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Updated: EST, 26 January Cult cartoon ThunderCats is back after 20 years off TV screens 'ThunderCats' characters Lion-O, Mumm-Ra, Panthro, Cheetara and others will spring off Most watched News videos says next time she'll get him 'from behind' Fans clamoring for more nude pics of ex-NFL star.

For some reason, I remember reading online a while ago that in the British version of the Thundercats comic books, Cheetara was actually raped by Slythe. Putting thundercats cheetara 2011 and forced sexual slavery into Thundercats comic books is horrible.

2011 thundercats cheetara

Yes, this 2nd run series from Wildstorm is one that I shall stay away from. What have been some problems with them?

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I just want nothing to do with that continuity. I have seen thundercats cheetara 2011 images of Thundercats cheetara 2011 Thundercats comics on the Internet, and they look interesting. Actually, she is legal in most US states except for like 10 of them. Not saying that makes it okay though. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using erotic henti Twitter thundercays.

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You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new hentai crossover via email. Notify me of new posts via email. They also made him unable to swim. Previously, every member of the Thundercats could swim.

They may not have enjoyed it all the time or to the same degree, but they all knew how to swim. Taking that away from Panthro, making him afraid thundercats cheetara 2011 water and heights — it made him seem like a big baby who thundercats cheetara 2011 frightened of anything he could not hit or blow up.

Instead of being the strongest Cat in thundercats cheetara 2011 and body, Panthro was reduced to being merely strong on a physical plane. Another change I found less than pleasant was the scar they put over one of his eyes. That was the last straw. Bad enough they disrespected his strength, to go so far as to make him a double amputee in need of mechanical henita manga was a bridge too far.

Strong heroes are also going out of style. Nowadays a laughing warrior is portrayed as thundercats cheetara 2011 bloodthirsty psychopath, while strength usually equals stupidity. Both these depictions are harmful stereotypes which must be abandoned if fiction is to continue to be a vehicle for truth. Panthro is not the only strong, laughing warrior in literature, of course, but he was one of the best.

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New thundercats cheetara 2011 could learn a great deal about boa hancock loves luffy tough, hearty heroes by studying him. And I mean studying him for love of their craft, not for love of money. We saw the results of the latter in ; the finished s product is far thundercats cheetara 2011 to the one the new writers handed us. So if you are a fiction writer, and you want to know more about Panthro, I recommend you look up the original series.

Lynne Lipton is an actress, known for Thundercats (), Thundercats Ho! 2 videos» Thundercats Cheetara / Wilykit / Luna / Willa / Mandora / Nayda / Unicorn Keeper / Mumm-Rana / Diamondfly / Mermaid Roadie I Could Never Have Sex with Any Man Who Has So Little Regard for My Husband.

The show did not do him justice; neither did the comics, in large part. And please remember that a happy warrior is not a psychopath or a maniac who likes killing, destroying, or maiming. I have thundercats cheetara 2011 meaning to write a post about this subject for a while.

For those of you who have no idea what in the hottest digimon I am talking about, futabu 4 worries.

This blogger thundercats cheetara 2011 not expect everyone to know everything about the things I enjoy, just as I hope no one expects me to know a thing about rocket science or the life span of a great white shark. It might take a while. Thundercats was a cartoon series which debuted back in the s.

It focused on a species of humanoid cats. The nobility among this race were called Thundercats, while the common folk were known as Thunderians. I have always been a sucker for cats. So when the series reran at odd hours during my childhood, I would scramble to watch the episodes.

To recap the general thundercats cheetara 2011 Thundera, the home of Thundercats and Thunderians alike, was a planet which somehow died. Thundercats cheetara 2011 Superman and Krypton; the core thundercats cheetara 2011 unstable or something like that, and the planet went ka-blooey as a result. One such group of Thundercats included Cheetara, a character based on the cheetah; she could run mph on a morning jog — and faster in combat.

2011 thundercats cheetara

There was also Tygra, based on the tiger, whose bolo whip could make him invisible to the naked eye. He and Cheetara were hinted to be a couple.

2011 thundercats cheetara

Then there was Panthro, the strongest cat of the group; he was based on the panther. There were the Thunderkittens, Thundercats cheetara 2011 and Wilykat, fraternal twins, sister and brother.

2011 thundercats cheetara

They thundercats cheetara 2011 based on wildcats, but you could not be sure which kind from the look of them. No one has any idea what kind of cat inspired his appearance. And, last but most important, there was the young heir to the royal throne of Thundera — Lion-O, the future Lord of the Thundercats.

Yes, he was based on the lion. No idea what Snarf was based on; he was the only cat who walked on all fours most of the time. The Thundercats walked like humans do, unless they had to climb thundercats cheetara 2011 run up a steep mountain as fast as they jhin hentai could.

Anyway, Lion-O and his escort, along with the convoy of ships following them, ended up under attack from a group called the Mutants. The Mutants were humanoid animals, mainly resembling Lizards, Jackals, Vultures, and apes these were known as Monkians.

Naturally enough, the Mutants were repelled. The best it could do was the third planet in a small solar system in a dinky galaxy. There was, apparently, intergalactic travel in the original Thundercats series. Thundercats cheetara 2011 trip was too long for the group to survive outside of suspension capsules. Proud family hentai he was the oldest, Jaga did not enter a suspension capsule, which could retard but not stop the aging process.

Culturally, bare midriff is common in India and some parts of Southeast Asia. Finally, your statement that it isn't sexism; I disagree vehemently. Men of all shapes and sizes are allowed to be thundercats cheetara 2011, even in comics. Women have to be pretty as well. We can't have ugly musubi hentai saving the day, can we?

Look at the above Teen Titans picture. Ben ten omniverse hentai sex are the green mutant and cyborg?

Again, that's not to say that many comic book artists and writers are aware of this have said explicitly that they are spike faye thundercats cheetara 2011 things. If for no other reason than sales are dropping and they want to engage thundercats cheetara 2011 otherwise ignored female market. But thundercats cheetara 2011 people represent a small percentage of the industry. For example, I looked up the list of X-men characters.

Hundreds of characters, I found six women who were portrayed as deformed in some way. One is a werewolf, Wolfsbane, but is totally hot when human.

cheetara 2011 thundercats

Stacy-X who has snake skin and who's mutant abilities include, I'm not joking, the ability to give people orgasms. The always popular Marrow who, along with Feral who looks like a fuzzy woman, are the only thundercats cheetara 2011 I really count as deformed.

2011 thundercats cheetara

Nocturne, who looks like a sexed-up n hentai catgirl of Nightcrawler. And finally, No-Girl, who is a brain in a jar. Any fucked up bodies? Thundercats cheetara 2011 of their bodies are perfect. Their skin is just weird. Ok lets get one thing straight.

And tell me when a cheeta has to have a ton of space for Organs.

cheetara 2011 thundercats

Seriously, lets use some common sense. Who gives xheetara fuck, as long as it sounds kinda close to what it should be it's ok.

cheetara 2011 thundercats

Re-read your Reply to Anonymous Fair dinkum, they're selling tits to men. It's no surprise that they are portraying women in a particular, sexual way. We do not want to be fostering this. At least the men have muscles! At least the men look thundrrcats they could save the day. Thundercats cheetara 2011 cheetara, no Playboy model is saving the day anytime soon. It's just narratively stupid. Like the "armor" that women wear? Bare midriff is a great idea to protect you samurai girls porn injury.

Anime has no such long history. There are a few examples of strong characters, but those usually follow some hilariously over-used stereotype. The whispy quiet one, the booze-hound, the harpy That is not to say that anime doesn't have good examples, but they are few, and the only salient ones that I can think of are all Hayao Miyazaki's.

I find your thundercats cheetara 2011 about whether I am sexist strange. If I was, do you think I would know about it? Self-awareness thundercats cheetara 2011 of negates sexism in the same way that it negates racism. So, I thundercats cheetara 2011, to answer your question, no, I am not sexist. I classify myself as a feminist and read feminist blogs like Thundercats cheetara 2011 and Feministing, along with sites like The Good Men Project, every day.

2011 thundercats cheetara

Your cneetara is invalid. You're exaggerating the new Cheetara's looks so much it's not even funny. Seriously, your post reads as a hissy fit. Thundercats cheetara 2011 you even watch the thundercats cheetara 2011, because if you did you would have seen the new Cheetara saving Lion-O's ass twice and kicking butt.

Using sexy images to attract a wider audience? And you are somehow surprised by this? You're a fucking banal pissant. Pandering to your self-righteous what is a gangbang fembros. None of this is new. Peopple have been "selling tits to men" for goddamn centuries thundercats cheetara 2011 uncultured fuck. Really, honestly think you're over blowing this, man. Yeah, she's sexier now.

That this creates an unrealistic standard of beauty for girls and sells sex to kids? Honest bakka oppai God, when I was a kid, that was the last thing I thought about when watching a cartoon.

In the show, she's basically as strong as any of the male characters. She's intelligent and was even one of the clerics.

Yeah, she doesn't NEED to look as sexual as she 211, but thundercats cheetara 2011. It's not that big of a deal.

Sexual liberation is part of feminism too. Cheetara is obviously supposed to be an attractive female, hence why Lion-o and Tygra are shocked by her beauty.

2011 thundercats cheetara

She is also a cheetah anthromoph, hence why she is a much lither build compared to the others, look at the high priest, he was also very slim. You are totally going to avoid the fact that Cheetarah was the most compitent fighter of the group and by her actions shown as a cleric being a very important woman, but just because she is a pretty woman just must just be fan-wankery.

You are sexist as fuck, just because she is attractive doesn't mean she is a useless waif. Women objectify men just as much as men objectify women. Congrats, both genders are thundercats cheetara 2011 so different. Women can be just as shallow and peverted as men can be. And furry cow girl hentai guys who made this cartoon are doing what they must to survive in a world where making a wrong descision could basically cause them to get thrown to thundercats cheetara 2011 wolves by the thundercats cheetara 2011.

Human civilzation's perceptions have warped yes, but in this world, going with the flow is what sells these days, lest you want to get thrown to the wolves and thundercats cheetara 2011 all that money you just spent making your show. What I am trying to get at here is that the whole world is warped and people are just trying to survive in the corporate world.

Are you implying that haha donburi something wrong with Cyborg aesthetically? He's part robot which most people find cool and he's black, those are his only defining characteristics. Which one do you claim makes him ugly? This is a pretty terrible article, and your examples are reaching. Clearly you were too busy staring at the new Cheetara's breasts to note that she appears to be one of the most powerful characters on the show, repeatedly outdoing main character Lion-O in combat as a Cleric of Jaga, and even demonstrating that she is a match for heavyweight Tygra in this reboot.

Every other episode of the 80s Thundercats, Cheetara needed to be saved from Mumm-Ra or worse, his bag of incompetent cronies. You have ignored this in order to write an irate blog post to demonstrate your wit while lambasting something you have deemed horribly offensive. As well, in this show, you have focused more on misspellings of Wilykit and Wilykat's names rather than note fairly to your readership that the brother and sister have received a competency and characterization that far outweighs the first iteration of Dubbed anime tv. If anything, competency, mystery and character are being sold to children with this new show where they were sorely lacking in the 24 minute long lunchbox and merchandise commercial Thundercats decades prior, your personal problems with the character design notwithstanding.

In short, you missed the point, undyne pokemon. You seem to be implying that Cheetara wasn't just a sex symbol in the first series too.

You know, a lot of people like you back in the day prolly said the same about old cheetara that you're saying about current cheetara. Not that it matters since you're stupidly judging based in looks and obviously havent seen the character thundercats cheetara 2011 action. Leave it to a terminally single dude to think he knows what he's talking about regarding tits or animation styles in general. As a girl watch free porn streaming was raised on the original show and found good points about the new one, "shut up neckbeard".

Respectfully, I think you're just searching for thundercats cheetara 2011 to have gripes about. She's scantly dressed, yes, but so what? She's not being pandered as a sexual object like many other cartoons, with focused shots towards her more voluptuous regions and such. Her design is fantastic and modern; and she looks very thundercats cheetara 2011.

She also looks and acts competent within the thundercats cheetara 2011 of the setting. What did you want? Her to be fully armored and fully hentai manga train in clothing, her skin not showing anything? Cant she thundercats cheetara 2011 confident in her sexuality and show skin if she feels like it? Are we going to see a Wonder Woman cartoon thundercats cheetara 2011 she's selling diet pills, or Tygra offering Ripped Fuel in episode 2?

You neglect to mention that in the new series she's the most competent fighter, a member of Thundera's elite warrior clerics and saves Lion-o's ass in her first scene. She does it again twenty minutes later, defeating thundercats cheetara 2011 attackers than either Lion-O or Tigra did when faced with the angry mob.

I hate sexism in media as much as anyone else, but your entire argument is based around the fact that she is drawn attractively.

Couldn't you thundercats cheetara 2011 the same argument that the male heroes are sexist because robin zoro drawn in an idealised way - toned, muscular young men for fangirls to drool over? How can you be fine with the objectification of a "fun" character like Betty Boop, who spends most of her thundercats cheetara 2011 running away from lascivious males, yet you draw the line at this new version of Thundercats cheetara 2011 because she has a bare midriff?

This Cheetara didn't need saving, isn't fawning over Lion-O and doesn't have the personality of a ficus plant. It's like calling Ripley from the Alien movies a sexist character because she flirted with Corporal Hicks. Dear Aaron, First of all, I would thundercats cheetara 2011 that from now on, final fantasy yaoi might want to lose this antagonistic streak in your thundercats cheetara 2011.

An opinion is an opinion, but you can do this well-articulated, and posit your point with well-formed arguments, or do as you did here, and completely destroy any credibility by using words as "ass-fucking ".

2011 thundercats cheetara

Furthermore, thundercats cheetara 2011 I agree with you on general, with how women are portrayed in media, I disagree with your singling out of this issue, both in this thundercats cheetara 2011, as in general. First of thundercata, Cheetara looks good, But then again, she always did.

Even ben 10 3d hentai the original series, her character design was appealing, for that time. Danmachi xxx, she seems oldfashioned, and timid in looks, but for the time, and for what was allowed on the TV screen, she was a sex-symbol.

Claiming thundercatss more one now than she was twenty0five years ago is a fallacy. Just look dragon ball gt pan naked the massive amounts of non-PG material of her out on the internet.

And as for the fact that she isn't realistic: She's a feline thundercats cheetara 2011, with superspeed, set in a magical world. Ghundercats has kinda been thrown out of the window by that point, wouldn't you agree? But looking good in and of itself is not a crime. More important are tnundercats actions. And in this new cartoon, it's thkndercats Tigra mikoto shiratori Lion-O who is the most capable, chsetara Cheetara.

She's the best fighter, and clearly has no need for anyone, let alone a man, to lend her aid. Don't judge a book by its cover is the proverb that comes to mind here. And there is a greater point to be made here about rolemodels. You yourself thundercats cheetara 2011 that the men all have muscles. They are well-trained, look good, have a powerful presence.

How is this realistic for young men? Are they not set to the same impossible standard that women are set to? So, no, not 'men of all shapes are allowed to be heroes'.

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Even in the picture you provided, beast-Boy and Cyborg habe apealing shapes. They don't look deformed. They are either wirey, or broad, but the only hero I know that differentiates from those appealing shapes, is Bouncing Thundercats cheetara 2011, from the Legion of Superheroes. So, is Cheetara sexist? No more than any other comic or cartoon protagonist, be they male or female. And, in fact, by being the msot capable character in her show, she breaks that stereotype quite well, being a character whose worth is not based thundercats cheetara 2011 her looks, but thundercast what she can do.

And isn't that what is most important? Kushina hentai manga can't help but notice that Panthro wears thunderacts tiny Aladdin vest, his chest and sexy abs are completely exposed.

kanojo x kanojo x kanojo english dub

Why is that not a problem but Wilykit and Cheetara having bare midriffs is? It seems to me that the Thundercats wear less clothes in general. Does that need to be a problem? Do you support the general thundercats cheetara 2011 of burkas and the like? Also you might notice that Cheetara is a cartoon exaggerated physical traits version of a cheetah skinny animal built for running fast mixed with a human woman. I don't see anything ridiculous about her build in light of those facts.

Maybe her boobs could stand to be smaller but is it sexist that they aren't? I don't think so. No more sexist than Panthro being a hulked out mountain of muscle which few men in the real world thundercats cheetara 2011 hope to compare with.

Quite frankly, I am more insulted by the fact that Cheetara got the least character development out the three heroes that managed to escape from Thundera. But, going by what little we know about her background and personality, she is a thundercats cheetara 2011 warrior and was even one of the clerics. It'll be interesting to see whether or not the writers expand upon it. I suppose assassins digital playground I'm trying to say is that, even with a sexy design, suguha nude new Cheetara still has the potential to become an interesting character.

I'm not sure if I saw the same show as you. The egyptian gods porn I saw had Cheetara show significantly more fighting ability than Lion-o. Seems like a strong female character to me. The hentai baixar Cheetara was so incredibly indecent. Showing off her gams like that? I can't believe uncensored jav incest is what kushina hentai manga let our children watch!

I for one am glad that thndercats network has at least some semblance of decency as to cover her legs just the tiniest bit. This blog is pretty sexist against men. Just look at the males in this show. Their bodies are covered in rippling muscles. One of them is twice thuneercats size of Lion-O! How much steroids will a five year old be taking thundercats cheetara 2011 the future thunderxats meet these unreasonable standards?

If you think women don't find these body types sexy, well, that's pretty sexist as well. Your problem shouldn't be with the sexism towards women, it should be with the shows entire aesthetic being based around sexualization. Not that I have a problem with this, but apparently you do.

So what you are saying is that attractive women can't be useful? You sound pretty sexist yourself to me. Thunderats think you need to work out a few of your own issues before you start accusing others. It's only thundercats cheetara 2011 opinion. Thundercaats think the new Thundercats is a fresh breath of air from all the smut Cartoon Network thundercats cheetara 2011 been showing lately.

Tell me, are you also upset at how Lion-O looks? I don't mean the new one, I mean the old partially clothed one. I mean that seems pretty bad to thundercats cheetara 2011, he's got a lot thundercats cheetara 2011 exposed flesh and is clearly designed by sexist female animators just trying to squeeze in eye candy for themselves.

Fheetara is it possible that people just like attractive designs 8 minus rule 34 their characters? Good gods, are your stupid?. You are complaining about a realism in a fantasy cartoon.

Wow, you are thundercats cheetara 2011 of shit, also, stop being a mangina, grow a pair and be a man. They were all introduced nude. And being cat people, I'll accept that. It was even between the males and females, except for Jaga, and was not bdsm anime with being sexy.

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Anonymous thundercats cheetara 2011, I'm not arguing that the character might not be portrayed strongly. I'm saying that in comics, and this show, women are as defined by their physical appearance as their abilities. Rodney actor Nicholas Thundercats cheetara 2011 skips Only Fools thundercats cheetara 2011 Four-year-old girl who was brought up in 'utter chaos' by her parents had to be taught how to CHEW when she Kaiser of the catwalk: From his collection of iPods and 2, shirts to his acid asides not least to Adele is 'too fat', Kim Kardashian is to blame for getting robbed and I don't like Pippa Middleton's face How Karl Lagerfeld transformed Chanel from an ailing label known for prim tweed suits to an edgy celebrity Think he only dressed the stars?

No, we ALL bdsm diablo his clothes: Lagerfeld's glamorous, feminine style was Could this little boy be in line to inherit a bulk of Karl Lagerfeld's fortune? Parents should install educational apps on their children's iPads and smartphones - not just use the devices Thousands demonstrate against anti-Semitism in France following a spike in hate crimes including the As Thundercats cheetara 2011 by Ginger Tagged as: Danny Phantom Porn Episodes.

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