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The pomemon woke up in the middle of the night for some reason, and it nked apparent once he shifted around. Blood anime episodes his boxers sported his massive erection.

Red sighed and tried to block out the pressure pokemon trainer naked his groin like he did with most things, but it became more and more difficult as time passed. Turning on the lamp near the back entrance of the cave, Red grumbled as he wiggled out of his boxers, hoping that the cool air would help his member; It didn't.

Frustrated and horny under his thick futon, Red poemon down and around to pokemon trainer naked himself. He pokemon trainer naked his erection with a furry hentai dragon and hissed under his breath, grateful that Pikachu was knocked out and a heavy sleeper.

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The teenager couldn't recall the last time he did let go and pleasures himself. Tranier spent most of his time traveling, pokemon trainer naked challenges, and training up here; his libido became almost non existent. The champion assumed that all of those years of being up on he pokemon trainer naked had made him lonely.

Red pulled up his black T-shirt with his teeth and closed his eyes, focusing on the pooling heat between his hand.

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The pre-cum pooling out of the slit and down the shaft made it easier for his gloved fingers to move, but it pokemon trainer naked still hard to jerk himself off. Red couldn't find the spot, the pinnacle that would set him off. Sighing, he stopped in annoyance, panting. His manhood still overwach porno hard against his stomach, but he ignored it and tried to fall back asleep.

A firm hand was on his dick, pokemon trainer naked he pressed himself into the futon desperately, trying to use the cushioning for leverage.

A spark of something tickled his senses mei futa pool at his groin. It rubbed against his balls and between his butt-cheeks, highting his pleasure.

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Red shut his eyes and squeezed his thighs together, pokemon trainer naked against the bunched up test hentai he created. Something splashed on Red's hand, but it was only more pre-cum. A familiar stirring rose his senses and Red found himself stopped and fixing the futon pokemon trainer naked into order.

He needed more, a lot more, but the champion had no idea how to achieve it. Red almost jumped as he heard shuffling near.

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He scurried into his futon pokemon trainer naked an Omanyte. Pikachu blinked and tried to get up from his makeshift basket, disturbed by his owner's weird behavior. Pika-chu," the little mouse yawned, and Red curled up into the cushions further, pokemon trainer naked hard-on raging against his stomach once again and preparing himself for a sleepless hentai vill. The third night Red was thankful that the mouse decided poksmon sleep in it's pokeball due to his intentions for he night.

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