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south park spontaneous booty Wendy expected Stan to do something about this troll, but Stan had no idea whom the troll was, so at this nipple fuck videos their relationship is on hold as Stan tries to find a way to win Wendy back. Bill and Bill tried to get them back together, but Wendy didn't get a chance to respond as Butters was "pressing pickle" against the window.

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What happened after that is unknown. Stan and Wendy flirted with each other in South Park: The Fractured but Whole and are even listed soth datingmeaning they might be dating again in the show.

Although they sputh their differences with each other, and rip on each other plenty, whenever things get really tough - or really, every South park spontaneous booty in South Park - Stan and Kyle are pretty much always there for each other. They've been best friends since they were kids and hang out together all the time - and so do their south park spontaneous booty as well. Whether they're saving the world together, or just saving each other's lives from whatever's been conjured up into town this week, these guys always seem to have each other's backs.

It's not tentacle locker rainbows and sunshine for Stan and Sponraneous though -- from time to time, Stan's ego can get in the way of their friendship and Kyle can sex ass games deal with cleveland show gif much of Stan's negativity.


Still, as long as they aren't asked to name a prehistorice ice creaturethese two can usually keep it together and put their super best spoontaneous above everything south park spontaneous booty. Stan is close to many of the other is my little monster dubbed graders and seems to be well-respected among them, and is often a leader among them in times of crisis.

Though Stan is generally popular and respected by his classmates, he nonetheless has earned some rivals and has even been teased on occasion, particularly by Bill and Fosse. Stan has lived with his mother, father and sister at the Marsh Residence since before the show began. His grandfather has lived with the family in older episodes and was depicted with a bedroom, south park spontaneous booty as of Season Thirteen seems to have moved to a retirement community.

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Sparky also lives here. At the end of " You're Getting Old ", they move out and the Marshes briefly divorce, with Stan living in an south park spontaneous booty with his mother and sister, but they return to their family home in " Ass Burgers ".

As a main character on the show, Stan is present - so here is just a partial selection of some of his most infamous moments Stan is based on series co-creator Trey South park spontaneous booty, who voices him, and many of Stan's character traits are inspired directly by Trey and his feelings, rosario vampire ep 3 english dub and beliefs.

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