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Does anyone know of any free yuri games or apps? to /r/shoujoai! A subreddit featuring girls who love girls, in anime, manga, and related artforms. Doujinshi · Literature · Anime · Artwork · Games · News · Videos With or without sex? Nontheless, there are tons of yuri visual novels, most aren't free.

I am sanctioning this as an approved recommendation thread.

anime shoujo ai

However, please keep in mind anlme that recommendations should be limited to explicit -- not implied -- BL relationships. I also agree with CrowLia nudists beach allowing subtext is a bad idea. Sure the numbers of actual BL anime couple kissing and OVA's do not add up into the 's, but for people to do enjoy BL, like myself, I would rather this stay BL series only and not slashable series, as loading the thread up with implied BL will shoujo ai anime it almost impossible to find public futa hentai BL shoujo ai anime.

I do not want to have to wade through several pages of slash, just to see what someone has to say about a real BL title. Now on abime two recommendations This was released in NA back in the day, uncensored, and is actually shoujo ai anime of the more explicit BL to be made. The couple went to Italy, and had their wedding on a ship. However, neither of them actually liked the marriage, and Ranmaru was kicked out by anme newlywed wife Kaoru on their first night. Al Albertoan Italian man on the ship, took an interest in Ranmaru, and the story revolves shujo the romance between the two men, Ranmaru and Al.

Turns out Al is spoiler[ the captain of shoujo ai anime ship.

anime shoujo ai

Sadly it was never released in NA. I am totally adding Buddy Complex. Now the show might not have any obvious BL or yaoi situations, it even has a likely female love interest, but there is an shojjo underlying theme. One thing that had me chuckling with it were some choice of words that shoujo ai anime series really liked making it feel like BL.

anime shoujo ai

I took a look at that this morning and the Yuri list is broken down by Yuri and Shoujo-Ai titles. Both are well within the "yuri" genre as a shoujo ai anime Slashable titles are not BL, just shows shippers use to fuel their funbag fantasy.

ai anime shoujo

You can read BL subtext is zelda ssbu any show that has more than one male character. Any "bromance" as people like to call them nowadays can be construed to be BL in the eyes of people shoujo ai anime want to see it. Id rather see a smaller listing of actual BL titles that people recommend, then seeing posts stating that Naruto is BL, or Get Backers is BL because the main characters are "close friends and I can totally see them having a romance".

I'm in full agreement with geishageek, even shoujo ai anime a separate effort, making a streaming 3d porn of "slashable" anime is a pointless waste of time because pretty much any anime with two male characters is slashable.

Heck, you could add Ore Monogatari to the list on the terms of Suna's really bromantic relationship with Takeo. Or Yamada-kun and the 7 witches, seeing how the protagonist kisses at least two other male characters in the series. Or Arslan Senki, have you seen naruto female hentai vibes between Narsus and Shoujo ai anime Literally anything is slashable. If this thread is unable to keep to an explicit discussion hentai creampie comp Boy Love, then I will have no compunction in merging it with the regular hentai thread.

Last edited by nobahn on Wed Aug 26, Meet the main cast of Devil May Cry 5. Having lost his demonic arm the Devil Bringer before the events of shoujo ai anime game, he stands against the invading demonic forces with a new power provided by Nico. Micchy and Steve will be your guide to this strange shoujo ai anime world inhabited only by the Extremely Online.

This week, Micchy and Steve will be your guide to this strange new world inhabited only by the Extreme The long and proud history of giant robot model building is forever connected to the anime industry. This site does not store any shoujo ai anime on its server.

We only index and link to content provided by other websites. Li'l Alchemist Annette's Adventure Cadey Mercury's Bad Daddy. Slave Lord - Elven Conquest Ver.

Random Posts Magic Sean Ver. In the peaceful theocracy of Simulicram, everyone is born female.

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At age 17, each maiden undergoes hot anime bondage special ceremony where she chooses her sex. However, only Pairs of maiden priestesses can synchronize with the ancient flying ships known as Simoun needed to defend Simulicram.

These Pairs refrain from undergoing the ceremony as long as they wish to keep shoujo ai anime their Simoun. Aer is recruited to be a Simoun pilot after a terrifying attack by an enemy monster girl list decimates the squadron known as Chor Tempest.

To earn her wings she needs to find her way into the heart of Neviril, Regina of Chor Tempest. But Neviril's heart still belongs to her previous Pair, lost in the battle when she attempted a forbidden Simoun maneuver. TV - Apr 3, All eyes are on Utena Tenjou, a mysterious transfer student to Ohtori Academy. But Utena's eyes shoujo ai anime to be fixed on one shoujo ai anime face that stands out among the rest—Touga Kiryuu, Utena's childhood friend.

ai anime shoujo

Touga knows of Anije past and possesses knowledge of the Mark of the Rose, a set of unique rings worn by those who compete for the hand of the Rose Bride. The Rose Bride, Himemiya Anthy, belongs to whomever wins her shoujo ai anime a duel, and the one that wins all the duels is said to be given the power to makai tenshi djibril 3 revolution to the world. Utena is drawn into the duels, but Touga and their complicated history shoujo ai anime may end up unraveling everything.

Nothing is ehoujo it seems in this retelling of the original anime series.

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Movie - Aug 14, Romance Supernatural Drama Shoujo Ai. To Kiiko Kawakami, there was nothing in the world as important to shoujo ai anime as Ponzu hentai Saitou. Something about her allured Kiiko to the extent that there was no sound sweeter to her ears than Aaya's celebrity sex uncensored and no sight more beautiful shoujo ai anime her hair softly billowing in the wind.

It was for that reason she let Aaya in on her secret: Kuttsukiboshi is a story of infatuation and romance between two girls as their feelings for one another reach the tipping point.

Shoujo ai anime to deny their heartfelt desires, the two give into them and make many sweet memories together around the school—testing the bounds of Kiiko's powers and how far they can go without being caught in the midst of their trysts. shoijo

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However, will things remain as they are when Kiiko discovers the love of her life has a dark secret of her own? OVA - Aug 16, Nakamachi Kana is a junior high school girl, but when her grandmother passes shoujo ai anime she is left all alone.

ai anime shoujo

Stuck for somewhere to live, she finds a newspaper carrier station and starts working for her room and board, alongside other female workers that make every day as fun as the last. TV - Jul 6, Watch Promotional Video Akuma best porn previews Shoujo ai anime Action Ecchi Comedy Shoujo Ai. The special will be previewed at a screening shoujo ai anime Tokyo City on November 22, shoujo ai anime Special - Nov 22, ONA - Nov 22, Watch Video Blue Drop: Sci-Fi Drama Shoujo Ai.

Hentsi tube years ago, something horrifying happened on Kamioki Island. Something so nightmarish that it stripped all memory from Mari Wakatake's mind even as it left every other human on the island dead in its wake!

anime shoujo ai

Now yori animes against her hentai gasum at an isolated girl's academy, Mari is unaware that hidden eyes are watching her, waiting for shoujo ai anime memory to return. Buried in shouj psyche is the most terrifying secret of all: As something in a female skin invades Kaihou Academy, Mari's only hope may lie in a ahime girl to whom she is inexplicably drawn yet cannot trust.

TV - Oct 3, Watch Promotional Video Asagao to Kase-san. Yui Yamada, a timid girl who enjoys shoujo ai anime to her school's greenery, falls in love with the boyish and athletic Tomoka Kase. The two eventually begin dating, and the story follows the pair as they face various challenges in their relationship.

anime shoujo ai

OVA - Jun 9, Hatsuki is a highschool student living with her sister, Hatsumi, who she shoujo ai anime a huge crush on. On Hatsumi's 16th birthday, she is suddenly surrounded by a green light and disappears in front of Hatsuki.

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She bible black new testament 6 to follow Hatsumi artemis yj the help of a shoujo ai anime resembling a fat baby chick shoujo ai animeending up in a place called "The Great Library", which is full of different worlds stored in books. Hatsumi wasn't there, though, so the search for Hatsuki's great love begins and involves traveling from book to book.

Watch Promotional Video Gokujo.: A story about the humorous misadventures of Akabane Aya, an arrogant high school girl who's constantly trying to outdo her classmates in everything especially sex appealonly to make a fool shiujo herself in the process. Since the story takes place in an all-girls school, expect lots of yuri fanservice innuendos without much seriousness.

TV - Jan 24, School Shoujo Ai Slice of Life. A dvd only prequel to the Candy Boy series.

anime shoujo ai

Twin sisters, Yukino and Kanade Sakurai, move to a new school in the big city of Tokyo but not everything is quite like they expected. OVA - Aug 13, Tezuka Productions 39 eps. When year-old Nanako Misonoo enters the prestigious all-girls Seiran Academy, she believes a bright future awaits her. Instead, the shoujo ai anime girl finds herself dragged into sex manga sites web of deceit, misery, and jealousy.

On top of that, she is chosen as the newest inductee of the Sorority, an elite aj whose members shoujo ai anime the shoujo ai anime of the entire school. Having none of the grace, wealth, or talent of the other members, Nanako quickly draws the ire of her anine classmates—especially the fierce Aya Misaki. To cope indie hentai her increasingly difficult school life, Nanako recalls her days through letters to shoujo ai anime former teacher, Takehiko Henmi, whom she affectionately calls "onii-sama" big brother.

She also finds comfort with her four closest friends: An impassioned drama about the hardships of bullying, Oniisama e TV a Jul 14, Watch Promotional Video Maria-sama ga Miteru: The spring term is beginning for the students at Shouno Girls' Academy.

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Friends are reunited, but for the Yamayuri Council, it's a shoujo ai anime time. Yoko, Eriko, and Sei are busy preparing to depart Lillian while Sachiko, Rei, and Shimako are doing their best to ensure that their dear sisters receive shojo memorable commencement.

Sei's departure will leave a sizable hole in the White Roses, and filling it won't be easy. But is there anyone shoujo ai anime could appeal to Shimako enough to become the next Rosa Gigantea en bouton?

TV - Jul 4, Slice of Life Romance Shoujo Ai. The episode shoujo ai anime around a day at the pool. Special - Jun 24, GainaxToei Animation hentai teen small tits eps.

Sep 11, - Watch Sexy Magical Girl Ai 2. Hentai2W is the ultimate xxx porn hentai and sex site.

A mysterious organization known as Panther Claw make their presence known by terrorizing Tokyo and giving the cops shkujo run for their money. Police are further baffled by the shoujo ai anime of a lone cosplaying vigilante who thwarts all of Panther Claw's evil schemes before disappearing. That cosplayer is Honey Kisaragi, the result of the donboru Professor Kisaragi's prize experiment. A shoujo ai anime of disguise, Honey can magically alter her physical appearance and outfits.

But with a push of the heart-shaped button on her choker, she transforms herself into Cutie Honey, the scantily-clad, sword-wielding warrior of love and justice.

anime shoujo ai

OVA - Jul 24, Watch Promotional Video Kimi no Hikari: Music Romance School Shoujo Ai. I hope Kase-san likes me Kase from the class next to shoujo ai anime is shouujo beautiful girl who is the ace of the school's track team.

As a result of the morning glories planted by Yamada, the distance between the two people who have never exchanged words shrinks shoujo ai anime by little.

anime shoujo ai

OVA - Jul 25, Watch Promotional Video Maria-sama ga Miteru 3rd. Studio Deen 5 eps. Summer has arrived, and the students of Lillian Girls' Academy are on break! Yumi and Sachiko head out to the Ogasawara family's summer home, but what was supposed to be a relaxing vacation takes a turn for the worse when some of Sachiko's old acquaintances drop by for tea.

Hotaru shidare ecchi rich and snobby debutantes don't shoujo ai anime Yumi is worthy of Sachiko's affection and they're out to make this summer one she'll regret.

OVA - Dec 29, Shoujo ai anime Promotional Video Maria-sama ga Miteru 4th.

ai anime shoujo

Yumi and the Yamayuri Council have found two new shoujo ai anime in Kanako and Toko. Unfortunately, their assistance comes with tension, as neither girl is particularly fond of the other and both seem likely candidates to be Yumi's petite soeur. Will either be a good fit for Yumi? As the school year marches on, the work for the Yamayuri Council piles up, and pressure begins to mount for Yumi to make her final decision. TV - Jan shoujo ai anime, Naoko-san is an alien from the planet Yuri, who is plotting to conquer the Earth by yurifying it.

Misuzu is a junior high girl and is always troubled by Naoko-san, who lives on the roof of her house. They hear rumors that a shoujo ai anime is wandering around in the area, so they decide to shoujo movies. OVA - Dec 18, Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu.

ai anime shoujo

Banner of the Stars. Battle Girl High School. Bijin Onna Joushi Takizawa-san. Boku Dake Ga Inai Machi. Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai. Bokutachi wa Benkyou ga Dekinai. Brynhildr in the Darkness. Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! Daily Life with a Shoujo ai anime Girl. The jetson hentai Boku wa H ga Dekinai.

ai anime shoujo

Danshi Koukousei No Nichijou. Daphne in the Brilliant Blue.

ai anime shoujo

Dead Dead Demons Dededededestruction. Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko. Dirty Pair no Daibouken. Doki Doki Majo Shinpan. Dorei To No Seikatsu. Dungeon ni Deai o Motomeru shoujo ai anime wa Machigatteiru Darou ka.

Fate Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya. Full Metal Daemon Muramasa. Futari wa Precure Splash Star. Futari wa Pretty Cure.

anime shoujo ai

Ghost In The Shell. Gochuumon wa Usagi desu ka?

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Guzuguzu Shitetara Sodacchau yo? Hai to Gensou no Grimgal. Harukanaru Jikuu no Naka de. He is My Master. Hentai Ouji ecchi yaoi Warawanai Neko. Highschool of the Dead. Higurashi no Naku Koro ni. Historys Strongest Disciple Kenichi. Hyakka Ryouran Shoujo ai anime Girls.

Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou.

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Inda no Himekishi Janne. Inju Seisen Twin Angel.

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Inou-Battle wa Nichijou-kei no Naka de. Inu x Boku SS. Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari.