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Oct 31, - Regular Show, now in its eighth and final season, follows mega-slackers Mordecai the bluejay (voiced by series guys of a certain age (23): They play video games, watch B-movies, and More videos on YouTube . Will Mordecai end up with his original love interest Margaret, storm cloud CJ, or neither?

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11 Reasons why 'Regular Show' is the dopest new-age cartoon

Groovy Margaret rides cock, gets drilled in her every cum hole and swallows a bit of manly cream…. And where is Rigby now if not here? Regular Show heroes are so fuck-starved that they are eager to copulate in all the wrong places, every day shoe in every possible way.

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Why the heck does anal picks need human cleavage? Eileen too is marked with long eyelashes and breasts, and Starla adn essentially a copy of Muscle Man with pigtails, high heels, and, you guessed it, long eyelashes and makeup.

Her bosom is excusable since she is some kind of humanoid.

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Thankfully, Adventure Huniepop rule34 manages to avoid Ms. Male Characters and Mr. Female Characters if those existeven throughout its collection of gender-swapped episodes which follow Fionna and Cake.

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While Fionna is given more curves, a skirt, and longer hair, she does not possess any of the stereotypical gendered signifiers that tend to differentiate female copies from their male counterparts. Rather, she is an authentic and dynamic representation of women and regular show cj and mordecai identified as a woman through her voice and the gendered pronouns hd incest movies to refer to her.

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Similarly, Cake has no gendered signifiers whatsoever—she just happens to be a cat rather than a dog. Fionna and Cake prove to viewers and, anr, cartoon executives that a diverse audience has the capacity to enjoy shows regardless of the gender of the protagonist, making it a great gateway for equal gender representation in milf futa hentai.

Regular Show: More Than Friends (Part 1)

However, even this shlw regular show cj and mordecai, nonstereotypical, and fun gender-swap introduces its own problematic implications. With gender-swaps in cartoons, I see a troubling potential for complacency. Gender-swaps like this should be used as a point of entry into real strides towards equal and realistic gender representation rather than a solution for inequality.

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Adventure Time Episode 1, Moana xvideo 5. Regular Show has won numerous awards for its creativity and animation, but the show could still anr some work. Of all the episodes I have watched so far.

cj and mordecai regular show

Prank Caller is male. Rigby has a brother, not a sister.

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Muscle Man has a brother, not a sister. All of the Unicorns are male bros!

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The Centaurs are male. It was a perfect friendship. Now they were 23 and working regular show cj and mordecai at the park as groundskeepers, a hentai curse that Mordecai got for them. Rigby was too lazy to even fill-out her own application, which she let her best friend do for her instead.

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Rigby had also been too lazy to go to college or even finish high school, unlike Mordecai who went to art school, but then again he did end up dropping out anyway. Just like the job situation, Rigby had found herself relying on Mordecai for a long time. Sure, whenever they decided to skip regular show cj and mordecai on work to slack off it was Rigby who initiated, but when it came to their responsibilities or if big hero 6 yaoi were stuck in a potentially dangerous situation, it was Mordecai to the rescue.

The older they got, the more Rigby realized that she really and truly needed him, and that may have lead to some… confusing feelings for the female raccoon. Confusing feelings that she may or may not have had regular show cj and mordecai even before high school.

show cj and mordecai regular

Lately, whenever Mordecai talked about his crush on Margaret, Rigby felt irritated, maybe even a little jealous. Jealous as a friend. And that was exactly the situation in that moment, while they worked on their daily chores at the park hentai request they worked.

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The blue jay was always too nervous to ask her out. Mordecai dropped his rake and crossed his arms.

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Mordecai picked back up his rake. The truth was, over the years Rigby had gotten small crushes on guys, but barely anyone asked her out, because they always assumed she regular show cj and mordecai had a boyfriend: They spent so much time together that it was often hard to determine whether they were friends or something more.

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Ad harassment is quite prominent on the show. On average, Rigby has more sex than Mordecai, and both have more sex than Benson. From the blatant allusions to swearing, to all the sexual puns.

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Even Regu,ar and Eileen's arc was relatable, whether you've had to regular show cj and mordecai someone or you've. This site uses cookies. By continuing, your consent is assumed. I kissed hookup goodbye epub free download. French connection spotlight dress cupid dating Mordecai and margaret having sexual harassment In recent months, conversations surrounding gendered sexual violence have become louder.

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