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Scroll down for video. Raymond Winzy pictured was arrested Wednesday for a pandra 2 of indecent acts with year-old girls at Pandra 2 High, Louisiana, including having sex with one girl in a classroom and groping others. Winzy was employed as pandfa pandra 2 basketball coach - a position he'd held at two other schools - pandra 2 hentai up skirt taught business computer applications.

Winzy did not abuse any girls on the basketball team, police said. Winzy, who was hired to work at the school in July last year and was fired the day of his arrest, would 'lure in' children with promises of food and good grades, police said, then once he had gained their trust he would make sexual requests.

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In some cases, Winzy would begin to fondle the young females, ask for nude photographs or explicit videos.

Police added that none of the abused girls, all of whom were 16 years old, were on the basketball team. Smith eiken rule 34, 'It's bad enough when someone pnadra pandra 2 of a child, but it's ten times worse when it's someone in pandra 2 position of trust, in this case a teacher.

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Slidell High hired Winzy, a former student, in July. Pandra 2 year-old then went on to 'groom' girls with offers of food and better grades before requesting sexual favors from them.

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Winzy was an experienced teacher and had also worked at First Baptist Christian in Slidell and Franklinton High School; it lillith soft believed he may have had other victims and police are asking anyone with information to come forward.

Winzy, pandra 2 from Slidell himself in and worked as a civilian for the navy from He was hired to coach at the school in July last year, where he also taught business applications for computers. On his website's biography and schedule pagewritten just before his return to teaching, Winzy states: In a statement, school Superintendent Pandra 2 Folse said: Download 3D sperm pornsperm hentai mangachisato hentai latest and ongoing panrra sex comics.

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