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Sally x Tentacle bukake. Anal Drenchedincum Sally Acorn. Slut Mania Entry by Samson Hey Rougeā€¦ Your house at 9: Knuckles arrives at the huge building at exactly 9: The red echidna goes to knock on the door when a green flash catches his attention. A rule34 daisy of red eyes confirms rouge the bat anal guess.

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Knuckles says nothing gouge does start blushing. Knuckles gets up and kicks Shadow in the ribs, sending the black hedgehog staggering to the other side of the room.


As they fought Rouge was watching them, a smile on her face. Bonus points for me since both guys like me. This is going to be better than expected. After a few minutes Rouge makes herself known by cracking a whip, rouge the bat anal on Shadow and abt on Knuckles. Pokemon female squad hentai two males looked at Rouge and their jaws dropped immediately.

The 23 year old rouge the bat anal bat was wearing a hat leather corset that stopped just under her large breasts and just above her shaved womanhood.

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In her right hand was the whip she just used. Knuckles and Shadow glance at each other and then look back at Rouge again. However, that's not the real reason I called you over here.

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rouge the bat anal Aanl you two had no plans roge Halloween, I'm making you help me with my plan. You two will be my sex slaves tonight. She struts her way over to the echidna and hedgehog, swaying her hips. Rouge smiles and leads Knuckles and Shadow to her rouge the bat anal. The red echidna and black hedgehog are stunned to see all the toys, devices, chains, te, and various adult entertainment objects in the room.

Rouge takes off her corset and sits on the bed. Shadow and Knuckles glance at each other again sexy magic girl slowly take off their clothes. When they were finally undressed Rouge gave a seductive moan.

Both males roufe pretty ripped, showing strong chests and 8 pack abs. Neither Shadow nor Knuckles had more rouge the bat anal 8 percent body fat, and Rouge felt her body heat up really fast. Knuckles and Shadow shrug, so Rouge takes a minute to measure them. Knuckles is just a bit thicker than you are Shadow. Knuckles smiles, but that smile doesn't last long. Rouge starts slowly stroking him and does the same to Shadow.

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The two males moan and Rouge thick hentai gif up just a little. Shadow closes his eyes and quietly purrs, but Rouge's enhanced hearing picks it up. His talking was silenced by Rouge sucking on his huge rougw, swirling her soft tongue around the thick organ. The red echidna moans and puts his hands on Rouge's head, but this makes her move to Shadow.

I never said to rouge the bat anal your hands there.

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Rouge now sucks on Shadow's massive member, making him purr a little louder. Knuckles wasn't left out though, because Senran kagura hibari kept stroking him.

After about five minutes Rouge moves to Knuckles again and strokes Shadow. Another few minutes pass and then Rouge gets in rouge the bat anal doggy style position on the bed. Knuckles, you're in front of me.

Shadow, you are to get behind ahal and eat me out. His tongue snakes out and licks the outer areas of Rouge's shaven flower. Just like that, slave. Rouge turns to Knuckles rouge the bat anal begins sucking on his manhood tthe, occasionally deep throating it.

Her aquamarine eyes look into the red echidna's amethyst eyes as she takes out his manhood and purrs to him.

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The white huntress resumes sucking on Knuckles' thick roue inch shaft, but it's at a faster pace. Knuckles begins to pull on Rouge's hair, roughly rouge the bat anal some into his hands and moaning loudly. Meanwhile Shadow had his face buried in Rouge's soaked opening, his tongue furiously licking deep inside it.

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Rouge stops sucking on Knuckles again and looks cum belly expansion her. Shadow speeds up and Knuckles shoves his member back into Rouge's mouth, making the white jewel thief moan loudly. Bbat rubbed her rouge the bat anal and bobbed her head faster along Knuckles' shaft.

Immediately Rouge pulls Knuckles' cock out of her mouth and has Shadow stop eating her out. You guys are good so far, but now it's time to switch.

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Shadow and Knuckles switch places, taking the time to tease Rouge a little ths they do. Rouge purrs up to the black hedgehog once he's rouge the bat anal front of her. You're an obedient slave, lesbian hinti like Knuckles. The red echidna buries his face in Rouge's opening, but she growls at him. I take back my previous statement.

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Rouge eouge him up with a few swats from her wings. As punishment for your disobedience you will wait until I say you can taste my juicy pussy. Knuckles growls as Rouge begins sucking on Shadow's cock. She teases it all over, kissing it, officer jenny nude it, and even licking the slit in rouge the bat anal tip.

The only thing Shadow does is smile. Knuckles immediately grabs Rouge the bat anal curvy hips and buries his face deep in her soaked core.

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This actually made Rouge shiver and moan. She takes Shadow's appendage out of her mouth and tosses her head back as Knuckles licks her opening even deeper. Oh rouge the bat anal Lick skyrim torture tools all the juices slave. Rouge bzt back to sucking on Shadow's 9 inch member, but at a much faster rate. Shadow closes his red eyes and purrs quietly, but Rouge hears it and starts playing with his testicles.

Knuckles rouge the bat anal fingering Rouge's shaved womanhood even though she didn't tell him to, but the sounds he hears are worth it.

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King of fighters hentai game starts moaning loudly. Knuckles speeds up and smiles when he hears the white huntress almost screams after taking Shadow's rougge out of her mouth.

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