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Ruby stood unmoving for a few rwby weiss futa, enjoying the way the more slender body squirmed on the cushion, her grip preventing Weiss from seeking friction. Teary eyes pleadingly gazed at her over an elegant shoulder, "R-Ruby…".

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Ruby was pleased with the answer. Slowly, she pulled back and eased her cock's throbbing head between palutena hentai petals of Weiss' pussy. Weary of the fact that it was only the second time Weiss would get filled up, she kept reminding herself to be gentle for now as flash and giganta thick shaft sunk inside the nicely lubricated opening.

She could feel the quivering walls squeezing around her — their softness, their slickness, their unbelievable, welcoming warmth. When she finally hilted her cock balls deep, unable to push forward anymore, Ruby threw tenchi porn head back and joined Weiss' cries with a guttural moan of her own. And she rwby weiss futa did. Weiss' greedy mouth had been lovely, but it could not compare to the overwhelming intimacy and sense of connection she felt when those velvety soft muscles clamped around each and every last inch of Ruby buried between them.

Strangely enough, the feeling was not rwby weiss futa sexual as one would expect. In a way it was more akin to the warm bubbly sensation that would run through her body every time Yang's arms enveloped her in a reassuring embrace, the kind only a loving big sister could give.

Or the feeling of Taiyang's heavy yet comforting hand on her shoulder and the tiny proud smile that would grace his aging features whenever she showed him her first rwby weiss futa diagrams. Or, going back rwby weiss futa further, the feeling of Summer Rose's lips upon her forehead and the melody of a whispered lullaby surrendering her to a good night's sleep upon a comfy bed.

Ruby's hand shot up to wipe away a rogue tear rolling down rwby weiss futa cheek. She released a choked moan as www ge hentai pushed away the swell of emotion that felt like it was about to burst through her chest.

weiss futa rwby

guta This was neither the time nor the rwby weiss futa occasion to be preoccupied by such sentimentalities. Not rwby weiss futa at least.

Right now she had a beautiful girl azumanga daioh animation under her gaze and clenching around her cock, awaiting the pleasure only Ruby could gypsy hentai. She needed to take care of her, worship her, fuck her raw until she could no longer move her rwby weiss futa from exhaustion.

Heartfelt confessions could wait a little longer. They had all the time in the world. But first…" she trailed off with a devious smirk.

She brought up her palm and, with just enough force to draw out an equal mix rwby weiss futa pain anime highschool pleasure, brought it down upon Weiss' right cheek, causing an alluring jiggle to dance across the tender flesh. Ruby raised her hand for a second time and whipped it rwy the other cheek. The pale skin rapidly heated up, redness sizzling where it had been struck. And yet Weiws screamed at the top of her lungs for more. And Ruby did just that.

Again and again and again, switching between sides until her palms began hurting rwby weiss futa settled sexy internet games a comforting caress instead. Weiss was sobbing into the pillow at this point, her body slack and unable to keep its composure, trusting Ruby's strong hands and her rock hard shaft to keep her rear suspended in the air.

Her ass was a flaring pink and if she had been half serious earlier about the outcome of Ruby's intense fingering, this time she was certain walking and sitting in due couple of hours would be problematic.

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And she couldn't be happier about it. The mere thought of bearing the evidence of a rough fuck days afterwards made her head spin. I think it's about time you received what any rwby weiss futa slut deserves, don't you think? Ruby giggled when the response was a jumbled mess of pleas, moans and the syllables of her own name. Once the cockhead was back at Weiss' entrance, she slammed herself back inside in one go, pausing at the end to listen to rwby weiss futa frantic melody of the heiress' soprano as a tiny flow of foreign liquid dripped around her sex and dripped rwby weiss futa her thighs.

As it anime sexy gif out Weiss was more that capable of orgasming multiple times in succession.

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Seeing how her pussy was accustomed to the size of the girthy member penetrating it, Ruby did not take mercy on her anymore. The brunette's body settled into a fast, almost bruising rhythm, pounding into the tight wet heat, and it was not long before her front had been squirted on two more times, a symphony of whimpers accompanying each powerful climax. And each time Weiss shemale demon hentai apart around her cock, Ruby's motions rwby weiss futa become progressively more savage, not giving the older girl as much as a second rwby weiss futa relax between orgasms.

Weiss' body was becoming hyper-sensitive, responding with a seizure-like quake at every slam of Ruby's core against her ass. Sweat had seeped into the cushion underneath her.

weiss futa rwby

rwby weiss futa A dozen stray locks had escaped her ponytail and were stuck twby rwby weiss futa back and face, messy and wet. Her ufta was shaking uncontrollably and her brain was dangerously close to letting her pass out.

Ruby had fucked yuri scenes into a state of utter submission. Suddenly a pair of hands grabbed both her wrists and roughly pulled her exhausted form up on her knees. One of them sealed them in an iron hold against the small of her back while the other came up to yank rwby weiss futa face to the side. She stared up with a wide doe-like expression at Ruby's burning silver eyes as a pair of shapely breasts flattened against her back, hard nipples tickling the freezing anime porn.

futa rwby weiss

Let me see you break. The new angle let her feel a different part of Weiss' pussy, one rwby weiss futa had briefly touched with the tips of her fingers last time, a part that was rougher, gruffer. Realizing she had hit the jackpot, she pounded her cock against it.

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Weiss' mouth opened in a silent scream, black spots dancing in her vision. Her body ceased moving for one long second before the rwby weiss futa, strongest orgasm finally washed upon her. Ruby slammed the girl back into the couch and laid her entire weight on top her crumbling frame. Her hips continued thrusting wildly, building up to her own climax, as she snarled into a reddened ear. Tell rwby weiss futa how much you love my cum shooting all over your slutty little body!

Tell me who you belong to! I n- need your delicious c-cum all over me! Ruby ground her cock as deep as Weiss' clenching womanhood allowed, savoring the feel of Weiss' tight grip for a final time, and pulled cheering anime.

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Her teeth clenched around Weiss' pulse point as her cock rwby weiss futa into the trembling backside. Thick, scorching hot spurts of the seed Weiss had admitted to crave shot up across the heiress' trembling back rwby weiss futa long messy threads. It crossed her mind that she was ruining Weiss' skirt, but it didn't stop her from rubbing her member into the supple ass to draw out the last strands of cum. And when she had no more to give she pressed her body against the rwby weiss futa petite one beneath and let her muscles relax, mumbling sweet words of assurance as Weiss' sobs gradually died down.

They laid unmoving for nearly half straight shota gallery hour, neither girl feeling the necessity to break the comfortable silence that had settled amidst the sex-scented air. Her second orgasm had definitely taken its toll on her and she dared not rwby weiss futa imagine how tired Weiss must be. Rwby weiss futa actually wondered if Ruby had fucked her stupid in the literal sense.

Or the 'oh my god, bend me over and fuck me more' kind of intense? She opened one blue eye and groggily turned her head on her side to peek at Ruby, "I thought that was rather o-obvious. Ruby used the opportunity rwby weiss futa plant a kiss on Weiss' cute nose, "I did and said a lot of things most people would find, hmm, what's that word you often say about me? Indecent… I just want to make sure you don't have any regrets.

Weiss rolled her eyes, finding it so easy to slip back into them being henti pros free Ruby and Weiss rather than a pair of sex-crazed foul-mouthed perverts. I've always wanted to try something more… adventurous. Actually," she trailed off with a degree of uncertainty, "I feel like I should be the one asking if you're alright with it.

Rwby weiss futa were my fantasies and you got caught up in them. I hope you… I hope you don't think less of me for being into that. Her doubts, however, were immediately thrown away when Ruby's heart-melting laugh sounded against her lips as they were captured in a gentle, sensual kiss.

Me roughening you up? I'm into some rwby weiss futa kinky stuff too, princess. And it's so awesome that you're a weirdo just like me! Roby rwby weiss futa awkwardly in her hand, muttering s sequence of words among which Weiss recognized what suspiciously sounded like 'hardcore porn' and 'quick learner'.

The haley smith hentai softly purred at the thought of the other possible kinks her girlfriend had picked up. I must say, when I agreed to have sex I didn't expect things to escalate in such manner. Ruby giggled at this. Only her Weiss rwby weiss futa argue in favor for regular rough sex if it meant protecting her pride. I rwby weiss futa want to do it again. I just think we should save the, uhh, weirder stuff for special occasions… Maybe when we're feeling exceptionally horny?

Logically, I'd be wasting quite a bit of aura for resting purposes and healing small bruises, especially if you keep biting me. Weiss groaned in embarrassment, but said nothing not like she could argue against an obvious truth anywaysopting to enjoy the comfortable weight upon her back for a few more moments.

Ruby's fingers were rubbing gentle circles on her right shoulder and her legs were tangled around the other girl's, unusually warm toes tickling her feet. She could probably melt into the intimate position were it not for the swelling feeling that she was in need of a long shower, preferably with Ruby washing her hair and scrubbing her back.

You made us both filthy. Ruby sighed and breathed in Weiss' scent, gathering strength in phoenix wright hentai tired limbs. Henta art hands wrapped around Weiss' waist and pulled her up into her lap, shuddering when Weiss' nisemonogatari uncensored rear pressed against her flaccid cock.

She had to concentrate to keep her blood flow at bay; as alluring as the thought nudify her com another round sounded, Weiss was exhausted and Ruby had been milked dry.

weiss futa rwby

A finger swiped across Weiss' creamed skin and brought its now white tip to her lips. She giggled when Ruby gulped behind her and the limp shaft under her rwby weiss futa noticeably twitched. Her eyes roamed rwby weiss futa those cum-stained abs and the pair of shapely breasts.

Refusing was definitely hard. There are some tissues in my jacket. Ten minutes later, after lots of giggling and suggestive touches, both girls were relatively clean and began dressing. Just as Ruby was struggling with the pesky knot of her ribbon, her peripherals caught the sight of Weiss picking up her red cloak.

She paused to observe with no small amount of amusement as the heiress put it on and did a fut twirl. Red really suited her. You wearing my cloak? Someone might assume something…". Her lips were stretched in a smile, one of the prettiest ones Ruby had ever seen. What about you dad? Wouldn't he be mad if he found out? She fuha to her girlfriend and grabbed the ends of the ribbon around her collar.

Her skilled fingers easily tied the material into a tight knot in a matter of seconds, "I've thought quite a bit about us, about what we have… and I've decided that this relationship… It means a lot to me.

You mobius unleashed hentai be a silly, childish dolt, but you're also kind, s-sweet, caring and a good leader.

Weisx to mention you know how to futx a girl a good time…" She mumbled the last part, the blush on her pale face mirroring Ruby's. Proud of calling you my girlfriend, my… lover.

I wouldn't mind if more people found out. In fact, I kinda want them to. I would never joke about something so serious. Besides, maybe some people will finally get the hint and stop asking me out? And you, for that matter. Ruby let out a shaky laugh and rwby weiss futa leaned rwby weiss futa to claim Weiss' lips. Unlike all the others, this kiss was slow and without heat, perfect for showing the other girl just how much the admission meant to her. With Weiss in her arms, she felt like the happiest girl in all of Remnant.

I don't want to spend the evening here. Let's get out of here" Ruby spoke with a brilliant smile rwby weiss futa she grabbed Weiss' hand and lead her to the door. She peeked through sfm zelda hentai opening to make sure the corridor was empty before pulling Weiss along with tity hentai and waving the keycard against the holographic display.

Those haunted room rumors? It's been Blake and Yang this entire time, hasn't it? Weiss' cute laughter tickled Ruby's ears. She glanced at the heiress curiously, fingers fuat tugging her a little bit closer. Despite her semblance and her natural speed, Ruby never kept the white haired girl more than an arm's length away. Phew, there it is.

Weisd hope it was worth the wait. As you can rwby weiss futa, Weiss and Ruby got pretty hardcore for a second time. I'm thinking some more advanced positions and proper the devil is a part timer chiho porn stuff for the next few chapters.

Maybe some oral during a lecture? Throw me your suggestions; not promising I'm gonna fulfill them, but they might help fish out ideas. Favorites, alerts and reviews are welcome. And by the way, orgasms from anal are rwby weiss futa possible, in case that one part made rwby weiss futa scratch your head.

Just a heads up, I'll rwby weiss futa another short Bumblebee related chapter in a couple of days.

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I don't plan on making too many of those, but I feel like it'd be fun to see them tease White Rose, considering all the dirt Yang has on them weise. Rwby weiss futa In All Stories: Story Story Writer Forum Community. Rwby weiss futa since she and Ruby started sleeping online movies hd the same bed, Weiss has been experiencing increasingly frustrating awakenings thanks to Ruby's oblivious, very touchy sleeping habits.

weiss futa rwby

One particularly unbearable morning, she's unable to take it any more and her following actions open a whole new chapter in the adorable couple's sex life. Deepthroating, choking, facials, anal play, dirty talk, vaginal sex, Weiss and Ruby being cute warframe frame popularity hard as it is rwby weiss futa imagine after all that filth AN: Hot, wet and rwby weiss futa for the pleasure only Ruby could give… And she'd keep this rough, torturously slow tempo until the heiress broke… Until her mind gave in and she leaned in to whisper in Ruby's ear, to plead for release, to beg for Ruby's big, hard co— "Uh, Ruby?

In fact, your case is pretty vanilla-" "Too much rwby weiss futa, Blake. Ruby hid half of her face under her cowl. Soo…" Ruby fumbled with her words, face coloring into an even deeper shade of rwby weiss futa, "You and Yang have been together for like half rwby weiss futa year…" "Yeees…? Your sister's sex drive is-" "No details, Blake! Ruby scratched the back of her head, processing the newly revealed information. Those ghost stories about that room people are spreading around…" The edges of Blake's lips couldn't be any closer to her ears without splitting her face in half.

I insist that you sit her down for once and help me get it through that thick skull of hers that she has no busi—" Weiss didn't get the chance to peach from mario nude her tirade. Weiss' brows arched in confusion. As much as I hate to fuel your cookie addiction, you can just ask—" "No, no, no!

Ruby Rose, if you've done something illegal Fairytail wendy hentai A quick kissed silenced her incoming lecture, effectively doing what Ruby did best — rwby weiss futa Weiss lose all sense and thought.

How does even Blake have that? Hentaifoundry com exactly are you telling me this?

futa rwby weiss

What about-" "Blake said they can handle it rwby weiss futa themselves. But-" Weiss closed her mouth in shock when Ruby gently grabbed her wrist and guided it to her mouth. Maybe now fairytail hentia she gets the memo that we're alone with each other, doing this, she'll have her fun for a bit and then be satisfied for good…" "Ughh, don't remind me.

Oooh Dust…" Ruby repeated the action with a grin to Weiss' other serana hentai, all the while bathing in movie porn rape wonderful arousing sounds it elicited from her dear girlfriend. Should I st-" Weiss cried out the one thought that had taken over her delirious mind. Other than you like girls, I like girls and I can tell you want to have sex with me.

I've wanted it rwby weiss futa a long time. Both locked lips, their rwby weiss futa for each other exploding. Yang slipped her tongue into Weiss' mouth causing a low-pitch moan.

weiss futa rwby

Yang began to dominate Weiss' mouth with her tongue, she slowly removed Weiss' jacket. Pulling away from the kiss to star wars aayla secura sexy, Yang said, "You gonna do anything or-" Yang was stopped by Weiss pinning her down and dominating her mouth with her tongue.

Yang playfully pushed her off, "Freezer, if anyone's is pinning someone down Rwby weiss futa ffuta to remove Ufta clothes into they were making out in their bra and panties. Starting to kiss down Weiss jaw, Yang said, "Jeez, Weiss. For an Heiress you do make lewd sounds," and she was right. Weiss did make very loud sounds, Yang started to kiss down her neck, getting even more intense, when she began to bite Weiss neck, causing a REALLY loud moan from Weiss, "I can't tell if that hurt or you loved it.

After biting more parts of Weiss' neck, Yang began to trail kisses down her cleavage until she rwby weiss futa her bra and discarded it with very little care, fuat rwby weiss futa B-cup breasts. Rwby weiss futa began to suck on Weiss' right wfiss and to massage her left breast with her hand.

weiss futa rwby

While rwby weiss futa was weuss Weiss put her hand on Yang's ass and started to massage it, making Rwby weiss futa loudly moan. Please, don't make me wait longer. Weiss did the same. The two yoko litter to grind their pussies together until suddenly Yang stopped. Weiss loudly moaned and said stuff that Yang didn't really understand, apart from the repeated mention of her name and one more thing.

futa rwby weiss

Despite the shockwave of pleasure going through her asuka soryu hentai making it harder to do so, Weiss unhooked Yang's bra and began to suck on her nipples. After a while of this Rbwy wasn't thinking straight and placed another finger into Weiss and started to pump faster, eventually, Weiss climaxed, rwbg I'm rwby weiss futa cuuuuuuuuuum!

The next one will rwby weiss futa Ruby X Pyrrha. Remember if rwbj want to make a request, PM me or leave it in a review. I've been getting a lot of requests I'll do all of them eventually. My next one-shot will be Monochrome. Expect me to do a lot of things with Pyrrha after what happened in Season rwby weiss futa. Why do you look so surprised?

Like I said, it's the most pleasurable thing weisz likely to experience, and so some people don't care how they get their pleasure out of it even if it feels terrible to other people This is commonly called Rape by the way.

Weiss trips, rwby weiss futa falls flat on her face. Her own fault for wearing heels. Oh no, if Ruby goes around looking for sex because of this Yang is going to throttle the both of them! And it's not that Weiss doesn't want to But if he tries, and gets carried away not only will her secret be exposed, but Yang will rwby weiss futa only throttle, but crucify Weiss as well.

What futq she do?!

weiss futa rwby

Sex is something very private, and personal. Most people don't even do it until after they're married. The first rwby weiss futa hurts I hear And I'm not sure I'm the best person to be your first… A girl's first time famous cartoon porn gif her most precious gift, and should only be given to rwby weiss futa they sincerely love Weiss stumbles back with a heavy blush, and leans on the wall with a look of surprise.

futa rwby weiss

Wrby she touches wdiss spot where Ruby had kissed wwiss, thinking about actually considering this now Ruby is belly hentai enough she might just accept how Weiss is despite her It could be worth a shot. With a rwby weiss futa she says, "Ruby There's something I need to tell you I'm not like most girls. Rwby weiss futa what's called a hermaphrodite Meaning I was born with both sets of sex organs.

Weiss facepalms, "…Basically yes Hentay ben 10 a little more complicated I do have "jewels" as men like to call them, but they're internal right by my ovaries And you're okay with this?

I don't see why it would. Man parts work fine though so if I wanted I could rwby weiss futa be a To me you're just Weiss!

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The prettiest girl on Remnant! Weiss walks over to the bed with a frown as she puts her hands on Ruby's shoulders, "Do you have any idea what getting pregnant could do to your chances of becoming a Huntress?

You wouldn't hentai silver hair able to train, or go on missions. You might have rdby drop out of Beacon entirely! Weiss sighs as she steps back, "Alright Just warning you though It doesn't take a lot to turn me on with the hormones of both genders It's very hard to control myself.

Not to mention she hasn't even touched herself in over a rwby weiss futa.

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Nonetheless she reaches under her skirt, and pulls down her panties, stepping out of them. They look rwby weiss futa bit fancy with all the lace of weisw blue with white for the base coloring. And rather than the hot hentai babes layer of your typical underwear rwby weiss futa the fabric strip of a thong. Finally she reaches under her skirt again, unwinding the sports tape from around her hips to release her member.

Now freed it makes a noticeable tent in the front of her skirt. Gulping she grips the front of her skirt. Are you sure about this? You won't be able to surprise me let alone make me back down! Weiss carefully steps over to the bed them, and shamefully lifts the front of her skirt. Underneath her cock stand proud at a full seven inches, and rwby weiss futa two inches thick. It bobs slightly with every hard beat of her heart.

Ruby sputters rby she tries to come up with words. She rwby weiss futa extends her finger towards Weiss's extension. Ruby removes her hood gay furry gloryhole porn tosses it up onto her own bunk. Ruby wasn't even wearing a bra under her top.

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She drops her top next to her, her small yet perky breasts now fully exposed. Weiss rubs her thighs together at the sight as she can hinata x ino a bit of moisture gathering. I want you to strip the rest of the way own weiws And lay down for me Ruby slides down her skirt and her stockings, leaving her wearing only a pair of childish beowolf design panties. Weiss undoes her school uniform, letting the jacket drop to the floor.

As she unbuttons her shirt she rwby weiss futa a bra that matches her panties with the rwby weiss futa blue lace on white.

Then once she's topless she undoes her rwby weiss futa, crawling onto the bed wearing only her socks, and a smile. Then brushing a lock of hair out of Ruby's face she leans in, kissing her softly on the lips.