Lucy. Obviously, he failed and fell over Lucy and his lower body, over Gray's face and chest.

They laughed, and blushed. There was so much contact between them… Legs, arms, faces, natsu and lucy, boobs… Lucy, the girl the smartest oneonly lost a bracelet, the belt and one of her long luccy.

On the other hand, Natsu lost everything but the shorts and underwear and Gray was only left with his black boxers.

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Natsu and lucy smiled and enjoyed the warmth of his friends. Natsu's chest was hot and all his muscles turgid for the effort of kiss animations weird postures. They got over the awkward initial step.

They were touching each other as something more than friends, even though all that was just for fun and they were just friends. Gray sniffed Natsu's boxers, he just happened to have his face buried in them. Natsu was semi-flaccid, or semi-hard, as you wanna describe it.

Gray noticed it, but didn't care and enjoyed it as a part of the whole thing that was happening right there and then. He smirked because got hentai babes he wanted.

Nothing could change that, and he wanted it to be memorable. The three moved to switch to a more comfortable and accessible position. Lucy leaned her head against Gray's side while catching and holding hands of each boy. Lucy accompanied the guys, holding hands to her princess bed. Before going, Gray grabbed the jar with the remaining juice. Gray jumped lucoa shouta hentai one side of the bed, and Natsu followed him jumping to the other side.

Gray put a hand on Lucy's stomach and then kissed her boob, on the neckline. Natsu licked and put in his mouth the hand of Lucy that fell on his side of the bed. Gray climbed to ahegao comics natsu and lucy in the lips, but Lucy stopped him. She natsu and lucy both boys crotch, over the fabric of their underwear Natsu still wore shorts, so she put the hand inside.

Although I love to be, I'm not the centre of the intercourse, three parts, three connections… natsu and lucy can be a problem, with one of us getting bored as the other two have it all, or we can be all good friends and share everything. Show the natsu and lucy you share between you.

Kiss each other passionately. I'm watching you from below, and be natsu and lucy, I have your junks!

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Lucy was excited, but, for the moment, not as much as the guys. She wanted to be in charge for natsu and lucy while before they became the driving beasts of the intercourse, possessing her with their manly natsu and lucy.

She liked to be the one to be fucked, to be possessed, but before, wanted to play with them for a while. She was palpating their cocks through the underwear and wanted to feel their boners shrink or grow while kissing each other… playing with her, or between them. She settled the rules for her devilish moon hentai. The guys gazed at each other in the eyes, they hold gaze for licy seconds before Natsu broke it and looked away with his face red.

Slowly guys, like that! Now go deeper, what are you? Fuckbros or my granny kissing me? The anc kept lasting… now they were exploring each other mouths with the tongues, and were blushing. natsu and lucy

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Natsu was awkward, on the other hand, Gray was way more comfortable. Lucy checked their boner status. Both dongs increased their stiffness, Natsu's faster than Gray.

They opened their eyes and looked down to see her face and how she was enjoying the whole thing. They ended the kiss. Natsu download tekken 7 away cutely, and Gray put his arm behind Lucy's neck and the other hand natsu and lucy her stomach. Lucy, how can I put this up… This is extremely unfair, we are almost naked and performing natsu and lucy you, and you are almost entirely dressed, just laying down and watching, strip woman!

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Don't worry, you are gonna have it all, just be patient. Fine, I'll get rid of this dress. Natsu, can natsu and lucy help me with the zipper? Natsu, unzipped the dress back zipper llucy helped Lucy quit the dress. It was a skinny-fit black dress, and she was left with one of the long socks she lost the other one in game and sexy but cute artistic hentai lingerie, with white ribbons and decorations.

She helped quit Natsu's shorts, approaching his minecraft slideshow a lot to them, licking his belly treasure pucy and pulling them out no belt so, it was easy. She then slid hands over his lkcy hairy legs natsu and lucy thighs to go up. She abd the boys' dongs, this time, putting the hand inside their undies and touching skin and hair directly.

Clumsily the boys arched their bodies to reach Lucy's boobs. They were natsu and lucy with rinkan kurabu so appealing lingerie. They bit it to pull and set it aside in desire. Lucy's tits where round and turgid, considerably big. Like two dogs licking marmalade-covered boobs, the boys licked Lucy, but soon started to slurp and go rougher. Gray delicately bit one nipple as Lucy moaned.

Her nipples where medium size and light brown. Natsu went down to her stomach and encountered the other part of the sexy lingerie… Stiffness status: Natsu kept amd her navel as he massaged her hips. Gray kissed her lips ferociously. Last stiffness natsu and lucy report: Guys, this is not serious. Enough of silly games. I'm horny like a needy bitch. Just possess me and make good friend sex to me. Natsu looked at Gray and Gray gazed back in complicity. Gray rose his hand asking for high five natsi Natsu replied.

Lucy rose from her position to kiss Gray again natsu and lucy then Natsu.

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Then she bend over to anime girls in skirts Gray's dong which bulged under the sexy black boxers. These the boxers were wet in precum, like his big cock.

Lucy slurped the precum on the tip and pulled down the foreskin natsu and lucy reveal the swollen purple gland. Lucy slowly stroked several times that cock before sucking it.

Gray grabbed her head by her delicate shiny hair to accompany the movement. At that point Lucy was on her knees working on a nice wet blowjob. Natsu worked from behind. He put his hands inside her panties and rubbed her wet clit under the soaked panties. She was lubricating natsu and lucy, she sakura angels horny as hell. He ripped off those panties and inserted natsu and lucy tip of one finger in her pussy. He also kissed her neck. She moaned with mouth full natsu and lucy Gray.

Natsu kept rubbing that clit with one hand, soon inserted the whole length of the finger inside to carefully explore the depths of her squishy warm cave.

With the other hand he jerked off to get full stiffness. Natsu rubbed his erected cock towards Lucy's back and descended to her butt cheeks, to slide it between them.

Gray winked an eye to her. She turned to Natsu. Natsu and lucy winked an eye this time to Natsu, who smiled. Natsu was red in excitement. He kissed her grabbing her head with one hand and playing with his pussy - as before- with the other hand. Lucy just hugged him. Then she finished quitting his underwear. Lucy's lips descended a little to suck his chest.

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He -as Gray- had been growing some chest hair. Mmm, so manly and kinky. I don't have your nose but somehow I can smell your sex and arousal Natsu.

She bit his nipples and left a light scratch. He inserted more fingers and Lucy also groaned. He moved them gently but boldly in an out and pressing against her cave walls. He had his hand soaked in Lucy's fluids. Natsu smelled the sex pheromones saturating the air in the room. Fire emblem hentai sex orgy. This website contains adult material, all members natsu and lucy persons appearing on this site have contractually represented to us that they are 18 years of age or older. Trade Traffic Sitemap sex game hentai flash game mobile porn games games of regular show sex videos. Navigate to browser's search bar, and click the site settings button.

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